Top 5 DJI Phantom 3 Standard Upgrades Every Owner Needs

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“What s up guys you were looking at the sony grand wega projection lcd this this was my very first hdtv i would love to hear in the comments what first hdtv was or actually whatever your first high end display was or whatever first tv were really proud of that you probably purchased with your own money. My first was actually a sony trinitron crt after a monster at 32 inches. Which the cr tvs were actually monsters at 32 inches. The projection.

I ll see the this one especially was very highly rated at the time and was competing directly with plasma and in many ways a picture quality mimics plasma and its positives and negatives as far as plasma goes. It was also much cheaper than plasma at the time which was considered a luxury type technology my sony grand waygu and my samsung touch of red lcd this is from 2005. I believe the lcd was from 2007 2008. And they are alive and well in south carolina on myrtle beach at my in laws house.

I d love to know where your displays have gone are they alive and well in your basement are they at a dump are they have some friends that just sell them do you still have them do you use them i m happy to know that they re here and that they re being used. But this particular display was a serious misstep for me in terms of buying tvs. And i learned a very valuable lesson from this aspect brand loyalty. I was a used sony fan at the time the trash on was my favorite display and i kind of purchased this one off.

It s amazing reviews its pros if you go back and look at the reviews. They are blowing and kind of blindly purchased. It i also bought during a transitional period. Where 1080i was newly introduced and was quickly phased out by 1080p and those of you that go back that far know that 1080p was considered full hd and 1080i was actually interlaced with the argument of 720p being better as it was progressive and 1080i being interlaced meaning.

It was kind of a blinking image that you couldn t see blinking. But it wasn t 1080p. I also purchased the microsoft h dvd connection or add on that i use on this tv. And it was never a very sharp image and that s where this tv.

Really suffered. It had plasma look to it it had some good blacks nice colors nice motion. But like plasma. It never really had that sharp line or that realistic image.

So this tv for me never really gave me that hd. Wow factor you know the one. We re always talking about my lcd in the other room especially with the motion. Interpolation and the very bright image gave me that jaw dropping.

Oh. My god look at the pores look at the hairs. Look at lent on clothes. I mean it really gave you that this tv.


Really never never gave that to me looking at it quickly and selves. That it is 50 inches. Which was very large at the time. It is mostly plastic the screen was plastic and it also has this screen door look that large screen tvs had back in the day.

If you remember those mitsubishi. She s too shiva s they all had that also back then names were always very prominent on the display you had your typical hdmi. I was pretty new at the time as far as tvs were concerned so you had all your typical styling of back in the day the vent in the bottom and you had your inputs your component. It even says hd dvd in where it is there this and there it is 1080i.

Which was considered a big deal for about five minutes and then 1080p came out and broke my heart i also again had the hd v d hd dvds wow pretty beat up they scuffed it up here there is your one hdmi that s on the back. And this one covered door is actually a lamp projection. Just like your projectors. Now they had lamps and this would need to be replaced every three or four years.

What s funny is i m not sure anybody would purchase a display with a projecting lamp. As we are so finicky with our peak brightness that we would never trust something to be replaced that would dim over time projectors. Still do but they have all kinds of indicators. Explaining to you when the battery life is about to run out now with the lights off the image improves greatly this is a non glare screen.

I m really put it to test this is a window right there and excuse me for my angles. I m actually in a guest room. So there s a bed right next to it it is a nice image black levels are very black colors are very nice. But again very natural and how does that pertain today is about knowing your taste guys when you hear about reviews and people blow you away with how amazing certain things look you have to know what you prefer i knew back then that i liked a sharp image i liked a clean image.

But i went with the reviews. I was also a little disappointed with plasma initially for that same reason i like clean pc looking visuals and at the time samsung was really the leader in that regard. And i really should have waited and gone with at least lcd was a few months later that westinghouse and actually vizio at the time had some very sharp cheap tvs. That were very thin and very clean now back to the bulb.

I replaced the bulb a few years later probably an oe after i had my lcd bought the bulb aftermarket and what s interesting is the bulb showed one flaw a huge flaw actually was this red hue at the top of the screen is called optic block and the guy selling me. The bulb had said if the aftermarket bulb. Which is the same brightness shows this flaw that means that redline has been there the entire time. And the sony bulb.

Just wasn t as bright as it should be so for the first couple years. I watched the tv that was not as bright as it should be sony was actually really great about it simply because there was a lawsuit at the time that the bulb guy told me about and they gifted me a bra via mid tier kd something at the time it was a 3d tv. I think i paid a couple hundred dollars. But they kind of gifted a brand new tv to me to make up for didn t even want this one back.


