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“Let s get going i love her do it you ready yes. My spanish goddess. Goddess. She was like a spaniard princess today with the hair and the red earrings.

Glamorous yeah. I switch it up sometimes oh i m telling you my hair is spaghetti. If this is what it does that s it no i love is so which is worth talking about today. Yes.

It s what we re talking about today. So hey great mates did we see hi. I think so. But hi again guys so today s topic.

I m actually excited about this i am relative i am hopefully you guys find this amusing hmm and educational and can connect with this message. Yeah so today tell what we re talking about topic is i wish i was black because and i wish i were white because exactly right so am. I starting. Yes okay so i wish i was black because your skin is divine first of all it s gorgeous color.

Absolutely beautiful and as you get older it hi there s no age spots don t show and the wrinkles. Don t show as much so i wish that i had that gorgeous beautiful skin color. Because it is it s going look there she looks like she s 23. It s not fair.

I had had so many like chemical peels and crap done to my face. Because i get aged renard. It s not fun. It s not fun really is expensive no burn no beauty it can get pricey.

But i shouldn t used to do pr for a really well known doctor who had a vip. Oh. The i feel amazing really so he was like and i m for free mmm. How often do you have to get that well you re only supposed to get him like it once every six months.

But every time. We did a media trip with a bunch of media. People be like linds do you want another one i was like yuri slap it on so anyways that s so i wish i was black because of that okay yeah so the skin thing. I know that s a big one my white sisters out there i see the comments.

I feel you lady. Oh yeah. Yes god did bless us. But if you know we always try to give a little education melanin that s what makes me dark.

It s been it s it s a genotype that has come through through my phenotype yeah. But if we understand why we have melanin is because as we know we need it to be protected from the sun. Yes and so that s why we were blessed with all of this melanin you know when i was little we went to the store with my mom. And there was all these baby dolls and there was this beautiful black baby doll and it s so weird cuz this morning when i was coming over to see you mm hmm.

I remembered that baby doll and i swear thought you looked exactly like her really you look you look exactly like the doll. I had oh when i was a little girl and i wanted this black baby doll on my mom was like sure why not you know he that is my mother that s because think about it black little girls. It s changed. Now yeah.


We had to play with white. Oh i know white barbie white and little girls did not play with black dolls. I know you know so that s very good of your mother. Exactly yeah.

I remember that story where the cashier told. A little girl she picked a black doll. Yeah pretty like you and the little girl clap back. And the little girl was like she just like me.

Yes yes. Oh. My god i love that. Yeah.

So i have a toast to her by a little black doll. Who s gorgeous and i love that i loved that doll mm hmm. So yeah you know. But these are the things i guess even back then i shot saw that i wanted black skin.

I was like this stalls the prettiest stuff. I want this one i want that one did you see the hole all my goodness. I know you guys saw. This remember.

When everybody was doing the 10 year challenge. Yes. Yes. So i do the 10 year.

I did the 15 year somebody posted it went by well they say black people you re not allowed to play like you cannot not in here. We get there alive no one of the persons and black people dadada. We get it because there was no change. Everybody was like you look like you change.

It s not fair and also the other thing about the skin color. Too is it i have like varicose veins. When you re black. It s a lot harder to see so i think you re it for me.

It was i ll start with the first one okay. I always loved black hair. Yes. I which i only know i only knew permed hair growing up.

Unfortunately don t have a perm your kids hair. But anyways. We only my head of her yeah we only knew permed hair. Which is awful okay on your.

But that s a whole other topic right wait black people perm their hair. But we are relaxer straight is yeah. I thought you reliable a can we call a perm. We call it a perm.


Oh yeah. But it s a yeah dom. I am. You call a perm is a relaxer.

Oh. We re had been under a rock. So it was as natural as my white friends going out getting a tan. You never thought twice a bright y.

So it was like yeah. You just what you re good at you it s what you did right you didn t realize that you didn t even get to know your natural hair. So anyways. I m in love with natural hair.

Oh here s the thing. I will say they not love my crappy. No no the ease of phenotypically white hair. Yeah.

I ll take that as a it s not easy no. But listen it because and again i m a lazy natural. I ve got a baby i ve got three products all this 15. I m lazy natural to looking out god no to continue on here so i know the flavor product you guys want to wash your hair yeah jump by the shower and just brush it through and not think about it like my white friends when we go camping hmm.

They ll just run. I flip it they were done okay. Oh. My gosh are you kidding are you kidding.

