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“Righty so good morning youtube and good morning stackers thrifting today. We re going to to go to allentown pennsylvania. Don t really go there usually on wednesdays lots of today is a day it s where it s supposed to snow like a lot printing out some t shirt orders everyone who s bought a t shirt you guys are awesome i did restock some more sizes recently so i know some people did say there were some sizes out check over there on the one check the link below. If you guys are interested.

In buying t shirt. It helps keep the channel keeps the channel moving and supports the dream for sure so. Thank you to everyone who s bought t shirt. And let s go thrifting all right way over dunkin donuts.

It s snowing out there s a blizzard. It s a statement mergency all right at the thrift store make sure you re parking in the lines. I think that s where they are all right stepping outside on the line doing this but uh. It s the beginning of a snowstorm.

I was surprised no plows came out or a plowed this driveway or this parking lot yet or about two inches of snow on the ground right now it s what s known for about thirty minutes 45 minutes. So supposed to get a couple couple more inches on top of that so maybe six or seven in total and uh yeah. No competition today it opens up in eight more minutes. Usually this parking lot is probably i d say two thirds full at this time.

But guess all the good stuff is for the early bird all right so cleaning out and t shirts here a bunch of t shirts sweatshirts actually pick this one bolt primary it s an older one it s a 401 so this is the ideally the one that s most sought after it is a little bit dishwasher damaged. You can t put this pyrex stuff into dishwasher because it s just might i don t know the blue wears off the color wears off in case. You guys were thinking about putting in dishwasher. Please don t going through the longest long sleeve shirts.

Now sometimes sweatshirts find their way in here. This store is also pretty dead there s no one really in here. It s because of the snow. Some ralph lauren.

This used to be a really hot brain. I mean it s still hot. But these blank ones you can pick them up pretty much anywhere so sometimes they just walk over to a woman s section and see if there s anything interesting this one is very interesting. But it s not something by therese tell them just it s got a lot going on for it it s kind of a lot going on it did dresses don t think that one s advantage.


But a lot of vintage dresses just her blouses or women s clothes in general just really out there let s go plug in here ice bucket. Really all you look at here. I don t know this is it s a top 2. Something so it looks like lessons now doesn t cut to this this is a circle.

Or nets. Triangle. Someone s wine bottle for 2 bucks. Oh oh no way i almost missed that what ok so right.

Now. This is one of the hottest patterns. If there s a hot pattern is called amish butter print. 2 bucks for a large ridgey that is a good score right now this is pretty nice it s new.

But wow can t believe i would never heard down to that room for painting once in that one this is this was in better shape. I d probably pick it up stanley thermos thin sides of these usually get pretty bad this is like reproduction reproduction carnival glass. I was at auction once where they had boxes of this stuff and i picked up a couple and i did sell it that was before i was experiencing class work big mistake. We have a clear 99 cents.

That s about what they re worth one one way to tell about old ones. Between well you always want colored ones. But the new ones have a registered trademark on the right side of ball on l. But this one doesn t so it s probably i don t know fifties sixties.

Right brit brack. You have tons upon tons of this junk era baseball cards. It s probably like 1990 1992 1983. They re not that great do not like the 60s or 70s even the 70s isn t that great so this is the furniture section looks like they sold that dresser that was over there that really nice antique one there s like 50 bucks.

Which is a great deal. If you re someone who sells at an antique mall. Where you do furniture and that s what you specialize then but you probably got around 100 and a quarter decent desk stuff like that you can walk over here to the electronics accent. These are like 10 15 dollars on ebay that general electric.


Very simple common brand crockpots karaoke machine their thing with these controllers they often break a lot. I m not usually in the best pre owned condition. They get gummed up huh right. Thing about this one.

I look at a little more windows 98 windows 2000 windows. Me was that s probably pretty old probably mid 2000s. I bet so to move is definitely dvd record player. I meant dvd vhs players okay these look like all dhs s it s a dvd watching keyboards.

It s not a vhs. It s not a vhs all right so welcome back for the whole portion of this thirst or video. It s been a really wild day and on the way back witnessed a car accident about a hundred 150 feet and from beyond the highway which was pretty terrifying to say the least. But i made it out unscathed and unharmed.

