2018 Isle of Man Senior TT – On board Full Lap with Peter Hickman Commentary

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“I m peter hickman. And you re on board nwith. Me here at the isle isle of man tt 2018 on my smith s racing bmw s1000rr and nthis is final lap of the senior race we re up over st ninian s there in ntop gear. If the bike just jump off the floor as you cross over the crossroads nbottom of bray hill.

Absolutely flat out in top gear. A bit of a wheelie up over ago s leap. Another one just there and now we re heading down to court bridge down na gear back off the brakes over jump onto the right hand side of the road. I ntend to stay on the right because there s a lot of bumps on the left all nthe way back down to first gear for a quarter bridge.

Really slow corner just nneed to get through it you can lose a lot more time than you can gain there so nyou just need to get nice and clean through it back up to fourth gear and nthen back down to second gear for braddon bridge. Now unfortunately the back nmarker just about gets in my way. Here. I have to kind of hesitate.

A little bit nflicked. It just inside of him on the exit cost. Me a little bit of time and nnothing. Too much probably only cost me a second or so on the run up to union nmills.

Which we re come up to now top gear again for this fast left hander nup over the top. There the bike wants to wheelie and wiggle a bit down a couple of ngears off the brakes back on the brakes. Again back to third gear into the right npick. The bike up left pick it up again.

That little jump you need to be not too. Nmuch. Throttle or anything. As you go over that on a really good drive out of there nup.

The hill towards ballascarey. We re coming up to that s where we re ncoming up to next. I need a real good run out of there we re already back into top ngear. Again you can see the bike wants to wheelie pinned through that first bit.

What you re nlooking for is the speed signs where it says 30 mile. An hour just there you want nto hit the brakes back a gear. You re looking for the curb. There it is back on nthe gas.

Awesome corner that ballascarey again really important corner cos you ngot a long straight after it we re running up to dj s next. You can do it nright out in top gear. It takes you all two weeks to be able to do it in your nhead. It bites.

Remix head officer go through nthere. It s a takes you a whole two weeks to nactually do it absolutely quiet out over to the right hand side for the crosby njump. Hundred and seventy five hundred a two mile off over the top of that jump njust. There.

There s less of a jump on the right hand side that s why you ll see nall. The riders on the right hand side come in to grieve. The castle down the ngear off the brakes back on the throttle. A little bit back down.

Another two gears nbig bump. Just there as you run in make sure you off the brake. Before you get to nthat bump use all the road on the exit. Keep the speed up back up to fourth gear.

Nchange your direction over the top you gotta be really careful the bike wants nto shake its head a little bit there it is clicking up to fifth nwe. re heading into a griever bridge on the brakes back down two gears gonna nwatch your shoulder on the wall just there and also change your camber on the nexit. Nice and quick through there and then none of the best corners on the circuit for me coarsely. I send all my friends nand people who want to watch get scared.

That s when you want to stand on the nleft..

Just their ghostly seven miles in double right hand that s really fast nhundred and sixty five hundred seventy mile an hour through there and now we re ndown into bala crane all the way back down to second gear. And now the course ngets a lot more technical that first section. There that s first seven or neight miles not too bad quite easy to learn quite easy to see all this here. Nthrough pilots birth famous milky corn and that one fourth gear fifth gear down nto balak bridge.

All a bit more technical through this and unfortunately the back nmarker really gets in the way through all of this. But there s not a lot you ncan do about it. So you just need to be patient. And he s trying to pick them off nwhere you can i m always a little bit cautious when i come against riders nespecially riders.

I don t know as a guy here just got to be careful take your ntime. I ran in a little bit deep because i wanted to make sure i got past him ncleanly and then we re back on the pipe again so nfuck up to fourth gear. That s the black dub. Just stay here the bite revs just njump both wheels come off off the floor danger camber got to watch the front nthrough here.

Now you get hard on the gas. There you go getting. It spin off and nyou ll get on the gas. They re both gear fast through the first left back a gear nslower through the second left.

It s off can we got to watch the front. Now we re nrunning into glen helen to properly actually first sector don that s about nfour minutes hard through that four minute ten seconds. Something like that nup to sara s cottage. Another patient corner gotta be really patient itself.

Ntoo. Excited though the black marker coming up. I actually backed off a little nbit. More here so that i could run through that last kind of right or left nand.

I didn t have to shoot on the exit. Because it s really important because nwe re running a bunch of cronk y voddy. But we re already in fifth gear. I m ngonna be six here just there to jump up over the top real fast section and the ncrunky body.

