Monday Funday Week 4

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” s me easy again and welcome back tweaked for of monday fun day challenge viewers. Viewers. I hope you guys had a wonderful easter and fingers crossed you guys have keeping up on our physical and kindness challenge for the week so this week. Obviously we have our dance battle between and you guys so it s not to like to send in your videos.

If you re really desperate. It can be talked dancers could be the macarena it could be anything you want so just if you want to get your video in it s not too late to and then obviously we have the dance battle between the yak and the panda. So i wonder how that s gonna turn out okay. I ll head over the andy for our physical challenge today five sorry guys no exercise from me today box jumps.

So please put your feet shoulder width. Apart. Squat down jump up and stand step the arm and again. So we re just gonna be tenderfoot.

If you strongly that we knew is some step ups and back in hey guys. My name is belle and i am a member of yak and today. I have a challenge for you my challenge to you is to make the best paper airplane that you can and throw it as far as you possibly can whilst attempting the challenge take a photo or video and send it through to our instapage at yak westheimer..


Or one word and also thanks to riverside high for inspiring this challenge good luck guys. Its kim. I just need to do the bpu throw this week. And let s see without competition winner is and the winner this week and the screaming hat is charlotte theory.

Okay. Charlotte you re a winner thanks for watching everybody take care pick me create hey guys andy again at the yac head the garner youth center. We re about to draw a lucky winner for grace grace grace grace. We re gonna send you a prize have fun everyone hey guys so just got home and being told that i have got yap of the month.

So very excited about that ll put a little hockey team very bad for you exactly make sure you get around that one. I thought feeling easter eggs. Lollipops and a few other things so make sure you follow our youtube channel and stay active on facebook. Make sure you stay home save lives thanks guys.

can pretty much pick it up anywhere. Including amazon for a very good price so going back to adding. The printer let s get that done so to add a printer or to add a network printer you want to select on the plus sign down here on the bottom left..


Now. If you re not able to select that plus sign. It s probably probably because it is locked so in order to add that you have to unlock to make changes so to unlock to make changes. This is just a security feature just click on the lock icon.

It s going to ask you for your password. So this is just your user password once this is unlocked now we can begin to make changes. So. Let s add that printer.

So go back. Here and select. The plus icon. Again.

Now by default mac is going to your computers going to scan your network to see. If there s any discoverable network. Ready printers in this case..


My brother hl 2280 dw. This printer has already been set up configured and is working on my network. I know this so immediately. My mac was able to identify as that as a working and accessible printer.

So all i m going to do is just select that printer it already knows to what driver and how to set it up and i m simply just going to click add it s going to say it already exists. Now you probably won t see this this the only reason. I m seeing this is i have two of these printers in two different locations. So i m just going to go ahead and click continue and we re done you can see the new printer has been added here in the list.

I once had three now i have four printers here i have that hl 20 to 80 here at the office and hl 2282 at home. So. This is also good in the event that you want to scan you can click on the scan tab click open scanner go ahead and place something on your scanner then hit scan you can scan. It to your pictures your desktop or your documents.

So again in this tutorial. We were able to successfully add a network printer to our apple. So i m sorry to our macbook or mac..


So we can print to it remember. A network printer is a printer that is connected to the network and is discoverable on the network. Either through a direct connection or wi fi connection. If you do and if you have set up that network printer your mac should be able to find and identify that printer and set it up quite easily.

If you guys have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments section of youtubecom. Forward slash it conflict you can also check us out on facebook our facebook is facebookcom. Paes art that s twitter comm i t conflict and check us out on our website. Wwi t.

Conflict. Calm. Again my name is eric with ” ..


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