Soma Prime Build 2018 (Guide) – The Master Slasher (Warframe Gameplay)

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“This is working as intended well at least. We think that s the case embrace embrace the hit. Quite literally. Because the hate is an incredibly good weapon right.

Now. Warframe. Heavy attacks are becoming a new matter all on their own. But a kind of slow heavy hitting one not as mobile as the old.

I guess slight attacks are spin2win or what we had with condition overload setups before the last update. But they are seriously powerful attacks nonetheless. Why come on in you beautiful fuckers. How you are doing so then after condition overload for being on the powerful side.

And then just straight or blue heavy attacks out of the water here you go here s a new lollipop has a right now with the huge buff two sacrificial steel heavy attacks kill in one hit or if they don t kill then the follow up a bleed effect more than likely will what you re seeing is my head scythe dealing bleed effects that are in the hundreds of thousands one hundred and twenty two hundred and sixty thousand damage and won t bleed tech is not uncommon with this set up on a host of different weapons. Not just on the hit. And you can replicate the same build across a lot of these weapons and get similar results. The grand prime the cost assists these are sides any safe the frago primed eco gawky prime farouk s ultimate if you ve not seen the video that i shared earlier on today on the community tab of my channel from a youtuber called all blade showing off all of these sides in action.

Then it is linked in this description. Where he shows off him blending high level enemies with one hit. So go watch. It after you ve done.

Watching this all of these builds in warframe require a certain combination of mods. The same mods all around so you need mods like killing blow like corrupted charge. Boat sacrificial. Mods or just the sacrificial steel.

One and use primed pressure point instead. If you want to amalgam organ shatter. And of course. The empowered blades aura on your warframe.

Amalgam organ shot off or crit chance and a faster charge or claim on that heavy attack. Same was killing blow more damage and a faster charge corrupted charge for a bonus. Staffed or calm. Which means a hard or hitting initial swing.

You re not really caring about a combo multiplier with this build. So combo mods aren t needed sacrificial steel for a huge crit chance and then other crap mods for bonus crit damage empowered blades. The aura is for a bonus to stasis chance on heavy hits or a bonus 2d damage those status rocks we ll deal later on but that s not exactly an essential mod you don t necessarily need it even without that horror mod. I still kill in two or three bleed.

Ticks. Now you can amplify the damage. Even further with smite mods with spoil strike with primed elemental mods entirely up to you how you go about i guess making this hit even harder. But the crazy thing is that these setups don t need elemental mods.

I don t need that elemental combo you can completely forget about corrosive viral radiation and so on just like i said mod for as much crit and crit damage as you possibly can if you have the help from a riven that can give you credit and credit. A maggiore v n. Increase your initial combo can t then use it because it will be phenomenal on any of those weapons. So the heavy hitting matter is what everyday is insanely powerful.

But like i said at the start of the video. It is also really slow there is no real momentum to it you re not going to be moving from group of enemy to group of enemy. Really quickly you do have that charged up time for each hit. There is a bit of balance to it but is it broken.

I guess. That s entirely up to de. But history of playing the game for as long as i have has taught me that when shit deals this much damage in one shot. Then beware of what s to come be careful with your former because it might not actually be working as intended maybe.

The bleep rocks are broken with the last update. Who knows and it wouldn t be the first time that something like this did get hot fixed. Which meant maybe your former would be wasted. Now you can also use abilities and arcane s to vacuum enemies into one spot to maximize your potential damage airport.

Even for a vortex from vauban spaghetti nidus..

Majors are canes and so on so. This is the mod set up my hair used for this footage simple. But really really effective even without like i said the empower blade stance it still deals bleed effects up around ac 200000. And i m sure more weapons will start to show up with insane builds as the week s go by after those phase.

2 changes. So this won t be the only matter. I would imagine that the warframe community will will find their way across. I know that the architect ron is meant to be incredibly powerful.

I believe headshot on a video on that so you should go and definitely check that out as well sides like i said from a whore blade. Who showed that off the grand prime which my. Own right now is. Doing.

Incredible. Bleeds. 100000. 200000.

300000. Broocks ultimate czar hammers. The vanka prime d. Redeemer.

Prime. There s a lot of incredibly good weapons right now and it feels it definitely feels a bit like we ve gone back in time to when chris was king. It feels a bit like we ve arrested. The most recent matter for merely weapons.

And we ve gone back to the old one or maybe. That s just me maybe. It s just me let me know in the comment section below. Do me a huge favor and hit that like button.

If you enjoyed the video or don t if you didn t subscribe for more warframe and as always thanks very much for watching. The toughest targets in warframe your best bet will be corrosive. The 90 mods. Which are offer more damage or the 60 60 mods which offer less damage.

But a good fair chunk of status chance now it is true that the status chance of the soma by default is only. 10 we did pump air up to 232. But that is multi shot status chain. So keep that one in mind even so for all testing.

The 60 60 mods have constantly performed better to a fault. Almost so we re gonna go with high voltage for our electricity. Now this one can be found from the mission now elgar on the planet. Eris.

