THOR Kitchen at DesignBites 2019

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“Name is stephen and i m an account manager at thor kitchen thor kitchen is is a manufacturer of pro style kitchen appliances. We want to bring more pro style into more homes by offering them at an affordable price our philosophy is why settle for a pro style range. When you can have a pro style kitchen suite for the same price. So how we on average appliances take up sixty to seventy percent of a remodeling budget and buy those savings with thor.

You re able to use that budget on other parts of the remodel. So we wanted to apply this concept outdoors. As well so. When your clients want the outdoors.

Pro style kitchens aesthetic. You the designers have the option to use those savings on appliances to have upgrades on other stuff lights such as bar areas outdoor seating and fire balls. So today. I d like to introduce you guys that eight piece outdoor kitchen suite modular.


So it comes with the wood burning pizza oven. A grill a grill cabinet a side burner with bottom storage. A sink cabinet a corner a corner piece appliance cabinet and then a 24 inch under counter refrigerator so all these come in 304 stainless steel and they also have casters on it so how much do you guys think this goes for actually on average four to five pieces would go for twelve to fifteen thousand and we re actually introducing this eight piece modular at 6300 the whole thing yes so so all of our high quality products come with the power and the performance of a premium to appliance. So you can mix and match with any of the the pieces since it is a modular you don t have to worry about any infrastructure such as an island and since there are casters with breaks on it you can move your design to your liking whatever you d like we d like you to come join us at sl for four one one and you can see our booth right over.

There it s about six rows down 6000. For all those pieces that s correct. I can t get my head wrapped around that but i ve got a lot of places. I d like to put it let s give questions and i see a hand there right there in the back and can you put countertops on those at the moment.

You can t it comes preassembled. But you can customize it actually doesn t come preassembled so you can customize it if you can get the exact fit and put cabinets below it okay excellent so it comes with stainless steel as it stands now but you could customize it obviously right if yeah i mean if you can customize the island to match the exact measurement. Then it would work okay fantastic. So.


The answer is yes over here. How do you secure it in place you can secure it in place with the casters on the brakes or i mean with the brakes on the casters and you can also drill in it into a wall. I assume you can remove the casters as well yeah you can okay so once you have it in place. It doesn t have to be it doesn t have to be on there be rolling.

Yeah. It can be there and nice and happy right and i m assuming you want to do that obviously given where your powers gonna be where your electricity however you re gonna fuel it correct. Yeah okay yeah all liquid propane excellent question in there i m kind of piggybacking off of that so can you lock each individual unit. Together you can t lock in each individual together.

It would just be next to each other with the casters on the brakes. Yeah. There you go somewhere. I guess you pretty much answered.


My question that was the thing. I was concerned okay so you you i mean it s customizable then you d it s all modular. So yeah you can gather and you can put the sink. Whereas.

A grill where you want to a pizza oven. Where you want to order a piece where you want to mix and match. You don t have to get all eight pieces you can get four or five or you can get multiple of like the appliance cabinets and all right saying it comes. It s all preset up then there s no there s no um.

They they don t come assembled you would have to assemble it yourself okay. Gotcha excellent and we ve got another question in the back back table the the pizza oven currently is wood burning. We are thinking about gas in the future. I like the wood burning no that s the flavor.


You want right yeah. That makes it good okay. Any other questions quick right up here. What s the warranty um.

The warranty on it is gonna. It s i m gonna have to get back to you on that because it hasn t came out yet. But the warranty for most of our products is two years on parts and labor. ” .


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