Tips to Improve on Ace Combat 7 s Multiplayer: General Gameplay

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“To part two to my series of videos non how to improve on ace combat. Combat. 7 s multiplayer mode in the first video. I talked about aircraft ncustomization and to use the matchmaking system to avoid those f.

22. Spamming qaams everywhere. But now it s time for me to cover. Some general tips on gameplay that you can use in any map.

Nand with any aircraft set up this video is brought to you by thrustmaster nif you are interested into some gaming gear. Please check the description it s good nway to support the channel while getting something for yourself they have a good variety of flight sticks racing wheels and even aviation headsets if that s something you re interested just go check it out and i m sure you ll find what you re looking for starting with the basics my first tip is ndo. N t use novice controls in multiplayer ever you are literally asking yourself to be killed. The problem with novice also called standard ncontrols is that you don t have full control of all the 3 axis.

And so your movement becomes nvery. Predictable and enemies can kill you with ease. So play it on expert controls. It s not nthat.

Hard yes. There s a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it you ll nbe flying much better i guarantee that tip 2 is watch the enemy closely knowing what your target is doing. And where nit is heading to is very important.

Because it lets you plan your attack and defensive ntactics. The best way to do this is locking your camera nonto. The enemy you can do this by pressing and holding the change target button. Which nis the triangle button in the ps4 and the y button in the xbox controller.

When you have the camera locked onto the enemy nyou need to identify which plane has a higher maneuverability yours or the enemy s if you are more maneuverable by all means nturn into the enemy. However if the enemy is more maneuverable you will probably want nto avoid a turn fight and separate yourself from the fight with speed. The target camera is very useful in letting nyou. Know who will get to a firing position first sometimes you will see that the enemy nwill be able to fire their missiles.

Before you even get a lock on in that case do not keep turning or you will nget hit by missiles head on my tip. 3. Is kind of an opinion. But kind nof a fact.

The 3rd person view is the best view. That s because it gives you a better sense nof relative movement when locking your camera onto enemy targets..

That is why most ace ncombat youtubers play on 3rd person view the hud view is good too it s very clean nwhich improves your visibility. Therefore. It s really good for long range railgun nshots and laser firing a small disadvantage of the hud view. If that nyou don t get as much sense of relative movement.

When your camera is locked onto the nenemy. Which is very important in turn fights. What you should take from here is don t nplay in the cockpit view. I know it s immersive and all but your view nis obstructed and you can t lock camera onto enemy targets depending on their location nbecause there are limits to where your head can turn so.

If you really want to play competitively ndo. N t play with the cockpit view my tip. 4 use the clouds to your advantage. The clouds mess with the tracking of almost nall weapons.

So you can get inside them to decrease the likelihood of getting hit by nan enemy missile. This tactic is especially useful when your nmissile alerts are going crazy. When you don t have speed to perform high g turns. And when nyou don t have flares in team deathmatch hiding inside the clouds ncan be very useful when the enemy team is trying to hunt you down.

Because you are buying ntime for your teammates to arrive and help you out now. It is worth pointing out you have to nkeep turning inside the clouds. Don t just fly straight. Also clouds are very effective against most nmissiles.

A notable exception being the qaam. But they are useless against the gun or nrailguns since they do not require homing on the other hand. They are a very effective ndefense against pulse lasers. Because the laser beams just dissipate when in contact with nthe clouds.

And is literally impossible for the enemies to hit you when you are inside none. My tip. 5 is on how to deal with those pesky nqaams. But you can also use this for other missiles.

As well if there are many missiles coming after you ngo at low altitude and use the terrain to your advantage. So that missiles will hit the nground and not you this would include flying between buildings nand over mountain peaks. A perfect map for this tactic is yinshi valley nbecause the rocks are huge and there s a considerable amount of space to fly in between nthem of course it goes without saying that this ntype of move requires skill and confidence from the player. Because you need to fly and nmaneuver at high speed in order not to get hit by the missiles in the first place.

My tip. 6..

Is yet another tactic on how to navoid an enemy missile first identify where it is coming from by nusing your radar. If the missile is coming from behind turn nto the same side. Where it is coming from for example. If it is coming from 7.

O clock nturn to the left in the other scenario. Where a missile is coming nfrom. The front turn to the opposite side. So.

If the missile is coming from 2 o clock nturn to the left you goal is to keep a 90 degree angle between nyou and the missile as you get experience you will know when you nshould start your evasive maneuvers. Because sometimes starting them too soon is a waste. Nor energy or could even put you head on with the missile. Now.

This is very important once you begin nyour evasive maneuver never ever switch direction. Because this makes your plane slower nand. The enemy missile has time to catch up with you i ve seen this many times on multiplayer ni fire. A missile and my target starts turning to the left.