But in terms of me buying a full price sony tv. It wouldn t be until the sony 900 ii so brand loyalty is something i m gonna cover in a new video where your loyalties lie. But for me loyalty lies with the best product. I wouldn t return to sony for many many many years and i m very happy that i m back with them.

But it took a very long time now as far as gaming on this tv. It was not something that i would have i didn t enjoy much simply because the xbox 360 was 720 perfect match. But without those clean lines. It just never had that pop that i wanted from those kinds of tvs.

My brother in law had picked up this little tiny westinghouse so we were playing gears of war and it jumped off a screen in comparison to this now that said. It did have that very warm even plasma like image that so many people like back then it had well it was just a decent tv. But a definite misstep in terms of my purchase. I will say that had i waited a little bit longer i would have seen 1080p obviously i fell for the h dvds.

Which i liked better i ll do a separate video on those but 50 inch tv. It was relatively inexpensive at the time i want to say it was almost 2000. Which is actually pretty expensive now. If you think about it for inflation.

2000. Gets you a really nice large maybe 65 inch display. But 50 inch back. Then was pretty large.

The samsung in the other room was 52 inches. So there s not much else to say about this tv other than i m glad. It s here and it s still working that wasn t wasted. But projects and cds to me were i don t know just not the dlp that whole thing.

I just really never loved their image. It just never gave me that hd. Crispness and that realistic image that so many of us like that red line is fine for my in laws. They don t care.

They don t care. They didn t even have the original remotes of these tvs. So talk about settings while we re always messing with settings these guys don t even change inputs. They re happy with their you know their cable box.


And they re happy just watching it they have a 50 inch tv in their bedroom. But sony grande wigga guys. It was an excellent line before this the way gif crt displays were amazing and they kind of started to trip up here as far as i m concerned and like i said. I wouldn t turn b basically it it helps with the the landing.

So if i come in for a rough landing. This will protect the gimbal. I guess they call it a gimbal protector. It s made out of carbon fiber.

So it s like super super light. And it s it s pretty durable and so the way this guy. Works is you just you put it right here. And it actually if you look on if you have a phantom you ll see right there.

There s that little groove. Here. There s another little groove on the other side. So i ll put it on really super quick here just to show you guys.

And this is a great little invention somebody came up with so that way in case. You have a you know rough landing or you know and your run rocks or something like that because you know i film at different locations you guys have seen that so it s really easy to install you can keep it on all the time. If you want or you can just you know add it when you want and it just sits right there and you can see that you know it protects your your camera. So from a rough landing.

Now obviously you know you re going down you know if you motor went out or something like that it s probably gonna help a little bit. But you re still gonna have some damage in it again it just slides right in just like that so you can keep it in your box. Or your case. Or whatever.

And you can take it with you or just leave it on and you can slide it on and off whenever you want it s made of carbon fiber. That was pretty cheap inexpensive too not that bad so that s gonna be number five is gonna be a what you call you a very gimbal protector or gimbal lock. Whatever you want to call it or a cambric protector. So that s my my five like simple quick.

Modifications that i think that every dji phantom standard. Three owner should really look at when you first buy your phantom they re cheap inexpensive upgrades they re really easy to install you don t need to be technical to do it. But it will help you in the long run and then if you want to upgrade further you know after that you know i had something to do so again. So.


Number one was the metal arm. Number two neck lanyard number three. The parabolic antenna range extender great. I love it number four again was gonna be that gimbal guard lock.

And then number five was your camera or gimbal protector from from landing. I don t know what the technical name of it is so i hope you guys enjoyed this short video. I m getting ready to like i said batteries almost done probably get about another let s see it s on its last bar. Right now.

So i ve got probably another 15 20 minutes for it to charge. So i hope you enjoyed the video. If you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up if you really enjoyed the video guys hit the subscribe button for me down there at the bottom that really does help out the channel and you ll notice the little bell next to it if you click the bell that will let you guys know when i have new videos for you guys every week that are available for viewing and typically. I usually update on thursdays and fridays sometimes on the weekends and i usually have a live stream on mondays if i can get to it so on the live stream of the last one i asked you guys to send in your clips.

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I appreciate each and every one of you guys and so as always guys let s keep our jones up in the air and flying high and i ll see you guys on the next video thanks for tuning in and have a ” ..

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