I think a lot of people in this situation these days they don t realize you know their ability of their car. Like i have a jeep one of the best vehicles. If not the best vehicle to drive in snow or mud or anything you know off terrain like that and i m still you know i still drive the speed limit or under the speed limit in this condition. You can t be driving over to speeding this person was going about 510 miles per hour over the speed limit on the highway with slush and snow.

And you have to be well aware of your surroundings. And well aware of the situation. Unfortunately a lot of people they just don t realize that so if you guys do live in the north or any place that might have snow and slushing terrible conditions you should definitely slow down. It s going to probably save your life and maybe others in this situation.

Both people were alright and yeah move forward. They learn from you you know learn from the situation. But picked up some cool things now this trip isn t like harrisburg or scranton. You don t come along wolf and get like you know pile this big.

But still picked up some awesome things looking to save for the winter next year. Buffalo bills stuff everything. I had buffalo bills and everything that had eagles and everything that had patriots sold this year. Vikings also couple other teams.


But bill s one quick eagles definitely i come across a lot of ego stuff. So that went quick so saving up for next year. I think it s a good idea it s a good investment overall this year with the football all the protests and everyone was like i ll knock bye bye football stuff i not see any difference in sales if not i saw the same amount of sales as i saw the previous years and eagles for this year. Was the first time.

I ever sold out everything so the protests and people saying that they were buy stuff did not affect my sales whatsoever. Let s go through this we ll go through this pretty quick. We have a vintage bill. Sweatshirt us a baseball sweatshirt.

I used to have this in dark gray. And i think it got thirty bucks for it last year. So this is in light gray. It s not the same brand.

I think the other one was majestic this is just you know gildan or whatever it might be but i think there s low going the self first i might ever want to pick up something that s a larger size to see if larger sizes sell everyone tells me pick up 4 xl pick up 5xl 6xl three xl 7. Xl 8 x. Whatever might be the larger sizes apparently so really well because they re really expensive to buy and do i don t know i never tried that in my previous experience of buying larger sizes. It s been just as difficult to sell it all depends on you know the same shenanigans.

The brand of this the low going that and and whatnots moravian college texas longhorns a notre dame sweatshirt vintage penn state. This one s got all this peeling on it at the deep hill at lafayette college. We have a rochester institute of technology. My best friend from high school actually went here so it s kind of weird to find this out.

Here in the wild black hawk sweatshirt. A cheap sweatshirt so low on my chief stuff sameness for next year. Unfortunately you gotta throw down somebody so i think that this was three bucks not a lot. But you know it s tough to throw down four or five bucks six bucks consistently weekend a week out and then hold on to it for ten eleven months.

I like to move things quick as you guys have probably already noticed i do sell stuff very cheap. I m in the market to buy cheap and sell cheap that s how you create great friendships that s how you create so they create a great bond between customer and seller. That s how you you know get repeat customers as well as if you buy cheap you can sell it cheap. And that s one of the reasons.


Why i do a lot of this and so for sochi. We have a cerec used university t shirt. A red sox t shirt and a dodgers jersey for a glass. Where we were able to pick up this pyrex bowl 401.

It s got some markings. There s only a dollar this probably goes to the primary set the best size bowl. I think is definitely this size and then we had amish butter print big fridgey. This is the biggest fridge.

I think it s a 503. I think this is the biggest one the lids to find these are always impossible. But the butter print design is really hot right now i always at an auction and the cinderella bowl. So this is a mixing bowl.

There s also casserole and then there s cinderella. A single roll cinderella or a casserole set of this at an auction went for 85 bucks. And he says he has online for like 200 or 210. Which i think.

It s a little bit too much i think he overpaid. But uh 85 bucks. I have a lot to spend on a set there s only like 300 other pieces to this to make this set. But it is a very desirable set.

I think it s mainly because of the turquoise color like i ve said in previous videos. Turquoise and pink s very desirable amongst. The pyrex collectors and people just in general trying to find vintage pieces. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed this video.

If you enjoy drifting if you enjoy this treasure hunt definitely subscribe to channel as always have a great day keep learning to dream whose you ” ..

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