Nintendo Switch dbrand “Teardown” Printed Skin – Transparent Glass Mod Effect

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“Guys. This is clinton jeff and today. I have yet another cool awesome thing to to check out. I just got this in from debrand.

The very popular smartphone skin. It s a new tear down skin from d brand for the nintendo switch alright so the nintendo switch has been around for a while now and initially there was a lot of warnings about using skins on them. But luckily. D brad managed to create a skin that uses glue that won t harm the texture on the nintendo switch if you decide to take it off so in the meanwhile.


Here s a way to make you a nintendo switch look even cooler than possible wear a nice little refresh after many many many years also if you just generally been curious about what the internals are in attendance. Which looks like well here you go. There s a skin for that alright. So in case.

You haven t heard about it before the tear down. Skin. Is a new limited edition. Drop from d brand and jerry rigged everything.


It s kind of like having a transparent back for your foam. But you get to keep your warranty to produce the tear down skins d brand. Partnered with zach nelson. The famous youtuber also known as jerry rig everything who kind of got the whole transparent back mod fad.

Started and here. We have zach bringing that tear down look to the masses. And all you have to do is give d brand. A bunch of your money how did it this is actually pretty cool they produce really detailed internal scales.


So every tear our skin is actually a really accurate representation of your device internals all that is a nice feeling durable skin with a clear finish and a very crisp print okay so i m gonna skip the part where i give you guys a tutorial on how to apply the skin d brand. Already has a bunch of videos. Explaining how to install the skin yourself. And they do a pretty good job with that so with all of that out of the way.

Let s take a look at how the d brand teardown skin. Looks like on device alright guys. So that was a quick look at the tear out skin by d brand on the switch. As always if you guys have any questions about it you can let me know write in the comment section below or i can ask me right over on instagram or twitter.


A clinton jeff and hey. If this video is helpful don t forget hit the like button right below or maybe subscribe. Because that would be appreciated and yeah. That s about it thanks for watching guys and i ll catch you in the next one ” .


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