LG G6 8000mAh Battery Charging Case By Zerolemon

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“What s up everybody. It s your boy floss back again with another video and and today. We re going to take a look at the zerolemon eight thousand millionth battery case for the lg g. Six.

Now you can buy this from amazon. I ll throw the link up in the description. The price 60 bucks now shout out to everybody that watch my videos you see in this case on all of my phones. This is a must have accessory if you got an lg g.

6. Alright. So let s check this one out sarah lemon. Eight thousand milliamp extended battery case for your lg g.

Six simple presentation. It s the white bag on the back you got your 180 day zerolemon promise. So any problems. No questions asked you get your money back or you get a replacement now for battery maintenance.

Please charge. The battery 12 hours to prior to initial use now for optimal performance. Please perform five to six recharge discharge cycles for all new batteries that goes for all batteries ice let s check this out got the little unboxing iphone jack there we go rock shout out to white shoes. She got the night off inside another white box.

I know how i feel about the white boxes diggity climb up to the side let s see what you get inside now here s your zerolemon 180. Day guarantee. No defects plug it in pilot weekly giveaways plugin and pilot installation guide self explanatory plugging a pilot. Now.

This is a two part case. I say here s your taking you out of shell that is flexible shock resistant mac no fingerprints on deck you got a little bit of zerolemon brandon nothing too much here s your power button and your four led indicator lights now those are built into the battery so on the battery 8000 lamps. Now you know if you got an lg g6 no removable battery so you re going to need something like this as opposed to walking around with a portable battery charger..


And a bunch of cables 8000 elapsed. I m speaking from experience this is going to last you three days and with heavy use and i mean super heavy use brightness you re still getting two solid days. That s why i say this is a must have accessory when you re stuck in the airport. Now you don t got to be sitting next to one of those charges and you re going to have a big brick in your pocket.

One case to solve that problem all right so let s slap this on and see how it looks so you re just going to drop your lg g6 right in here and slap the case right on now the case does have some great zippity perfect for the slam boys on the back. If you press that power button once you tap it it s going to show you four led indicator lights now mine is on three that means i got 75 percent battery left shout out the services. I thought you had the night off dedication right here now when you want to activate the battery. All you re going to do is hold down the power button and that s going to turn it on now if i m not mistaken my g6.

It was completely dead. So now it s charging up now this is the perfect case. If you know if you want to charge your phone in the bed. Oh.

This is 100 just internal. I say you want to charge the phone in the bed. And you don t want to run your cable into the bed. Maybe just being lazy.

You came home drunk put this case on charge it up in the bed and if you don t mean 8000. Extra mile amps during the day take it off now that s one of the best things about this case. It comes on and off and less than what five seconds. Not even five seconds slaps right on all right.

So let s check all the buttons to make sure they work. Let s get let s tie with a song real quick and also i want to show you something because a lot of people want to know about the sound. The sound is getting funneled to the front of the phone because it is blocking your bottom firing speaker. So the sound is getting funneled to the front now this is the usb type c.

Charge. You don t have to take the phone out to charge the battery or your home. I said let me power this up real quick..


And i ll give you a little sound test. All right let me let this boot up talk amongst yourselves. All right so let s check. The fingerprint sensor.

No problems now listen to the sound in my opinion with the case on it sounds better because the sound is being funneled to the front of the phone. So you re going to hear it better check this out take it to the bike light video listen to this it actually sounds a little bit louder and a little bit more clear overall on a scale of one to ten. This is a major major major goal. If you got an lg g6.

This is a must have accessory now you re walking around with 8000 x2. The lamps right in the palm of your hand. Matter of fact is this charging up it s charging up right now my phone is on 100. It s charging up let s deactivate it since we already got 100 deactivate.

It now we can test it all right so we got 75. This is enough to last me for the rest of the day and half for tomorrow. Anyway hit me up in the comments. Let me know what y all think about this shout out to everybody that rock with your facebook foursquare twitter google shout outs on the google gangsters i see how holding down that facebook page shout out to everybody beat me up on boxer and a special shout out to everybody rockin with me on instagram y all.

Know that s where i m at full time. On the percent full throttle and a special shout out to everybody rockin with the new stream on sundays yall already know screen gangsters on deck get your drinks ready no meat boys laughs oh here special shout out to everybody follow me on snapchat flossy. Underscore. Carter that s where i m at and a special shout out to the notification squad.

I see y all. In the comment section. Early hashtag salute. Oh.

Here one more thing. I almost forgot. Fellers..


Ladies. Say. It. With me.

All y all. Haters. Told. Y.

all. Trolls. Close your eyes. And picture.

Me. Rollin. Shibori. Floss.

Up. Now too soon spot one to beam up any job. Oh. rn it off and whenever i press the windows key see it s not or no so you can disable the windows key here.

Using this button. And let s say you want to connect your via virtual reality kit to the laptop you can just press. This vr etiquette. Which will help you to directly optimize your system to use the virtual reality now talking about the performance mode.

So when you go to the performance mode. The shift is by default set to turbo. Which you can of course change it..


But yeah. It s all there already set why would you want to change it right. Now. Let s say you want to make this application make this profile activated whenever you launch a specific application.

We just select that application and whenever you run it it a lot to automatically switch it to that profile hominid. Whenever you whenever you come back from that application. It will switch it back to the current mode. So that way you can change your or switch your profiles automatically.

It s all automated. We will also look at this more. But before that we ll go to the voice wizard. So as you guys know that in vile gaming.

You want to talk to your friends right. So. Let s say you have discord pre installed in your laptop. You can just select.

The voip software here. And this will help you to actually change your voip over the game volume. So whenever you re playing games. So you can make your voice to be more prominent instead of the game volume.

So that s how it will help you to change your voip in the game. Now talking about the mobile center. So we have a new application here which will help you to like connect your laptop to your phone. You just have to scan the application as per your need and let s say you have an iphone let s say you have an android.

Any other questions you can push it to the comment section and we will make sure to answer all of them thank you for watching the video and happy gaming. ” ..

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