Lenovo ideaPad 320 SSD/HDD and RAM upgrade guide

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“I m james and in this video. I m taking a look at the ideapad ideapad 320 by lenovo and we are going to be looking at how to upgrade memory and ssd hard drive to an ssd in this machine now this particular model is the 14 inch so 14 i 80 model and although there are a few different models the service manual covers all of them and and the process is basically the same just with some minor differences in terms of screw placement for the different chassis sizes and variants so what we are going to do and i will probably fast forward through this a bit. But just go through the base. And we are going to very carefully just remove all the visible screws when we get to this one.

Here. It will see here we have because this machine has an optical drive. We have a little cd marking on this all these screws on the same size. Oh sorry this doesn t have an optical drive.

But it does have of a holder spacer. So even if you don t have a dvd drive be sure to remove that but just go around. I don t believe there are any hidden screws on this particular machine and chassis. So remove all the screws from the base.

Now we have already cloned the contents of this machine s hard drive to an ssd people have asked me how i do this in the past. I use true image and i will at the same time. I am uploading this be uploading. A video showing the process with that as well so now what we want to do is just flip the machine over open it up so we re going to take our plastic pry tool and we are going to on the edge of the chassis here where it meets so it s quite hard to see here but basically you have this little lip.


Where the keyboard meets the base the black top itself actually lives attached to the keyboard. But what we re going to do is just slide that in there work our way around just pushing it in about centimeter and just going along gently. Don t use excessive force. But you need to just sort of push things in and just lift up with the pry tool.

I always recommend using a plastic tool obviously. It s possible to do things like this with a screwdriver. But if you use something metal you re going to start marking the plastic and a plastic pry tool is much gentler and less likely to cause any sort of noticeable marks. So as we work round let me sing as much as we can then we are going to close the laptop back over turn it back over and then just grip the front corner here and gently just try and lift.

We re going to go let s get the pry tool in anywhere. It s not released and then gently lift the back of the laptop off now the next thing. We re going to want to do is what we have here is we have the battery connector and what we are going to want to try and do this may be easiest just by removing the battery. So we have three screws holding the battery in place.

We can then lift the battery up and free and then just gently pull it to release. If you re having to use too much pressure just be careful because you do not want to damage. The wires for the battery. There but came out nice and easily now with that done we also have the memory here now what we are going to do is there are it the memory is a single dim slot.


I believe hidden under here so again we are just going to insert our pry tool. There are these little metal clips that hold the shield on and just by pressing down with those. We can release the cover for the memory. We then pull on the two clips on the edge.

And we can remove the module like so in this case. We re actually just leaving it with the four gig memory module as is at the moment. So we can push that down down into place so it clips. And then just gently slot.

The shield back over the memory module as so now to do the hard drive. This is held in a little rubber holder. So again we re going to take our pry tool. And just try and gently lift the hard drive out.

And you can just slop that out so now the drive itself is held in this little caddy. So we pull that side down to release. These little pins that go into the drive and remove the drive as so we can then take our ssd making sure the sata connector is facing the open end and we can swap that in bend. That side down and fit it there so to then refit this into the slot.


We want to push in push on to that sata connector and down into place if you are looking to replace the wireless card. This also in here. There s a single screw there to hold that in and there is not as far as i can see any. M two slots on this.

Board so you are limited to just 25. Inch. Hard drive. And if you did wish to fit a second.

So say a hard drive or second ssd you could however get a optical drive bay caddy. The only thing you may find is you just need to bracket for attaching that as often they assume you re going to reuse that and because this one didn t have an optical drive. The black bracket is molded into the plastic. But what we can do now.

Then is take our battery reposition that make sure the cable is fully slotted in and refit. The three screws. It is an absolutely essential to remove the battery. But it is generally good practice.


It does just mean you re not going to accidentally switch. The machine on while you re working on the memory. And since there s no sort of visible fan in here. Because it s quite a low power processor.

And you re not going to accidentally work on the machine with it turned on which could be potentially quite bad so now all it s left to do is to slot the back cover on we re going to open the laptop up slightly and just clip around it making sure as many of the plastic clips re engage and then flip it over as so and just again press around the edges. Making sure. It is nicely clipped. Together and all that is left to do then is to refit the screws into the base and slots off to contain cover back in i hope you found this video useful.

And if you do want to know how to clone your existing drive from a larger hard drive onto a smaller ssd in this case. I ve gone from a one terabyte hard drive to a 240 compact ssd and then unlike. I say take a look at my other videos. I ve got a guide to doing that which will be at the same time as this video.

If you ve got any questions or comments or anything else you d like to see on the channel. Then do just let me know in the comments and i m going to finish fitting these screws back in i will leave the video just running because people always complain if i ” ..

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