10 INSANELY Profitable FREELANCE WRITING NICHES $$$$ TOP Freelance Writing Niche Ideas!!

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” s up you guys and welcome back to my youtube channel in today s video. Video. You and i are gonna be breaking down. Ten of the most profitable freelance bitches that way you can stop procrastinating and finally make the dreaded niche decision and start marketing yourself so by the time you are done watching this video.

Today. You will have a good idea of which niches are popular and profitable and have a lot of potential for growth and high paying clients this year. Let s go ahead and get started all right so i m gonna go ahead and share my screen with you guys and walk you through these niches and i ll throw. The blog post link up above and below in the description box that way you can follow along as we go through this video.

But one thing i just want to clear out before we get started is a freelance writing niche means your area of specialization. And what you write about you can it s down by topic slash industry like being a finance writer or a technology writer you can itch down by type of content like case studies and blog posts or you can niche down by both of those things. So. You would combine them into something like technology case studies or finance blog posts.

If you have any questions about that or you are considering a certain niche. But you want my feedback on it go ahead and feel free to throw a comment down below and i will help you out however i can alright so let s get to these profitable niches. The first one as you can see here is long form blog. Post slash ultimate guide blog posts.

So my long form. I m talking 1500 to 2500 plus. Words. Something that s really really super in depth and comprehensive like a long form ultimate guide these can pay really really well hundreds and hundreds of dollars especially in b2b or business to business niches and the really great thing about this niche.

And why i personally specialize in it for so long is that with blog posts and especially these high paying posts. You can get a lot of recurring work right because when someone hires you to write a blog post. It s not just like a one and done thing like website copy. They re gonna want probably some kind of package deal for posts a month eight post month or whatever so that is a great way to set yourself up for some recurring income.

So as you can see right here. I ve given you guys an example of an in depth guide how to step by step blog post. Which is what i m talking about here. It is one of my blog posts called how to set up a freelance writer website.

In one day or less that is a really great example of a blog post that fits that ultimate guide type of thing. So you can click the link in the blog post to see an example of that or i will also throw a link to that post up above my head right now and below in the description box the second mission when talk to you guys about today is email. Sequences slash sales funnels. So the reason.

Why this is such a profitable niche is that email is still such a huge moneymaker for both large businesses and small businesses like my own business. So think about it like this what your specializing in is making that company revenue. Then there s a really good chance they re actually gonna be willing to pay money for it because that business. You re writing for is gonna get a good return on their investment now.

I could probably sit here and go through what an email sequence slash sales funnel is for like an hour. I m not gonna do that right now. But do let me know below. If you want to see a video on that but basically what it is is exactly what it sounds like a sequence of automated emails that you will write for your client.

It eventually leads the recipient of that email to a sale so again if you re not familiar with that do let me know below..

And i can do a video breaking this niche down or any of the other ones definitely comment below and let me know the third niche. We re gonna talk about today is cryptocurrency content. So probably a lot of you guys know unless you ve been living under a rock that cryptocurrency is really really blown up in recent time. And when an industry blows up like that that can be a really good chance for you to specialize in that industry as a writing niche.

So with cryptocurrency content a lot of the opportunities. I ve seen out there have been blog post. But there are also other types of content. You can write in the cryptocurrency niche like maybe ads or website.

Copy or really just whatever your client asks you to do now. If you re concerned about the longevity of this niche. Or you don t want to go that narrow one idea would be for you to go a little bit broader and specialize in finance as a niche with a kind of sub niche or sub specialization and cryptocurrency. So yeah you can market yourself as a crypto nc writer.

If you want to but if you don t want to only do that like i said another good option is to be a finance writer. Who specializes in crypto currency. Since finance can be a really really good industry for writers as well alright so onto the fourth niche. We re gonna talk about today and that is case studies so case studies are a super super lucrative freelance writing nation probably always will be because what a case study is is basically a long ass testimonial and if you have been in marketing or worked as a copywriter for any length of time you know that social proof in the form of testimonials and case studies really really helps drive a business s revenue and like i said before if you are helping your client drive their revenue by writing content.

