Transfer Google Drive Files to Another Account

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“Video will show you how to transfer your google drive files into another account. Now now your primary account will be your twu utah. Email. And the secondary account will the one with the united agent services domain to start you need to open your primary google drive account and locate and select the folder that you want to move so for this video.

We re going to transfer the viewing central training materials into the secondary account now once that s highlighted or selected you can either click on the share icon on the upper right or you can also right click and click share and from here you need to type in the secondary. The username for the secondary account under share settings. Make sure that you check can organize add and edit..


Before you hit send click yes. And once once that s done you now need to log in to the secondary google drive account and on the left sidebar click on the shared with me filter for you to locate the shared folder. Now at this point google won t allow you to make a copy of the folder. But you can make a copy of the files inside it and then move them into a new folder rename it and update.

The share settings. So i m going to select all the files and right click make a copy and once you re done making a copy of the files click on my drive and from here create a new folder and i m going to name it the same as how it s named in the primary account. So that s the original folder name..


And i ll go back to the shared folder to grab the copied files. So i m just going to do a drag and drop into the folder that i just created i ll click ok and at this point you you re now going to rename the files individually. So now. I m done renaming.

The all the files and the next thing that you need to do now is to update. The share settings. Since this is only accessible by you which is within the secondary account..


Now you just have to select or highlight the files that you want to update. The share settings right click. And again click on the share option and add the email addresses that you want to share the file. With or you can also use the advanced settings.

So that s it and once you re done transferring all the files and renaming and updating the share settings. You can now go back to the primary google drive account and remove the folder from your drive and delete it from your trash. Bin and that s it and another way to transfer your files from your google drive to to another is also by using google takeout..


Which would take which would require to download all your files to your desktop and upload it into the secondary account. Which might take a lot of time especially if you have a lot of files. So if you have any questions. ” .


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