What are Drive Imaging and Drive Cloning?

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“Cloning is one of those things people seem to have typing and all caps style style opinions on. I mean remember how much controversy. There was when scientists xerox to the sheep. Fortunately.

Though no one s going to protest outside your house. If you decide to clone a hard drive or ssd. But what exactly does cloning a drive mean and why might you want to do it. Well.

It s hopefully pretty obvious that cloning involves copying something in this case. Everything on one drive to another drive. But there s a bit more to it than that you see when you fire up your drive cloning software and press go it will duplicate the data from your old drive onto your new one sector by sector. So not only will you have all the same files.

But they ll be arranged in the same physical order including free space and any fragmentation that was on the drive which you can learn more about up here. But hold on a second luke what if i want to backup. My drive..


Why can t i just copy and paste everything over using file explorer great question and if the data you re trying to protect is stuff like videos. Documents and save games. Then yes simply copying everything over without any special software is a perfectly good option go ahead. What if you re trying to backup your boot disk.

The one that contains your operating system your settings or programs. Your saved games. Whatever else simply playing the copy paste game won t do as many of the files you need for an exact backup won t be accessible within the operating system. While your computer is running and many modern programs have protections in place that will prevent them from running or they simply weren t designed to operate properly if they are copied in this matter.

However. Cloning software will ensure that you catch not only all of your files. But also things like program. Configurations.

Partition tables. And the boot record this way. If your existing drive fails or you re just migrating to a new one that s bigger or faster or whatever else you can plug right in and keep on computing seamlessly a closely related solution is to create a disk image..


Which is slightly more complicated instead of making an exact own of a drive on to a new physical device. An image takes a snapshot of your disk. Including the boot record. And other data.

That isn t normally accessible and saves that in a special image file on a different device. If you ought to boot from it you ll have to restore the image to a third drive or back to your existing. One using special software if you re recovering from a catastrophic failure system crash. Something like that or even a virus rather than upgrading the upside to imaging is that it usually gives you a few more options than just straight up cloning as you can fit multiple disk images onto your backup media as long as it s spacious enough and some imaging software can automatically tweak your image regularly depending on what s changed on your drive.

You can also direct your imaging software to disregard free space. So that the image won t take up quite as much room which you just can t do with cloning. But because cloning creates an exact copy of your drive rather than an image file. It is the quickest and sometimes simplest way to ensure you ll be back up and running again.

But whichever approach you choose there are a number of free disk. Imaging and cloning utilities out. There that can help you make..


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