You gotta find all the secret caches. Then upon extraction. You will have about 5 to get this one or shell. Shock shell shock is identical to this one.

But it s only for shotguns. I got my electricity so let s go into toxin. And this one is gonna be malignant for 60 toxin and 60 status chance for mobile from corrupted war in the void. This one is only worth 10 to 15 plat on pc.

No more than 15. This one is a bit more expensive 40 to 50 plat currently. So there is that to take into account. The last mod slot on this is what i like to call an option slot.

And you can put a whole bunch of mods here and i always encourage you to build a weapon to your own personal playstyle. You guys like punch room. Then shred and or prime. Fred will be the way to go.

30 fire rate..

That s a huge dps increase basically your unloading that magazine size of 200. A whole. Lot faster. Reducing your kill time and of course punch through will mean you re gonna be able to take out entire rows of enemies with ease when it comes to usability.

I don t have much to say against the soma prime outside of ammo economy. But if you guys want the coton cost highest dps solution then i would recommend you further increase your elemental combo depending on your circumstances. We got corrosive against grenier so gone with storm bringer or infected cliff is going to be the way to go i add an infected clip. So my crows have jumped up to a hundred and sixty two point eight.

Now let s refresh how the status chants. Works with ips ips impact puncture and slash has a four times bigger chance of tracking over elemental combos. So don t think of your puncture as thirty. One think of it as a hundred and forty something or a hundred and what you might call it fifty five in the case of slash your corrosive still is the highest with a setup such as this so it will proc slash.

So the order will be corrosive slash puncture and impact. It is worth keeping in mind because without this mod. Here. Then your slash has a higher chance of cracking over your corrosive.

Vile. Intents. And purposes. Your puncture will be pro.

King. Corrosive. As we got our first bill then we rambled on enough so let s spawn and some targets and start shooting. These guys are level.

120. Corrupted heavy gunner corrupted units have more health and armor than regular units. And we re simply going to go for headshots and as you can see the soma prime can definitely tear through these guys. But and how many bullets what was that a hundred bullets not bad half a clip for a level of 120 heavy gunner is definitely not bad as you see the more i apply status to the target.

The more damage. I m doing with each energy bullet because they have lower armor you are never in any danger of stripping armor. There is such a thing. But the soma prime is definitely safe for it mostly because of the low status chance.

And this is a way to build elemental if you want your weapon simply to kill the target outright and you don t want to mess around with bleeds and all what nothing builds such as this will get you there. However. It is not from my point of view. The best built the best built for a soma prime would be to go into slash.

Hunter munitions and all that especially. If you guys are interested in oh. How should i call this one in game. Content endurance.

Runs. You guys want to hit level 400 500. Eczema s. Then yeah definitely go for a hunter munitions build.

So why don t we do that next. I already have a hunter munitions build laid out for you guys. And this will be the bleed build or maybe. I don t ok very well mandatory mod serration split chamber vigilante armaments point strike and vital sense.

And this is what i like to call mandatory mods especially these four vigilante elements. We can talk about that a bit later next of course. The overpowered mod hunter munitions and yes. The soma prime will work better with hunter munitions it so says a guy that honestly hates how overpower this bloody mod is what should we do next well.

We should be looking towards amplifying once again with an elemental combo when building a weapon poor slash. Then it s a smart idea to build viral damage what viral damage does is reduces the maximum health of a target by 50 for the duration of the debuff. So in a way your slashes will be dealing double damage. And it s gonna work beautifully as long as the viral doesn t slip off the target.

So let s build viral..

That is the combination between cold and toxin. Which should we go for well. I gotta go into a bit of a detail here normally you would go for the ninety months because you have no benefit from extra applications of the viral effect on your target. Like you have for corrosive each application of corrosive reduces the armor yay.

But for viral. You re not gonna reduce the maximum health of an enemy further than 50. So go for the 90 mods yes more damage well not really in testing. The 60 60 mods constantly perform better.

And there is a very good explanation for it as you saw earlier. The soma prime is primarily a slash weapon. Even though the base status chance isn t that high with the 60 60 months. You re gonna be pro keying more slashes than with the 90 mods and overall.

It proves just a little bit better dps. So i m gonna be recommending the 60 60 mods with one major exception. If you have prime cry arounds maxed out then indeed then it would be worth to go for the 90 mod for the 90 toxin mod. In fact.

The clip and prime cryo rounds. Maxed out if not 60 60 mods. More slash. And it s as simple as that we got our cold.

So let s get our toxin back like before malignant force and rime rounds is pretty inexpensive as well we re talking about 10 to 15 platt from the tree chat or you can just simply form it now. There s one additional benefit to using the 60 60 mod. My viral amount is only 93. That means that if i m prodding something slash has the highest chance to proc so more slashes with the 60 60 mods and of course.

We re gonna be responding the exact same targets level. 120. Corrupted heavy gunner what a bill such as this what you want to do is kinda hit a target to about 50 hp 50 to 60. Then let the slashes to the magic look at all that slash on the target.

