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“Motoring in las vegas. We specialize in harley davidson motorcycles. 13. And below 14 and and up we have what you need we do custom installs.

We do our installs on the showroom floor. There s no need for you to uh. If your bike to be hidden in the back. Everything is is done on the sales floor you can watch it let s do it all our disconnects are custom made in house.

We don t sourcing. Those parts out. We also just received a large shipment of diamond audio. As you people may have heard that diamond audio is the hot ticket right now 100 diamond audio starts with the micro amplifiers.

This is the micro four v 2 amp. They make a micro 2 v. 2. They make a 5 channel.

Now they ve moved on this is a current amp. They moved on to the new series. You can call it the block label the black series. It s a 8 instead of a micro 4 v.

2. It s an 8 for you it s got 10 more wattage channel. This is a fourth channel. Sometimes that makes a difference.

These are high quality high end amplifiers that are designed for the abuse of a harley davidson. We carry the a check same amplifiers and we just brought in the dx m. Dx. M.

There s a newest line of diamond audio. Completely different style. A fully waterproof amplifier you could tell because the power wires are csr attached to the amp and your connections are done under the top of the amplifier. This is a waterproof amplifier.

We re going to start using these and more of our higher end installs to see how they could perform we have no issue with the micro in a micro eight series. We re gonna try these out got some more variable opportunities got six channels got some opportunities here. Darlin audio also makes a awesome six by nine sub two way not just a two way speaker. It s a sub two way you will get more bass on these speakers and they re made for harley s and they re waterproof.

Very important. Ms..

Pro 65 mid bass. These have been very very hard keep in stock. But we got about 24 of them that s about all we got out of 48 order. So awesome.

Awesome awesome midbass. You want some midbass submit range on your bike. There. It is let s take it to the next level.

Everybody says what about hertz what about hertz what about hurts hurts and diamond audio. Let s talk about that in detail not just what 702 motoring is opinion is of the two brands. But which you could physically see with your own eyes because anybody can tell you anything. But what you see with your own eyes will probably tell the real story.

So let s compare the two brands hertz st 25. Very popular tweeter very popular horn and this is a diamond audio horn. So right off the bat this is what hertz gives you to protect your horn. That little capacitor.

One per horn. This is what time an audio gives you for each horn. I mean when i look at this. I see quite a bit of difference.

I see a lot more time technology spent on this then i do a cap you can buy it in your regular electronics store. Most importantly compared to the hurst st 25 tweeter. They re loud and they re in your face. As you can see that bullet goes directly forward and that s its projected source of the sound that you hear it s it s shooting straight this shooting straight so if you re on that bike sounds awesome.

If you re sitting right behind. It. Let s say you re there or you re over there or over. There.

Most your sound is going that way it s not going these. Other directions is going straight. So diamond. All yolk took that design and improved.

It as you can see the bullet is quite a bit larger. Almost as the whole surface of the actual horn and it s got grooves and the reason for this is if you re in a movie theater or if you re at home. And you have a theater system. You know you have a surround sound.

So that that v pattern instead of coming straight at you which it does. But it goes in a v pattern and covers a larger broader area with the same sound..

But it s louder its cleaner crisper and louder. It s a you could physically hear the difference between these two horns. If one was on the left side of the bike was on the right side. This would stand out.

I d say about i ve done a lot of both about almost probably. 30. Louder and cleaner than the fc 25 big difference they also come with more custom aluminum rose gold locking front pieces and aluminum these are aluminum these are plastic you got black so that s an improvement and of course this i mean come on there s no comparison. There now diamond audios.

Newest release is an mo 75t. This is a shallow horn. 14. Up motorcycles.

I have been an issue putting larger deeper horns in it the current hottest new item is a 2015 and up road glide grill. This is a steel grill. This is not a plastic grill like your factory grille. This is steel.

This is a custom mount that holds that horn in place that is beautiful. I mean. That s the answer 2015 and up row glides right. There you got a street glide.

14. And up don t worry here s your baby here and again. Another metal grill custom mount to hold that horn in place for no failure. That s a ticket guys on your new bikes.

This is the ticket. Nothing is going to be louder than these on your bike and the factory locations without modifying your fairing. If you re using your factory. Locations.

You re not modifying your fairing. This is the loudest setup on planet earth currently take these horns. And that ms. Pro 65.

Mid. And you ve got your setup. You will need a 4 channel amp to do it right. And you pick any of them take.

A 4 channel amp. Two channels to your eyes two channels to your..

