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“Back there is a new development opening in frankfort with some unique options for renters. Renters. And even future home buyers and here to tell us more about riverford crossing. re pleased to welcome russell borski to tell us all about it.

Thank you so much for being with thank you for having me. And tell us about this new property. I ve seen it dropping by on the interstate back and forth from different places. And maybe.

Some folks have been like hey what s that right off of i 64 versailles road riverford. We re very pleased to introduce to frankfort. It is an apartment community unlike any other we ve built it s 300 apartment units and has every amenity you could ask for a pool with sundeck has a professional fitness center and then as lifestyle communities..


We really like to build in the the social aspect of living at an apartment community. So we have resident events throughout the year and educational opportunities like cooking classes and dance classes. The point being to get you out of your your home. If you choose that it s not just a place to come home and close the door.

There s place. There s ways to meet your neighbors and hang out and be social and what s interesting too is there are some options. If folks may be running now. But no they want to purchase later either at this property or somewhere.

Else a little bit about some of that sure we have what we call the bank at program. Which is a special program. We ve been offering..


We re actually based out of columbus and we ve been offering this program for four years with our renters up there. When anyone rents with us that either our hamburg farms community or riverford. We save a portion of their rent. It doesn t cost them any additional it doesn t it s just something we do automatically and at the end of their their time living with us they have up to two thousand dollars.

That they can use towards the purchase of a new home now in the frankfurt lexington market because we re still establishing our real estate group. They are able to purchase a new home at our hamburg farms community. They can purchase a condo. There we re working on expanding that out to any new home in the area.

Which is what we do up in columbus right. Now teresting and i was reading some of the other things in addition to that classes are some of those things is you could win prizes just by being a resident. The concerts and all kinds of things certainly..


We sponsor a a concert venue up in columbus called lifestyle communities pavilion. All the big acts come through there in fact oer is coming through tomorrow night and we have access to tickets that we give out to our residents. So we have pre parties. We do all sorts of things around the concert.

It s great. I m arresting and you see there to contact information on the bottom of your screen. If you d like to learn more about this development or any of the other properties. You mentioned hamburg farms right away just a stone s throw away from our station.

And you have a grand opening coming up that folks can check out this saturday from 12 to five. We re doing our big grand opening cookout the bowl will be out there with their prize truck. We have a big grand opening giveaway of one year s free rent so you can come out and scratch off your your scratch off ticket and see if you want..


But to learn more your wife style kameez calm is the place to go right well. Thank you so much for being with us and taking the time to share that information again you re seeing the contact details at the bottom of your screen. We will be right back with one last check of a stormy forecast. at you could do video editing on and some other kinds of tasks that might require some some data load there so it s about what i would i would see from a really high performance network drive you re getting via the usb.

3. Here. I would imagine you might get a little bit better speed. If you turn the hardware encryption off so that is the buffalo mini station extreme nfc.

A decent device for both protecting you from physical and virtual harm you can lock it down you can drop it and you can encrypt it too this is lan siphon thanks for watching. ” ..

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