Samsung Gear S2 SmartWatch Initial Setup and Review (Part 1)

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“Here we have our samsung galaxy s7 smartphone and it s partner in crime the the samsung gear s2 so what i m going to do first off is pair two devices together just turned on the smartwatch here it says here two gear s2 d seven four seven install your samsung gear app on your phone and it gives you a list of other options for other galaxy phones download it from the galaxy app store and four other phones download it from the app samsung comps for it slash gear so i already have samsung gear on this one it actually came pre installed on the galaxy s7 edge just open here there you go so it s in the samsung folder here s the gear app. So let me just run that app connect the gear. Yes. I found it pretty fast.

Okay. So we just downloaded some additional software here here says you can sign into your samson account to use these gear features. When bluetooth is disconnected notifications messages email find my gear and find my for me what i have right now here. Swipe down from the edge to view status info.

So if i swipe down here and then swipe up from the edge to hide it okay press the home key for your apps. There s my home key over here press that i can view my apps and then it can press. Again to go back and cover and touch the screen with your palm to turn also turn so to turn off the screen is cover like that and cover and touch. The screen.

With your palm to turn off the screen. Okay try again nope that s it all done enjoy your gear. Okay so here s the watch face that it comes with five default. It s nice looking.

This is my actual real watch here let me see if i can take my watch my real watch off this one is actually a citizen watch this is the gear s2. Very similar. I guess look and feel you know with mini. The mini dials inside the big dial in the analog.

Feature. It s pretty cool okay. Now this button. Here is a power button.

And this is the back button right so so i pressed so here s the bezel. I can turn so of course when you turn it clockwise you can access different apps. So i actually can add a city here for weather let s do that now let s now go here. No events today so that will show you my you know my daily planner.

I can see all of what s going on in my calendar. And what else do we have here oh back button let me go back here and that s my pedometer heart rate. Monitor use briefing tap to start let s see what we have here yes let me set this up for the first time here agree checking for updates okay downloaded some content i. Guess oh updates so these apps.

All come pre installed on the smartwatch and of course you can add your own as well like other apps that you can download from the store. Samsung store here s my workout app right now it s a 30 minute workout app. I can tap to start working out and you know measure my when i run a run you know i can measure my my steps and all that and tell me how much calories like burnt and whatnot. So i ll pause that because i m not running anywhere right now.

I m doing a review. Okay next wells do we have oh. This is why this is really cool. So there s a built in music player here you can add widgets so i don t think i have anything so you have your alarm widget app.

Shortcuts widget you have your um bring it closer here so in the widgets here we have our alarm widget see there we have our alarm widget apps. Shortcuts go for s health widget this water and caffeine interesting if your schedule weather widget world clock. Guess that s it so let me just have a look at the alarm widget here you can add..


Alarms. 6 am set time repeat sit lick which days of the week. You want to have it save solar is saved you can add another widget. Let s go to the app shortcuts so here i have quick access to my s voice app settings buddy app and then here s your overall apps menu there alright from there you can access different apps.

So let s start from here. That s the weather app and then i can press the back button to call back. Here. I have the s voice app.

So for this you can set command. So you can say high gear. Or set your own command to wake up s. Voice.

Ok. So tap start then. See your wake up command 4. Times.

Your command should be 3 to 5 syllables long ok hello gear watch hello geir watch hello geir watch wake up command recognized okay and turn off the screen and i said hello gear. Watch what s the weather like so you do have a slow connection here to the internet. It s maybe why to take in awhile. But you get the general gist of it right you can actually give it voice commands to turn it on so you can access s.

Voice. Without having to press. Any buttons. So it s perfect.

If you re if you re driving and you want to know the weather or you re looking for restaurant. It s pretty cool so let s go back here so that was that what else is there so my alarm widget. This is my apps widget just add another one so that was all our that were just air gel app. Shortcuts here s the s.

Health widget shows. You how many minutes you ran. How many minutes. You ve walked and how many minutes you ve done nothing so of course everything is zero.

Because i m a lazy person. What else do we have add another widget here s health. So whenever you drink a glass of water. Oh sorry the loop.

Whenever you drink a glass of water you can actually track what you ve drank so me i have an average coffee drinker. I think for the day. If i like four cups of coffee. So click this so this is a really good way to track your water to coffee intake.

It s a very simple out bike. This is very powerful because i think normally you should drink eight glasses eight eight eight ounce glasses of water per day and i m bad at that but this actually is a good way to track your coffee and water intake. Which is pretty cool so let s go back here..


And what else is on this dinner. Okay another widget this one is your schedule so you can actually see your calendar. I m guessing you should be able to go into your events for the day. So i have nothing scheduled right now.

But you get the gist all right let s go back add another widget. I wonder if i can go this way. Okay let s go that way again and then so our weather widget obviously and what else here. And what s really good about this gear s2.

There s so many other apps. You can download and into this phone through into this some watch through the gear app on your phone. I just want to show you the other oh one more here s the world clock. So my widget limit is reached of 15.

