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“Everyone shortly from console service in the game today. I m going to do a a quick video for you guys to show you what the white light of death on the beautiful consoles and why you you get the white light of this i hope you enjoy this video. I ll see you now it s kids being a little bit more to the table. So you guys can see what i m talking about ok.

So just a quick one white lights of this what happens. When your console gives your white light to this so when you switch it on either. The ps4. There s a beautiful original the peaceful pro wilson when you switch it on the ps4 prevents.

Some will show a white light at the bar button. The ps4 ridge will show white light across the top now when it shows us why i to use wing you switch the console on and you wait so console boots up your ps4 will boots up. And then when it should show you something on the tv. Your screen that you re using there s nothing it stays on gives you a white light either unless across the top on the peaceful regional or the swimming program will give you a white light to the power button.

And that s it it s just like a picture. That s that s all the dos doesn t give you anything else now the reason. Why this happens. There s two reasons.

Okay the first reason let s quickly get a main board. This is our old main board. I m gonna show you quickly we use useful demos..


The first reason would be the hdmi port ok. The hdmi port next damage on the main board. Sometimes if you look inside the hdmi port itself you might see it s been skew or you might feel or copper buttons. That s bent or standing staying upright inside the section of what you go to look into inside the second reason is like on this fish.

Main board. We ve taken off the hdmi. See already. But there s a tall plate that goes over this no section.

Yeah that protects that hdmi i see if the hdmi. I see is blown. This also give you the white light of death on the ps4 consoles. Then you also have photos these for all four to me i don t know if you guys are going to be able to see that nicely.

I hope you can but these easel for filters if it s the fault is little blood then it can also give you the white light of this but mainly it s gonna be either hdmi. Port or it s going to be your hdmi issue. Yes. There are the components that can blow to these small tiny resistors and everything around hdmi port.

If you have a look right there you ll see there s quite a few little components any those can also blow usually if the hdmi port shortcut blows. Any can blow any of these usable ices and resistors and all the different components from the mainboard. If the hdmi..


I see both which is on the other side. They can also blow some of these little components. There s also option or the reason. We the solder on the hdmi port is correct and the hdmi port itself is making a connection on to the mainboard anymore so those are the different reasons.

Why you get a html or why you get white light of death on the ps4 consoles and what it s what it actually what actually means in how what the symptoms are this is not a repeat for for just anybody to do it s a very very difficult to repair. Especially doing the html as you please don t attempt this this is not this is not for just anybody you really have to be like you ve got to be qualified or really have a lot of knowledge about soldering electronics had to taste components had to put them back on we ve had so many guys let s bring that piece forging with with hdmi. I see problems they ve had somewhere else my guys have big so much eat into into the board that they ve actually damaged. The board.

These little small tracks they run across the board said any of you can see that there s a couple of tracks said run run across the board. Yeah goes through all the different components on the main board from the hdmi. I see with hdmi port goes in and that controls all the visuals. The guidance of damage that these that these on this side whether actual hdmi port ease there s old tracks there that we ve had to actually fix was fine your copper wire.

Because guys have not protrude enough heat into the hdmi port shoulder. And so what they do is they they actually eat it up and then they pull the ports and what happens is when you pull the pork actually rub the board okay so we ve had a few guys. That s coming with it i ve had guys with hdmi ports from a tv being put onto these boards really also damage is quite badly. We actually do that so yeah please just don t take this journey.

But i take it you guys to do fridge rupees. And and microwaves and things like that not even computer repair guys you know this board isn t computer board. It s not as easy to computer board would be any case..


Most people that do computer repairs and console repairs. Nowadays they can replace bigger pots or main board itself. But they can t do board level repairs replacing components that are not tested you know you ve gotta have a lot experiencing in electronics. And that you know what you re doing and how to replace that so these guys must be very careful we take your board especially for a white light of this problem it can get damaged really quickly by other guys that attempting to do it they don t know what they re doing so that s the white light for this and that s the reason.

Why you get the white light of this. And what could be the problems on with a white light of this problem. I hope this video helped you guys and subscribe to our videos and let s see if we can help you guys are ups. And get all your problems sorted out without actually having to bring any just a quick one really quick one if you re getting white like this also client ranger hdmi.

Cable itself. It might just be your hdmi cable. Too alright so just just check that again like i ve said in previous videos please be very careful when you plug in your hdmi cable and plugging it up. But you don t push it in too hard or force it increase it can damage the hdmi port.

So yeah charlie hdmi cable maybe you re lucky maybe. It s not actually that html. I see there s blood on all the ports and the reason. Why you usually get this is from lightning damage or short coming back from the tv or the monitor sides through the hdmi cable in through to into the components on the board itself so that could be why you also get to actually my or the white light of death on the ps4 consoles.

But generally i m selecting it s very seldom it that you might get a feedback from a tv. A little tv was hit by lightning it can come back through into the main board itself on the ps4 and that usually happens. When your your dhd bit of color gets hit your tv gets hit especially..


We ve got an area on the roof and your tv. It hit it will run through the hdmi or through the tv and i ll come back into your on your ps4 mainboard and all blow that hdmi see usually report doesn t go unless. It s quite a big lightning strike or something that can can damage your your hdmi port. But it s very seldom it s usually just that hdmi see that needs to be replaced and that we can do for you it takes about a day or two to get they ve done just depends on how busy we are but it definitely can get done hope this video was helpful for you hopefully these two still hdmi cable in each through your place is not your port or you re actually there needs to be done so good like our videos.

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Then at least you ll get notification will do different types of videos on different consoles as we go along and i hope you can write for this if you didn t please pop in bring your console to us other book of revelation or precondition online in connected and deliberate battery off till. It s repaired. Yeah hope you enjoy the video. Please share our video.

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