Ponytail and i can be done like that could be not 05 seconds in point 5 seconds. It won t look great but i can do that yes yes so the ease mm hmm. I know some people actually envy the texture. I m not a texture and be precise baby pictures that have us the ease of your hair.

I understand that yeah make sense yeah no one like drying my hair. It takes you know five minutes. Okay. It never looks so great.

I m very good at it. Oh no no we have too many infections sections. Yeah. I ve seen like the videos.

Oh yes yes like hours and hours right. I don t do it. But that s what it can require mine s i will say my hair is a little looser yes. So it s a little easier to write okay people have made it a point to remind me that my hair is a little looser did you know you look in the mirror.

Well yeah. People she knows i know it s a little spanish no it s not a sports as some and i and i do know that it s a little enough had it easier that way. But it s still i can t just jump out of the shower. I ve done so the ease.


I would say okay yeah okay. Well i know joe is black. Because you guys are just cooler. With your like your lingo and your mannerisms.

And what i mean by that is that and we talked about this for form one of our things about proper english or just this ridiculous comment. But it s about like you guys can use the lingo that s like trendy and you don t look ridiculous. Mm. Hm.

And so i ll be like hey girl and then i feel like i look like an idiot and i probably do whereas. I think that like black people can just kind of roll. And do it they have this swab about them that s just like they re just like if just they re just can do it and it and it looks natural and cool. And i just wish.

I was cool like oh yeah. We re cool like you mmm right okay. So i think for me. One of the things.

I wish i had that way people have yeah is your ability to not think about social issues that affect me if you don t realize that that s a privilege when someone says oh i don t even think about that therein lies your privilege right yes. So what s things like when i met. Phillip yes. I think we showed this before one chance drove across country yes.

I had to give the talk about if he were stopped by police yeah. The knots you get in your stomach. When your kids drive your boys especially black. You know men yeah.

In america. Yeah. You have that constant fear and speaking to my white friends. They re like nope never had to have that talk.

I ve never i ve never had that talker and i had that fear yeah so when we speak when i speak of privilege. It s i think a privilege as you don t even have to think about it yeah. It s not even in your radar. It s not even in your radar.

You need to think about i wish i could sing like i mean i love eartha kitt. Ella fitzgerald s not kancolle all of them oh my louie armstrong yeah mike one of my favorite songs of all time is what a wonderful world me that that rich soulful voice right so i really wish i could sing like they could sing. It s such a beautiful deep. Yeah.

Yeah soulful voice and i will say there are some white people starting to climb in there like that was some soulful like if you go on it s like my kids are musician. So they re always showing me. Yes. Instagram yes.

And there s some man there belting it out there you know there really. But yes. I like people especially if you go to places like detroit yes in that water everybody can sing really crazy well it s crazy. But yeah well it s good yeah so that s all you guys let us know what you appreciate about someone else.


Yes. What you appreciate about yourself. Yes. So that we can keep this going we can keep the love.

The self love going and the love for others going. Yeah. That s what this is about all the time yes. And also i think it s okay to talk to your people of different races and say you know oh i love your this or i love your that i wish i had that i think it s okay to say i wish i had that i think that you re right like a lot of people get very upset about that yeah.

It s like you gotta be able to talk about it. Yeah. Right yeah. I mean as long as your core.

Just your core. You re confident. You say i can appreciate it i can appreciate this in you i can appreciate that you have something different. And it s beautiful yeah doesn t mean that i want it it means.

I can appreciate it absolutely you know any shading doesn t mean you always like i can appreciate a modern house. But i don t like modern homes. I can appreciate it i can appreciate a cat. But i don t like if i can appreciate it yeah.

Exactly. Julie cats no all right guys. Thanks for hanging out with this by grade man s always were they gonna do subscribe that s right like it and then be kind i m behind always kind yes we ll see you on the next bye. So can i just talk about this sandwich.

That your husband made for me. The philip was making himself sandwich kitchen. And said. Do you want to see in which.

I said sure so look at this this is a man sized sandwich ship. There s like 70 pieces of ham in here good old fashioned white bread is it good put sweet peppers on his seems like doing a sweet peppers. I m like no thank you he s like well you gotta have a vegetable. He said that if her husband i must be rubbing like that s a vegetable.

I go that s a vegetable. I guess it is a pepper pepper but that was hilarious. I m surprised because i m usually the one pushing oh no you re definitely you re definitely having an impact. Cos and he was like he s like oh yeah.

I m using this white fries and maybe i ll bloated. But seems always talking about bloated and happily know that until. I met marcy now i see it i m like well. Then why are you eating we froze right cuz.

I wanna bring out your bread should be like your woman. ” ..

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