So you can actually add up to 15 widgets on this thing. I believe nice okay. So that s just an overview of life of widgets that are on here. The pre installed apps.

And what s happening is that my command were to turn on the s s voice. I m saying it a couple times in my sentences. So i think it brings this up so i can just say you know look up james or look up richard or look up sheila or look at john you know for you know if i want your contact information. Now i can you know it s s.

Voice right you can ask it s like siri on the other platform. You know you can ask ask your watch anything. And again. This feature is very cool if you re driving right you cannot be you know access using your phone while driving you can just talk to your watch.

So. Let s look at some of the features of the gear app. Itself. So let me go back here into a run folder.

This samsung folder. There it is there s my gear app. So let s start from the top. So here you can actually change your watch face.

So the default watch faces to stylize watch face turn it on you can see it there. Which is very similar to boring from standard watch here. So if i wanted to change faces. I just simply select the face and as you can see it changes pretty much nearly instantaneously modern utility neon.

That s basic that s pretty nice. That s cronograph pretty boring world time yeah i guess it does what it s supposed to do. But i pretty boring as well activity bubbles looks interesting heatwave nice red one and what else do you have here pixel heart well that s cute digital activity sparkles large if you have bad eyes. This is a good one all right you can see the big big that numbers there nike watch face.

Nice mikey look at the top. Mr. Time minden okay looks futuristic mr..


Time men and again nice artsy ones espn cnn digital that s pretty nice and some other ones here so all of these of course came pre installed sorry what else hear that yeah. Bloomberg okay so here we have notifications feature so in here you can actually select which notifications will be shown on your gear. While you re wearing it so he can manage notifications limit notifications you can turn the screen on and what i mean here is that the screen on your watch will turn on when you get you notifications by default it s turned off and for obvious reasons right you want to really conserve battery usage on your phone. You don t want the screen coming up all the time right um.

And then you can auto show details. So you can set your gear to show the details of new notifications automatically while in full screen pop up view notification indicator displays a yellow indicator or watch face when you have unread notifications and he s all turned on and then smart really so with smart relay you can set your phone to show content from the gear on your phone. When you pick it up after receiving notifications ok. That s pretty pretty nice let s go back.

What else do you have absolute so in the apps layout screen. Here you can actually just select you know the order in which your apps to show which they will show sorry on your on your phone on your watch. So for example. I can drag the phone app to the top of the list and it goes all the way up there and that right now i have my s.

Where is it s voice app. Near the bottom here. I can select that move it. As you can see it moves along on the faces of the watch itself right so you can just change your order stuff bring the sketch schedule down maybe ping.

The weather out of it right no and that s on the other watch faces and as you can see so you have all your apps laid out here and you can just select where you want them to be so that s nice let s go back you can send content to gear. So this is where you can copy your music tracks and photos to your gear on so. By default. The auto sync feature is turned off and that s where you would you know sync tracks from selected playlists with the gear automatically.

While it s charging here. You can select your photos and whatnot of course. I don t have any folders on this phone. So.

But you get just of it and then here you have your general settings where you can set up your quick messages individual app settings. Double press your home key to get to the last app. Your gear connections by bluetooth. Send sos messages as well.

It s turned off backup and restore and wellcare version and in here. Which is this is a really good feature you can find your gear. So if you ve lost this click. This and then you can actually turn on and off the reactivation lock.

You can also remotely control. This your gear as well so to control remotely you tap the settings. Then enable remote connection to use the following functions lock gear and reset gear. Okay.

That s good so let me see your tap the start button to find your gear. The gear will vibrate and it s screwy will be turned on so let s try that please so. If you ve lost your gear and a pile of clothes or something more under your cloth. You can still hear it vibrating right there it is stop that s nice and then you can actually get new apps.

So you can download and install apps for your gear here and here you should see a plethora of different apps. You can download install so they all let s watch faces that s nice so here we have mr. Time uber app..


All you burr fans out there late taking. Taxis and snoopy meets gears to room writer. So there s a lot of stuff that i have for this watch right now out there um. Yeah.

I think samsung has come a long way in you know really building your phones and just to give you an example. Why i mean if we just move these back a second. So. This is our here has to watch right so.

This is the second generation gear watch that came out a couple years ago. And as you can see to know your basic rectangular and iki looking thing. It s really thick ugly looking watch you know big rectangular face and then this one was the very first generation. When that came out.

I had it like this big. Bulky camera built into the strapless itself. And as you can see from the side. They re both very thick watches.

The second generation one the camera. I think they got smart they put the camera actually on the the watch itself that s opposed to on the strap. I guess they were connectivity issues and whatnot. But as you can see you know these were the very first two ones that came out from samsung first generation.

Second and then i had a couple after this and then we went all the way from that s you this beautiful looking thing here which i really really liked so i hope you enjoy that video now. I m going to ask you to do two things before you leave one there s a button right up here on the screen to my right. Here click on that and that will take you to our website wwh comm. Where you go on that site.

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