Samsung Gear S3 Hands On + Liquid Test

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” s up guys lew here back with another video and today. It s an exclusive exclusive one we are taking a first look at the new gear s3 it now in two different models. We have got the classic right over here as well as the frontier. The classic.

It s a little more elegant and you got the leather strap. The frontier. That one that s the one that speaks to me personally. It s a little bit more rugged like i am you guys know that this one looks at home on there.

It s not too dainty also wanted to mention about the straps. There are different sizes and they are interchangeable. I ve got the large installed on both you can get a small and medium as well so regardless of your wrist size you should be covered you can see here..


There s a number of watch faces to choose from and some of them can even be stylized. You can go with an orange maybe a red now navigation. The fact that you can navigate the watch using the bezel. The reason.

I think that s important is because on a watch you are dealing with a smaller touch screen right smaller than your phone. But you don t wanna go to your phone to do all your various functions either cuz that kinda defeats. The purpose of the watch you use the bezel and as you ll see its a very fluid. Kind of interface the first thing here is the notifications communication.

What if you get a message it s gonna ping you and you can go in there and actually interact with it right here so there we go we got a message from jack here i can open it up. He says then i can respond to him right on the watch. If you click on the emoji icon up here of course you got all the classics in here happy sad mad one of my favorites..


You know the flame jack really likes to receive pictures of himself. So we re gonna send this back to him boom right in the thread. My very own portrait of jack. But what about phone calls oh.

Here we go you can hear its a phone. Call from jack. And you can actually spin the wheel here and answer the call that way lew hello female voice hello lew jack is is that you female voice who s jack just like comic books you can answer your phone on your watch now an improvement on these two guys from the s2 is battery life. We re looking at three to four days of battery life on a single charge.

Now that s important when it does come to charging these up you are gonna use this little tiny dock over here. I ll show it to you now this has a magnetic back to it so you just kinda drop. The watch on finds the right spot..


So once you have the little dock plugged in you get the led illuminated. And you also get a kinda cool green bar. Which identifies just how much of a charge. You actually have it acts as a cool little bedside clock.

There s also a find my phone feature. So if your phone is like jammed down behind the couch cushion or something like that click that button it ll buzz you can track it down a big concern for people is what what s it going to do from a health perspective from a fitness perspective. So this one has a number of different features built in through s health you can see here you can check how many calories burned. The number of steps you ve taken and one of the more interesting features to me is an active heart rate monitor you see the heart pumping there it s trying to get an accurate reading 75 bpm.

I m within average right now this becomes more interesting when you re actually doing a workout. Feel like a doctor on here built in dedicated gps. It has the ability to track your exact location and then send your whereabouts to selected individuals both the frontier and the classic feature ip 68..


certification. If you haven t heard of that before that means. There s going to be water resistance as well as dust resistance. But it s one thing to say it and another thing to show it so we re going to do the dunk test aaaaaaaand action.

That s the shot right there. So there you have it gear s3. The frontier as well as the classic completely different look from last year. It s a lot more inline with my style especially with the frontier version over here ” .


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