That s a really good sign that they re gonna be willing to pay you well for your work. So a little bit more about case studies. They are basically just a long form testimonial that sometimes take on more like a story format not a story as in the sense of like you re writing like a novel or a short story just more in the sense of you are really walking through the entire transformation of that testimonial instead of just throwing one or two sentences. In there.

So i ve written a lot of case studies before and most of the case studies. I d written have loosely followed this structure you can see right here challenges solution results. Conclusion. So basically if you were writing a case study.

You will be writing about your clients client and in my opinion. They re pretty easy to write pretty straightforward. One thing you might want to note. Is that they do often require client phone calls or maybe you ll need to interview your clients client.

So you can get that information you need and the final case. Study product does seem to be well designed not just a word doc. But you are the business owner. You are the freelance writer you get to decide what you want to do so.

If you re not a designer. That s totally okay just let the client know upfront that you ll deliver it in a word. Doc. And they may actually have a designer who already handles those things so whether or not you handle the design of a case study is up to you so before we talk about mitch number five a quick shameless self.

Promoter i have a free class for freelance writers that over. 6000 writers have and it s all about how to make your first 1000. If you lense riding in the next 45 days or less you can see it s having some really good feedback over here so i will throw the link above my head right now to that class as well as down below in the description box and in the pinned comment. So definitely if you re wondering how to make your first thousand dollars freelance writing and get your first high paying clients and how to actually use your niche to get clients.

Instead of just picking a niche..

And then wondering what the hell you re supposed to do next go ahead and click over to that class and check it out the fifth niche on our list. Today is video scripts now video is huge and only growing in the world of marketing. So if you can write video scripts for sales pages. Youtube.

Videos. Home page videos or any other types of business. Videos. You can feel pretty damn.

Confident that you are gonna be an in demand writer. If you are marketing yourself the right way so like i said here in the post. If you want to focus on video scripts of the niche. I recommend going with a sub niche that will make it easy for you to charge the big bucks.

So in other words specialize in writing scripts for videos that help your clients make money and that means a specific type of client for example writing sales page videos for seven figure entrepreneurs and that s an important point right. There seven figure entrepreneur is not someone who just started their business yesterday. Because those people probably don t have any money to spend on hiring writers. But if you target someone who is a seven figure entrepreneur or even a six figure entrepreneur.

They are likely gonna have the money to invest and be more willing to invest in a video scriptwriter. But you don t just target entrepreneurs target software businesses. Some other type of company whatever type of business you want to help write a video scripts number six on our list today is sales pages and just like we ve talked about with case studies sales pages are a really profitable niche because they are directly tied to helping your client make money so think about it you write a sales page that results in 200000. For your client.

How valuable do you think your writing is to that client well like i said here. It s pretty valuable if you help them make 200 thousand that means they re gonna be willing to pay you good money so to see an example of a sales page. I m gonna show you guys one that i ve written this one is the sales page. I use for my best selling freelance writing course killer cold emailing.

I ve got a screenshot of it here in the blog post. But i will post a link above my head right now and below in the description box so you can check out that course. And see what a good sales page looks like so on that note. Yes.

I did write my own sales page copy. But that s because i am. A writer and that s something i enjoy doing. However a lot of other entrepreneurs and businesses and all kinds of industries hire that kind of thing out so again a really really solid niche definitely something that has a lot of potential for profitability.

Number seven on the list is one of the niches. I actually get asked about the most which is white papers. White papers are really popular in b2b industries. Especially for technology.

Businesses. And what they are basically they re in depth reports. They present a problem and solution in a way that is meant to persuade the reader so yes. Even though they are a report.

They still have that end goal of making a sale or getting the reader interested in whatever is being sold at that company so these can pay really really well like i m talking thousands of dollars per piece..

But they do often require things like client interviews and in depth research stuff. Like that so you ll need to put some time and effort into writing them and interviewing your client to get the information you need. But the good news is that you typically don t need a lot of subject matter expertise to write white papers. So you don t need to be a technology expert to write a tech white paper necessarily you just need to be able to interview the client and that s a skill that if you want to you can absolutely get better at i m saying this is someone who absolutely hates talking on the phone and really is not a huge fan of doing client interviews.

