We turned Don t Starve Together into a 24 Player Battle Royale

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“God okay. They re stuck in the door. Oh god people are already dying. Oh.

Oh. My god how many people forgot to make a fire. We just lost three first blood three people are dead and it s only night one see i m gonna kill he s a freaking mind chance is he happy how does he swing so much faster. What what was that oh god you gotta be really careful about things like setting up a base too because you just leave it unattended like there s so many other players like they could just completely raid.

Your base. So like what is the best way to set up shelter. Like what are you supposed to do when it gets the winter gone. There s a wilson with crazy hair alright alright alright come on we re gonna we re gonna we re gonna chug it together i hope that s okay here i have enough stuff for a fire.

There can still only be one. Winner. You know. But like we have a temporary alliance.

Oh. There s a robot over here that the robot is currently defenseless. But they have started a massive forest fire quality get out of here get out of here get out of here. Oh oh.

We indirectly caused that oh we warded them away. They took too much damage the debye spider. No we actually call us..


That that s not even indirect. We killed a guy. Oh. God all the ghosts found us.

Hey guys. I made spicy chili sanity is getting real bad. Because of all the ghosts on the server. That s getting bad.

For everyone. Flowers. Have been plucked clean. Oh.

God he could how do i kill. Him. He could have something. He seems.

Quite. He has an axe. Oh. God the night terrors.

Oh. It s getting bad. No..


No any light. I need light really fast fast where s the nearest grass oh. All that s all over here. I don t like you your own insane as well.

But one of us has to build a campfire or we both die. Okay. Oh. No he hasn t got the resources either.

Oh come on this is our last hope over here over here grass does someone want to pick up my tell tale heart. I dropped and use it to revive me. Oh yeah. Here we go.

This is the resized mod for don t starve apparently that s the thing we have so this will just help us traverse the world faster and find the survivors. So all the kids look. Oh yeah. We re still alive.

My god i can revive you i m just the big ol ghost. I m i m just the big boy and let me just grab some resources run real fast. Oh. My god i can t believe you actually set up like a camp.

Oh you are going insane. Though is the only thing. A bird trap kill it for food just eat it raw..


We need something oh here we go i mean look i have none to lose. We might as well this was a mistake. I m gonna try and make my way back to spawn what s the note. I was checking my mouth okay so we re starting in winter.

So things are gonna get ugly here like fast. Oh we got fire for the night it seems sustainable how s it going and since this battle royale and there can only be one. I m just gonna outlive them cuz. I m the only guy you can actually eat the spiders without going insane.

It s a brilliant plan. No oh this this could have gone better. We re just a bunch of ghosts wandering the wilds now. Oh still surviving why don t you boys left.

Again. Oh. Okay. Radicals gone.

As well is this just straight. Go great goin that guy that guy died. It s freaking drago. Oh look at like the victory lap.

She s making right now you can tell she s really happy by the killer bees. She shoots keep it up g. Hey..


That s what success looks. Like well. We re not quite ready to go. Yet.

Oh. Hello. Eats. Oh.

No it s anarchy get the robot. He s a cinch. He s not a real viking. Anyone pick up a light stand under me.

Oh. My god open up. Oh. God i m still alive.

Oh yeah. Now is the only one who lives we lost everyone. ” ..


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