Absolutely beautiful and of course with a 60 60 month. I m going to be getting constant viral application on the target and of course. More slashes and this is extremely effective and this will be the build. I m gonna be recommending to you guys yes.

It s over the elemental build simply this one. I believe works a bit better and if you want to take it into endurance run. I don t know if you want to spend a couple of hours in an infant or a survival. This is the type of build you re gonna want to have what is the point to staying two hours in the defense well.

I haven t found that one yet maybe. E peen and that s about it. I do do it from time to time in any case. This is a build i m recommending to you guys and i have to want more variation for it you re not gonna like it though because well it includes expensive mods and i don t like to recommend expensive mods for my built.

But it is a bit more effective. We re gonna be dropping viral altogether so remove rime rounds and malignant force next. We re gonna further amplify our crit with our gun scope currently still bloody expensive around 200 platt on pc. On headshot 145.

Percent. Crit chance while aiming for nine seconds as for our last mod. We re gonna be going for bladed rounds. This one is a lot more cheaper.

We re talking 10 to 15 plat on kill 120 crit damage while aiming for nine seconds. Basically. What i did here is further increase. My chance to get a slash through hunter munitions because with our gun scope.

My crit chance goes over a hundred percent. So with each and every bullet that lands on the target. I get that 30 chance from terminations and bladed rounds will increase the slash damage value so more slashes and higher slashes and we re gonna be testing it out like this so you can see the difference yes. This build is a bit more stronger not a lot more but still a bit more stronger and i thought i should present it to you guys of course.

We re gonna have to kill a target first in order to get the benefit from play that round..

And i think that should do it for you look at all those slashes you can already see the difference when it comes to the amount of slashes and now you re gonna be able to tell the difference when it comes to the value of the slash quite potent indeed and if you have the money not necessarily for bladed rounds that one is not really all that expensive. But if you guys have the money for our guns hole. And you want to get the best out of your so much and by all means go for something like this it is the most effective way to go. However it does rely on on kill effects and realistically speaking bring a mission you re gonna be getting plenty of kills.

I don t like on kill effects as a rule. But this is the highest dbs. So there is that to take into account look at the slash amount and although slash basically. It s a christmas tree or a firework display.

Whatever you guys want to call it when it comes to ribbons and the soma prime. Probably. This is the biggest drawback to the web fund because the riven disposition for the solo prime is only one out of five and as you might know i do not recommend ribbons when it comes to dispo one weapons. But of course if you guys want to get the most you can out of the soma prime try to chase down that ideal riven crit chance crit damage damage multi shot.

Something like that and try to get a decent negative as well other than that keep in mind that a bill such as this also has the advantage that you re not relying on that bloody viral anymore. As you might know if you re running builds like this sometimes the virus simply slips off the target before it dies. Then you have to reshoot it again and all whatnot. So there is that to take into account and well.

There s one more thing to do before we go pick up lady mirage. Prime and max out our damage. And of course lady mirage has a couple of buffs first of all rifle lamp rifle damage is increased by 27 this is an aura its stackable and of course the benefit will be granted to the entire party one note. Though if you guys know you re going up against grenier.

Then corrosive projection will always be the better idea. However rifle amp will constantly offer its benefit regardless of the target. When it comes to our canes. We got a selection of first of all arcane acceleration on critical hit 20 chance for 60 fire rate rifles for 6 seconds.

Basically. This one is gonna be all the time up because at a high crit chance we got. However this does nuke your ammo efficiency. So look into carrier together with ammo keys to kind of counteract that and our second arcane is gonna be arcane rage this one on headshot 10 chance for 120 percent damage to rifles for 16 seconds.

And of course. The usual one arcane revived now the archaean rage can be found from the furred idle on down on cetus and arcane acceleration from the second one currently on pc. Arcane. Acceleration are free is gone for about 80 to 100.

Platon. Arcane rage. Is just a little bit more expensive now. Let s see what we can do with a maxed out build simulate the exact same targets pop mirages clones and hereford ability for a massive 514 percent damage increase.

And when you re running warframe puffs. This extreme you can just stare for a target like that or you can just get a target just a couple at times look at that and just look at the bleeds. Absolutely murder your targets bloody beautiful huge slash amounts thanks to mirages buffs. And of course.

You don t need to hit a target more than i don t know let s say 70 percent. I think that was roughly 70 as you can see in just a couple of seconds later if completely bled out there s no question that the soma prime. Still is an absolute beast of a weapon and i highly recommend it honestly. It s baffling that this fing is mr7.

You re kidding. Me. This is still one of the best assault rifles in the game definitely an endgame weapon. Well if you guys want to call.

It that and i highly recommend it to just about anyone. That s gonna do it for this build guide as always my name has been laser. Thank you guys so much for watching like favorite share and subscribe if you enjoy the content. If you have any feedback for me or would like to request a specific weapon review.

Then by all means leave it in the comment section down below. I can t promise you that it will be done by next time. But i will be reading from each and every comment until next time guys bye bye ” ..


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