Sales Veteran Needs $1.1m To Get This Tool Into Walmart Shark Tank AUS

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“Entrepreneur who s invested his life savings is for products. That s more than skin skin deep by sharks. Thanks for having me my name is roberto. Durso inventor of and smooth edge micro groove technology.

Today the offer is 11. Million for ownership of 50 in a partnership with the sharks to take this product to the world. What this product. Does is it cleans away dead skin dirt and muck quickly.

Simply and easily you just jump in the shower. And you put one of these tools on it s a smooth edge tool with micro grooves and so you just put your tool on you do your normal wash at the end of the shower. You simply place the tool at 90 degrees and clear away all the dead skin dirt muck pollution makeup just goes for smoother clearer healthier younger looking skin instantly and just on your face or another parts any way you like anyway. Anyway.

You want to get rid of bumps. Yeah. Can we have a look at one of those yeah. I ve got some lakes here or can you throw my legs.

And see if it works yeah thanks for thank you very much hey roberto stay back hey don. Why is it strapped to your hand. It s really designed for ease as i m always got things falling off a bathroom shelf. So i think that really you and you know that can i grab.

A demonstration can you gonna be the water thing you know this is a family show good it s a leg. I m just checking just checking sea spray it they just glide. The tool doesn t have the hair off that s it no it s just take the skin. But there s no moving parts in here is there no it s the microscopic grooves.

So when we when we produce the steel blade or edge. We call. It a saw a smooth edge yeah..


Actually you see them you can see them. And see the loot in the light. You ll see little little grooves. Yeah.

Why did you come up with cuz. I had my own shaving rash problem. And i worked out what the problem was and from there. It grew and that was that was in 1998.

So this has been a long process actually do i mean genuinely right i did that side. And i did that side and you could definitely feel it a bit yesterday. It does feel sweet can i come and feel this feel. It s really great packaging are you a marketer.

What s your background. I ve been in sales all my life got proven sales. I ve got nearly a half a million tools in the field globally yeah that s just for me going out and. Half visiting 500000.

These suckers are out there wow so how much is it gonna sell for now beauty of it is i ve got the manufacturing set up in china. It s all done above 35 to produce that pack a dollar 35 35. What do they get a sell for at the retail price. 19 to 29 19 to 29.

It s the same thing. You can t get fries with it so what why the variation in price because in the. Us like walmart they will sell it for 1999. Ten dollars.

We ve got an agreement with them already. It is already in warmer in the is there. But we need one more product which takes me to the next level..


This is a prototype. We ve gone electric and this is why i m here today introducing the tool. The partnership. But then we re going to make the electric one that s ready to go so what we need is this product may that s what i m using the funds to create then we go to walmart and get two products in there.

So you need two products cuz that s their that s their rick. That s that s what they ask of us so it s not in walmart at the moment. It s there. But we haven t got the second product.

So is it selling it s there so it s selling it s on the web. Not in store one online. I could maybe we need to talk about some revenues over the last two years. What your growth looks like what your margin is what profits coming through it tell it tell us about how you run the business.

That s what i d like to well from the very. Beginning as you know you start off you make. 10000. Units you get some money even if you sell.

500000. Yeah. And then what s happened with the hammer. X did that translate to in money probably about.

15. Million so what did you do with 15. Million just put it back into the business today how much of you invested in this business today all up about. 25 million let s start up capital and your ongoing operational.

Yes. 25. Of your own money you ve got the product up and running you got into walmart s which is one of the hardest things for anyone to do ever at this point..


If you re growing like this you don t give away 50 of your business. That seems weird to me are you hurting for cash right now. Roberto do so is came to partner with a shark and is offering 50 of his skincare company exfoliate in return for 11. Million dollars.

But andrew wants to know why roberto is giving up at this point. If you re growing like this you don t give away 50 of your business are you hurting for cash right. Now yes just go back to my question was the last two years like look like gross profits about two hundred. Thousand what a lot of profits about 45000.

And are you being paid. I m not using any money i m putting everything back into the. Business so what did you spend 25. Ml on wealth you re manufacturing your time.

All your costs. The hong kong business that we re selling today that owns that i ve transferred. All the ip to in our own zippity. Oh man this is darkness gamy.

I mean that the hong kong business that we re selling trade was transferred everything into i wish all the best. But i ma am thank you very much okay yeah. I m ready to make a decision to roberto. And i think you ve got a fantastic product.

You clearly a good sales guy where i think the answer to steve s question is where the money s gone is i don t think you ve managed your business. That well to be blunt and no disrespect for fairness. I think the products good get your business. More focused get the cash flow right get a loan and dig yourself out of this hole.

And then you ll live to see better days. But i m afraid i m out understand look you ve put an incredible amount of passion and focus on this for a long time. And no doubt you ve put your heart and soul into it and admire that because it s the entrepreneurial drive..


We need unfortunately my value in your business. Is completely different room. Maybe even a completely different house to where you re sitting so for that reason. I m out today you re looking for a business partner.

I think you ve done a wonderful job on the product looks great. But it s not investment for me roberto. The products actually really good i would actually purchase it you definitely feel the difference between where you ve used it where you haven t used it. But your value in the business of the money you need not the value of the business.

So you re going i need 1 point 1 million dollars to get the electrical thing to get this to get all these things done yes. That s very different to the value of business. I hope you do really well because it is a really good product. But i m am roberto good luck.

No thank you thank you very. Much take care. Thank. You.

Thank. You. Thank you hi. Sara hi.

Roberto. You ve come out with a smile on your face. I ve got a great product as i said so and i ll and i ll keep telling you ll see it in the store sir you ” ..


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