OSMC Raspberry PI Kodi Media Center Run Through

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“Tech. Please subscribe comment like and share thank you very much okay so this is is gonna be my last video about kodai media center. I m gonna go ahead load. A different distro with the os mc distro of kodi media center and just to establish that i do have raspberry pi creds.

I was running x mbc on this one right here and that s circa 2011. I think that s an original raspberry pi. I don t know you tell me so each of my 3d printers has this raspberry pi 3 v running octa pie as a print server i replaced one of them that looked like this with my raspberry pi 4 beat instance of octopi ok so we re on the os mctv website. Go to the download section scroll down to the bottom where you get the disk images under the disk images there you re gonna find your appropriate raspberry pi model.

We re looking for the 3d plus that s this guy let s download that in my previous video. I unzipped up the image file. But with this baleen attached or you can actually just load. The gz file or the zip file.

And it ll actually take care of that for you just like you see right here. See how it says image file..

Even though i picked a compressed file. Unlike. The libre elec implementation. You need a mouse and a keyboard attached to actually get started in os mc.

So i am compressing and cropping here to speed things along we re firing up os mc for the first time. And it formats the volume and installs the files and you just watch it takes a few minutes. But it was pretty breast then it s going to reboot and come back into the setup screen and there we go so here s the basic setup select your language. We re gonna select the region in america and a time zone phoenix you can change the name of the device.

We re gonna set up the wi fi next switch on the wi fi enabled the adapter select your network put in your password and off you go i started to enable bluetooth. But i didn t recognize the grids so i ve went ahead and skipped that step skip the rest of these and you can go right out to the end there last thing is look and feel i m gonna go with classic just because i m familiar with the original kodi so i m particularly keen on installing pluto tv. So we re gonna go to add ons video add ons skipping on down to pluto installing it going back out to add ons to wait to see it land there tanner s pluto says its installed we launched. It yeah.

We re gonna go ahead and sign in email password and we launched channels. Okay..

That s it pluto tv error. I ve tried just about every reasonable attempt to make that work. We re gonna have to move on to other things now so we re gonna install the infrared remote and the bluetooth keyboard you go all the way down to the bottom my os mc and here you can see the remote icon and we re gonna scroll all the way down to the lr ir cd full i just have a generic entertainment center remote. I got from amazon and there you have it now we re going to turn on bluetooth and of course.

I ve already put my keyboard in discovery mode so bluetooth is enabled we start discovery hey what do you know there s a bluetooth keyboard on the list. I m guessing that s what i m looking for go ahead and pair up with that finally it shows up on the list. So now i can stop the discovery and we re all set with the infrared remote and the bluetooth keyboard kudos detector idlife 87 look for the link below we re going to install add ons from unknown sources. We re going to add a file source.

That is mapped to a url and then we re going to install add ons from that url file source. So first let s enable unknown sources. You go into system add ons you might need to be an expert mode. Like you see here unknown sources.

Now there is a disclaimer you could download something evil so this is at your own risk now we can go to file manager and we re gonna add a file source okay we re gonna browse for network location c we re gonna toggle through until we get to web server directory http now we re gonna type the url in this case it s srp and you at port 80. We just click okay and we can see it s on our list http whack whack that s rp dot new let s escape back out so now we re gonna go into add ons we re gonna install add ons from a zip file that zip file we ll get from that url final path and we re gonna get the krypton zip file..

We re gonna select all categories to get the whole thing yep see there are you going get that big zip and it s installing and we re just clicking around i don t know why so now we re gonna install add ons from a repository and we see that super repro krypton repository video add ons. I m gonna put on amazon prime and netflix unfortunately like pluto tv and a couple of other add ons these didn t work for me you know i appreciated a few leave comments below telling me how to fix pluto tv. Especially i tend to think the same thing as broken. But i just wanted to show you how to sideload these unknown sources again do it at your own risk.

But you re gonna find other things like regional language. Add. Ons etc. And this is how you ll load them all right.

Well let s look at what works we came up with popcorn flicks shout nasa tv ign film rinds and crackle now in the nasa tv section. The live videos don t work the live streams like click on it and it just cycles through and comes back. I tried that a couple of times. I observed the same thing before but all the pre recorded shelves do work i signed into youtube.

That s a experience that i recorded in one of my other videos so check them out the only thing else on youtube is i couldn t play pewdiepie s video from yesterday. I don t know why maybe..

There s something around the resolution of the video versus the resolution of the screen. I think i saw some setting where you can say adjust to the video resolution so i ll have to poke around in settings. Some more and see if i m missing something okay. So i ve tried kodi media center on three different hardware platforms.

Two different operating systems. So the raspberry pi for the raspberry pi zero. The raspberry pi 3b and i got similar results between all three. I m not going to continue to pursue this any further.

I m just gonna use this gadget. As it works right now and if i come up with something new. I ll certainly make a video about it. But i hope you enjoyed this and learned a few things i think adding unknown sources was a good subject to demo and i hope you had a good time thank you very much ” .


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