Mids you re a happy camper let s talk about. Mids sv1. 651 hertz. Everybody s heard of them spl show all right there s your diamond audio and that s pro 65.

The first thing ralph. The bat is when you re out there in a hot day running your system hard you know you re running. It hard your speaker is moving it s building up heat in that voice coil. We re gonna go and that hurts that s not gonna go anywhere that heats gonna stay inside that mid it s gonna build up heat on a voice coil.

It s gonna lead to a failure well well well before this diamond audio look at that vent that vent is specific to get that heat and unnecessary air out from that mid range to keep that voice cool cooler. More importantly take a look at that spl show that s take a look. It s diamond audio waterproof walk your proof not paper exposed you ll deteriorate faster the sun s gonna affect this speaker. Faster instead of just putting a little look protection around the surround this whole speaker is waterproof.

You know what is the same. I gotta tell you big difference without a doubt for anybody considering the two either either or this is your answer. Let s take it one step further let s go to the eight inch. There s your hertz 8 inch sv 200 l spl show there s your diamond audio okay everybody knows this is the new technology from back in a day it s back this produces more of a quality frequency response and a better overall musical experience.

They re back to this like home and pro audio earths hasn t done it on there s eight inch. I don t know diamond audio. Didn t wait there you go again waterproof big. Plus.

Your eyes will see the difference there they admit that you need the vent that s a little baby vent right there look at diamond look at diamond let s look at the magnet sighs put them all together. But there the diamond is larger. They do not want to go together. But the diamond is actually larger it s hard to see it in picture.

But it s larger let s go on milly pro six ninety point three six. My nines air base heard of them every sort of them awesome speaker. It is sounds great you got it s a three way silk dome tweeters silk silk nice and soft well you re in the open road doing 90 miles an hour 80 miles an hour you don t want a nice and soft. You want brightness like these horns.

You want brightness there s your brightness right there titanium horn titanium. Okay guess what waterproof that s right no water your saddlebag is your kick caught in the rain. Oh this one here going right inside at waterfall right inside your saddlebag. No port there you go there s report you want take it seriously diamond audio diamond audio diamond audio diamond diamond diamond diamond diamond in our performs every single hertz series that we ve used every single one.

There is not one that performs better than the diamond. The diamond has come newest with the newest quality technology. It s been taking the sales away from hertz diamond. All the way all of our speakers carry one year warranty it doesn t matter if you blow.

It it doesn t matter you re covered for a year. We shipped nationwide and we re an authorized dealer you have a 14 motorcycle sony radios sony is the only radio that will fit your harley without having to gut the mounting bracket to your factory radio these fit perfect you got the v10 bt right around 3 with a thumb control interface and double d an installation kit xav ax 1000..

Apple carplay ax 5000 apple carplay and android auto the newness of double in size the 7000 apricot early android auto. 5 volts rca pre owned that s what you need you want a high end system running high in amplifiers. You want the 7000. You want those 5 volts of rca pre out 3 year warranty water damage.

It doesn t matter 3 year warranty. We will replace this radio for three years if it gets damaged by water 5000. 1000. V10 bt one year three years.

Oh you want more xav ax 8000. This is a 9 inch radio. Yes. It will fit 13 and blow bikes.

Yes will fit 14 up bikes that s your top of line radio. If you want to be the show off because it s obviously not gonna fit flush in your you re gonna stick out. But it s gonna stick out nicely again. 5.

Volts of pre out 3 year warranty 3 year warranty. You can t beat. It. If you have a 13 or blow bike.

There you go. Aquatic a v plug and play waterproof radio. Rockford fosgate plug and play water radio aquatic. A vhs of their top of line plug and play waterproof radio.

Anything for harley we have it we stock it kits some control interfaces harnesses police bike 13 and below we have a harness 14 and up we have a harness police bike start equipped with horses for radios we have them in stock. The male outside we custom do our quick disconnects rca s everything we have it all 702 motoring. You give us a call at 7 02. Three three five zero zero zero zero.

We will custom build your diamond system from top to bottom front to back you ll get everything you need to do your installation. We will help you in any way possible to give you the best price and guaranteed the loudest and cleanest sounding motorcycle and your area when you pull up riding your bike with your new sound system people are gonna be like what did you do and they re going to look for all these acres in your bike and you know what you re gonna have a pair of horns. And you have a six hours big bass behind there and they re gonna be like how did you do it 702 motoring. Give us a call 702 three three five zero.

” ..

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