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“Guys and welcome back to tap ikf and this is super mario. Run and today. Today. We re taking a look at the kingdom builder part of this game.

Which another part that we need to play to do certain things. And maybe even unlock certain characters we ll talk about that more in more detail. Very very shortly. But for now.

We ve just lowered up and got ourselves to level 4. And it s going to briefly show us a tutorial about how king the builder. Works. Now.

If you haven t had kingdom builder work on your phone. Yet and you re thinking to yourself. I mean i feel like i m missing out on this game. What skeena builder well you need to play your first toad rally.

Before you actually get a chance to do any kingdom builder stuff. And once you ve done your first toad rally game and come back into the game at straightaway. You ll give you this tutorial. You ve bought some toads excellent with my friend of these you ll be able to rebuild your kingdom.

So as you can see we have the opportunity to now go ahead and build stuff and we can choose certain things like in the kingdom builder you can get move and place buildings. Try getting a building from the shop. Week birth firstly to start off with get a free building bonus game. House.

Which is good. This is basically a really easy way for you to get extra tickets. I m gonna put this down in the top right hand corner. There we go that s a good place.

Now every time you click on that will get a certain block and things together. So it s telling us to basically try this out so that s exactly what we re going to do from the tap on the game house you want to play the bonus game. Do we want to play the bonus game guys. I think we do so this is an extra thing that is in this game that you might not even know about yet okay which way up or down.

I think down down seems like a sensible sensible option let s do it let s see what s down here ready oh. No we missed. It oh okay do we stick to our guns. Do we double down.

I m gonna double down go i m going down again. Let s see if we get anything good come on give me something..

Please oh you got some coins. Okay. That s not too bad. And we get anything of interest chests.

No we didn t get any melee tickets. The extra tickets. Yeah okay well that s great call it a bonus game right that s not bad. We got 20 coins out of that which we get to keep and then use later on no rally tickets.

But that s okay because we can play the rally. More later on no problem at all we can link it account two players toad there you go so. If you guys want to go ahead and actually play as toad now all you need to do is link a nintendo account and you can play as toad directly you got to do this tutorial system first. But this is the first thing i wanted to show you from the king.

The builder is that you can go ahead and play as toad directly. If you want to let s go ahead and go to build here and go back into the shop. See what else. There is that we can get there s a few extra kind of bits and pieces here that we can grab.

It s not looking too bad. I m liking this i m liking this so some of them are actually locked as you can see we need to get 20 blue dudes to our to get that one and then the same thing here green guys blue green. We got red here. So we almost got enough to get the pipeline here a red pipe.

Often seen that is it it must get really hot out and the sun like that all the time. I ll tell you what i kind of like the look of these mushrooms. Just here they look great let s go ahead and grab one of these which i m going to put in the kingdom. Right now.

I m going to go ahead and put this next to our game house there. We go some mushrooms perfect do they do anything that s have a little tap. We ll check it out nope. They don t do anything.

Unfortunately. There s also a gift box on here and a tote as well let s click on toad. He doesn t do anything what s the gift box. Do anything oh it might be because i m in the wrong screen.

There we go that s better so you can actually bounce. These look. And you can also go ahead and bounce. This guy here so he gives you the notifications up in the top left hand corner.

There top right hand corner gives you the gift box. We haven t got any new gifts at the moment unfortunately..

But that s fine so let s go ahead and try to get ourselves a few more mushrooms right so how many to be needs if we want to get this red pipe. We need to get another with that that s 40 to go get 42 more toads. I think we can do that let s go ahead. And do a rally and see if we can do it so oh man.

They re all really really high level. Let s go ahead and fight the the lowest level guy link and kind of a bit worried that we might get brutally attacked by this right here. We go then i ve got to do a toad rally to y all to get there. So we re doing this for the kingdom build up go okay.