Then changes its mind to turn nto the right and then boom. The plane slows down and my missile hits my tip. 7 is almost the same thing. But now nwe take the perspective of the chaser aircraft in a dogfight try to find the break in the nflow that is the moment when your target switches.

The direction of their flight path. Nwhich. Usually happens when they switch from one target to another this is the best moment to strike the enemy nbecause for a tiny fraction a second the enemy moves. Very slowly and you get in line nfor.

A perfect shot. Now where s the catch. If you fire your nmissile at this perfect moment you won t get a hit because the enemy will already have nmaneuvered so need to do a bit of a prediction on when that moment will happen and fire your nmissile. A few moments before the break with that said you need to pay a lot of attention nto your enemy and the other aircraft around you do identify when he could change his flight npath now.

I know this sounds very hard. But i have nanother tip that goes hand in hand with this tactic. Which is fly very close to your enemy. And when i mean close.

I mean you should feel nthe heat from your enemy s exhaust nozzles. Something like 100 metres..

The whole idea here is the closer you are nfrom your enemies. The less time they have to react. When you fire a missile and by the way. This also means that the chance nto find that break in their flight path is higher since you can watch from up close once you have a good line up fire your missile.

Nand hopefully it will be a one hit one kill shot. Which is possible if you have the necessary nparts including damage and homing for this tactic. You will need an aircraft nthat is slightly more maneuverable than your enemy. And a lot of skill so that you can keep nup with the maneuvers and at the same time not waste energy.

Just be very careful not to overshot your nenemy that would be very bad. My next tip is related to what i said in the nprevious video in case. You do not remember. I said that your nstandard missiles are pretty much useless.

If you don t equip. Any parts that improve ntheir performance with that said you should use your standard nmissiles. Very often during a match not because you will get a kill. But because you put your nopponent on the defensive also you have lots of them.

So you won t run out of ammo basically this puts your enemies. Under pressure nand increases. The chance of them becoming distracted from your other strategies and nthat is why you will see in my gameplay videos that i launch missiles when it s pretty nmuch impossible to get a hit. But you never now maybe you can get some surprise hits nas well my tip.

10 is on the usage of flares and high g nturns. A mechanic in the game. Where you turn faster. But also lose more speed and energy since flares come in a very limited supply ni recommend only using them.

When you think you are really close to getting a kill or nwhen. You think that break in your enemy s flight will happen. Very soon throughout most of the match you should use nhigh g turns to evade enemy missiles. The key is to use them effectively as to minimize nthe loss of energy experience will teach you the best moment nto start and stop a high g.

Turn. But the less you use while successfully evading a missile. Nthe better if you get around 600 kilometres per hour nyou are flying considerably slow and it would be easy for an enemy missile to hit you because nyou don t have that much energy left to evade another tip is to keep your eyes open for nslow targets in the area. It usually happens when someone overuses the high g turn in a nturn fight.

If you see on your hud that a square isn t nmoving much that s a good indication that the target is low on energy. Which means that nif you fire a missile..

It is unlikely it will be able to evade this tip is very useful after you respawn nbecause. Once you re re joining the furball you get an outside perspective of the fight nand you have more time to pick a target. While that is happening the people inside the furball nwill be probably distracted. And that is your perfect chance to line up a shot and fire.

Nat. The perfect moment. I should make a mention of post stall. Maneuvers nin multiplayer.

And my overall tip is don t try using them. It s a huge gamble because you will be slow nwhich makes you an easy target to anyone with upgraded missiles. And most likely you won t nbe successful. The only moment.

I would recommend using a npost stall maneuver in multiplayer is if you are really low on speed or energy. That you nare 100 sure that the enemy missile will hit you in that case try to perform a kulbit and you nhave a very slim chance that you will survive at least. That s better than certain death. And my last tip is understand the flow of nbattle and keep your awareness on what is around you this means checking.

The radar frequently during na match and also looking at who is chasing who and where they are going by paying close attention. You should be able nto identify patterns and this means you can position yourself better for attacks. It is also very important to check your radar nfrom time to time when you re in the furball to see approaching enemy players because as ni mentioned earlier coming into the furball can be an advantage for them and one last thing. I should mention is that nyou shouldn t just pursue one enemy for the entire match instead keep your eyes open nand seize opportunities as you see them and to do that you have to act fast.

These are my tips for this video. But more nare coming soon like i said before these tips are general nso that you can use for any aircraft. But in my next video. We will be getting into more nspecifics of different weapons planes and opening moves and just like last time if there s anything you think i missed or you have other tips please let me know in the comments feedback is very important and i m sure other aces out there would like to share their knowledge to help out new players get into the game and of course.

If you want to improve your experience and immersion check out my friends at thrustmaster. They have some flight sticks and headsets. Including one officially licensed by the us air force. Which is the one i use when i play ace combat.

7. Another video with more tips will be coming soon and if you haven t already please subscribe to the channel. ” ..


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