I ve done them myself. I ve written white papers. It s totally fine and it is something you can learn even if being on the phone kind of freaks you out now let s talk about number eight on our list of the most profitable freelance writing niches. Which is sass content.

So saas that stands for software as a service. As you can see right here. And it means companies that sell software as a service. So an example that would be something like quickbooks or fresh books or convertkit.

An email marketing provider. Like mailchimp those companies are selling software as a service and often they can be really really good clients with a big content marketing budget. Which means they have a lot of money to hire writers like you so for me a lot of my best and highest paying clients have been in this industry. I have written blog posts about marketing for software as a service companies for a really long time and found that to be a super profitable niche.

So if you want to do that i recommend looking on angellist to research companies in this industry to pitch and also think about the software. You personally use maybe for work or maybe not for work and consider pitching those companies. That s how i landed a gig writing for the fresh books invoicing software blog fresh books is what i personally recommend writers used for invoicing so i pitched them. And it worked out so onto number 9 on our list.

Which is marketing blog posts. There are a lot of companies out there who will pay for marketing blog posts specifically. I m talking about long form blog posts. About marketing so we re talking about.

1500 to 2500. Word. Plus range and the best highest bang. Ones are usually tutorials.

And really in depth. How to blog post with links. Screenshots. Pictures graphics.

Things. Like that that really really helped the reader. Get from point. A to point b.

And learn about something they want to do so. One note here is you can break into this niche by starting small. If you need to for me i started out writing shorter client blog posts about marketing that didn t pay as well they still paid decent. But not super crazy hundreds and hundreds of dollars per post.

And i tracked out a got some experience that way i transitioned to longer higher paying walk post..

As my knowledge grew and the great thing about this niche. And why i ve enjoyed it so much is you can actually use what you learn writing about marketing to start your own blog or your own business. Where you can sell products promote affiliate links or do something else that you want to do maybe sell your novels or you know become an instagram influence or whatever. It is you want to do your marketing knowledge will build and build as you write about it over time.

Which is kind of win win. Alright number 10 and the final niche on our list today is technology content. So if you are familiar with me. You probably already know that i started out in the it and technology niche as a freelance writer and let.

Me tell you there are a lot of gigs out there in this niche. You ve just got to find the good high paying clients and you ve got to know what kind of content. They want what kind of content is gonna help them make money because like i ve said before i ll say it again because it s important. If your content is making the client money they re gonna be more willing to pay you money to write for them.

So. There you have it ten of the most profitable freelancer writing at niches right now. But one more really really really important thing to note. Before you leave this video is that just picking a niche is not enough to win you high paying clients yes.

You need a pick a niche. But then you ve actually got to learn how to market yourself and sell your services. Otherwise you re just gonna be sitting. There with a niche and no clients and let me tell you a real harsh truth is you re probably not gonna fail.

Because of anything to do with your writing abilities. Most freelance writers who fail and my years of experience coaching writers is because they don t know how to sell their writing. They don t know how to market themselves. And let me tell you a mediocre writer.

Who can actually sell and market themselves is gonna get more high paying clients than an amazing writer who is clueless about marketing. Every single time so if you re sitting there and thinking well i don t know how to market myself. What am. I supposed to do again make sure before you leave this video that you sign it from my totally free class for beginner freelance writers.

I ll link it above right now and below in the description box. It s gonna teach you exactly how to make your first 1000. Feel eggs writing in the next 45 days or less you ll learn my step by step marketing strategy in depth at that class when you take the class. We re gonna cover why a portfolio is not enough and exactly what you need instead how you can get hired.

Even over writers who have way more experience than you and the number one most effective method for landing your first high paying clients. No upwork no fiverr and no required and how i scaled my feelin s writing business to 5000. A month with in just four months after getting fired from my shitty full time job. So click the link right now and check and sign up and you ll get instant access to the class.

And that s all i ve got for you today. My friends if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button because it really helps my channel out and if you haven t already make sure you subscribe for more videos on how to make money as a freelance writer slash blogger. As always thanks so much for watching and i will see you in the next video. ” .


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