I see it we ve start to get some bonuses up. Which is good continue to worry too much about coins because obviously as you guys know it s not super. Important immediately because we need to get the coin rush before it becomes really worth worrying about which we now have sorted there we go and we re going to go ahead and coin rush and go as quickly as we can here perfect. That s the best part to get all the coin rush in because it just gives you so many yeah.

That was perfect nice. Others claim. Oh. She s amazing.

Oh wow. Yeah. That s definitely talking about what an epic coin rush. That was wow okay here we go so the again.

Oh we just missed that invincibility again now star power is really evading us today. Okay is there any more goombahs that we can get here or anything. There s a mushroom that we can use to get bigger. But we ve already are bigger.

So you ve got five points that which is fine another one here there we go that s gonna give us a coin power. The core. Most re and there is i know we failed we lost it that was bad okay. I think we ve got enough vote.

I think we re good we re gonna yeah okay. I think i think we nailed that i think that was a really really good run. So let s go ahead and see come on we need it for the mushrooms. I likes doing a lot.

I i thought we had this come on yes yes. Yes. That s what i m talking about there s the coin rush. Oh yeah.

We ve absolutely nailed this look at this perfect. Almost by a hundred points..

Do we have enough enough totes. Though. This is the question we need 150 toads to be able to do this come on winner by like a hundred points good job. Okay so let s put those on the top here and how many do we have oh.

It s 31. Okay we need to need like ten more so let s go ahead and change opponent here. We d be card to a rematch. If you beat them by the way.

That s important to remember we ll try and fight against this 166 guy called a noob ness. I hope that we don t get attacked because i really need that the toads here guys. It s the most important thing looks like want me a new level. Though.

Oh oh. It s basically original ok. I could handle the original level. There you go perfect that s what i m talking about up here for some extra coins.

I ve on the bomb way. It s like a combination of different levels isn t it. It s not the same each time ok. We re doing all right.

Though. There s what we need yes. Ah. This is perfect what a great time to get it.

So yeah. The the star power. Does give you an instant coin rush. Which is great to see that look like what we needed here perfect.

Oh man so many coins right ok. We ve got a second one as well. Oh. My god you re not gonna be able to compete with us.

This is incredible got these extra coins that you get because they all kind of like get connected and joined to you as well oh man you re not gonna do this is it. This is gonna be like the best score. Ever are you serious come on oh. A little there and 3 4.

We got it we got it there it is another coin rush. We haven t got much time now..

But this is fine come on old man. We can get go go go oh we missed that little chunk of coins that s alright. I m pretty confident that that was one of the best toad rally runs you re gonna see in your in life ever. The fact can you beat that i m not sure if you can that was pretty good that s our like i know he s beating us.

What no i was gonna say how is that possible wow okay. We just beat. It i genuinely was expecting it to be a walk in the park. But no it wasn t we we did manage to beat him luckily.

But how much that was close ok. We ve definitely got plenty of toads now so let s go ahead and grab those toad really done perfect 182 right. So let s go back to the kingdom. Then go ahead and grab this red bits here this red portal.

I guess i know what they call it in here pipe or portal. This have a look whereas. It s in the shops. There is red pipe.

A red pipe a 1 4. Pound of coins that s fine here. We go. I m going to put it here there we go perfect okay.

So we ve got this now. We had to play some coins to get it as well what did you do nothing doesn t doesn t do anything doesn t doesn t doesn t there s nothing doesn t do anything well you learn new things every day. So there you go guys don t buy the pipes. What s the next thing that we need to buy that we actually want to use that actually does something okay.

It s probably going to go ahead and beat. This isn t it this this blue. One here which means need to get twenty blue toads further to actually happen okay well there you go guys. That s a little bit of an insight into the way that kingdom builder works.

Do rally s acquire mushrooms or quiet toads rather buy things make a kingdom look pretty. I mean ours is looking pretty amazing right now can you beat us can you do better than we have today let us know in the comments down below. But until then and until next time. I ve been calf you ve been watching tap and we ll see you all next time take care guys.

” ..

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