We re gonna be off the gas and back on it again no brakes ready off nthe gas back on again absolutely pinned in top gear bike nchases that i walk through. They re coming up to the eleventh milestone. I nthink it s called drink waters through here as well really good section. There s nright back left fourth gear through there clicking up to fifth squad.

But nthey actually see the boy wants to move around a lot over onto the right hand nside of the road hanley s wall back down one gears coming up to david morgan. Just nhere didn t cost me too much i managed to kind of run through on the outside of nhim. Just there i d normally be where he was but obviously i couldn t do that nbecause. He was in the way.

But didn t cost me too much time that one which was nlucky because it s all fast sections and all the fast sections. Really do cost you ntime. If you have to roll off the gas top of the gara. There and i m gonna run ndown to the bottom the big era and this is where all the oil was from earlier in nthe race.

It staying to the right hand side of the road. You see all that oil on nthe left hand side there from james hillier on lap 1. Obviously. This is lap 6 nso.

All of us riders had seen it by this point you can see the marshals who got nthe yellow flags out that was james s bike just up there on the left ncoming up to three pat mark is now a real good section. All this is that was nthe 13th milestone. Bit of a spin on the exit. Her head.

She s getting a bit lively nobviously. We re on the second lap of the tyres are their tires not innate its noptimum grip to pass the first guy just on the on the run into inter kurt nmichael. Didn t cost me too much time that guy. But this one cost me quite a nbit normally be pinned all the way through this section.

I had to be really ncareful..

I probably could have bullied my way through there but be honest. It s njust not worth it if he d moved across any more than what he actually did then nwe d have both been inside that bus stopping you definitely don t want to be nin. There to get a good run through here and again. I didn t have to roll off ntoo much for the last guy just there and it was really important to get that nsection in clear because of for this section.

Ready. We re gonna do a big jump nwrinkle and just there and now i get a good run through bishops gordon. It s nreally really fast through here. So you don t want to be held up because you ll njust lose too much time up to sixth gear again it gets really ndark actually as a rider.

It s quite you know just been open through kurt mark. I nknow. It s really dark with the trees bikes spinning again we re coming up to nalpine think. This is iceman s i think just before it then we ve got alp.

I m ngonna go bucket gear. Just there no brakes back on the gas use all the road nup to that white line just there you go back up six gear and you re gonna run nnow all the way to buy a fridge hear that engine absolutely revving its head noff. All the way back down to first gear for me most riders do it in second. I ntend to like first gear.

It split the short circuit rider coming out in me get nthe bike stopped a bit more a short shift second wherever hour and second nyears third for this is that motor scream and its head off up to fifth gear. Nnow dough brakes. This is bella cries. One of the fastest ncorners massive jump over there it looks like nnothing on the on board.

But really you jump in about 40 50 meters. It s nabsolutely insane corn. It s awesome back down 5th gear. You do all the quarry nbends in fifth.

If you get it just right. So you want to don t use too much road non the first part and from now you can be pinned and it s really important to nget this just right because you ve gotta have a long so be straight after it a nlittle bit of a wiggle on the exit wasn t too much i didn t have to roll nout of it so i managed to keep the speed up keep the throttle pinned hit in the nmiddle of the road. I tend to sit just to the left hand side. There you go of the nmiddle basically save his part of the road just stand and bill got most amount nof room either side of you isn t that motor absolutely thing in it knots off it nsounds absolutely brilliant right then we re back down to second gear.

Nice exit njust here have a pit board on the right can t quite see it because that bugs in nthe way. We re up to third gear. This is ginger hall. Bit of a spin on the exit karrimor really bumpy to this whole nsection now you can see the bikes shatter and its head off this is a nreally bumpy section.

All the way through here short shift third four click left nstand the bike up quick jump get over there now you could be pinned all the nway to iron gates you get it alright. There s a bit of a line through here. If nyou just get it right then you don t have to roll. Too.

Much there s a bit of a nwheelie there out to roll for what other than that just keeping the bike pin. Now ni m up on the pegs not even sat on the seat properly because it s just too nbumpy back a couple of gears flicking it into the right and again ready for this nleft. You ll see there s a drain. Maybe yeah.

There s the drain life. It s painted nwhat white. So you can see it that s your apex rulings. Conquer trees and that s nconor cummins you can see just in front fun is obviously a very very fast rider nso.

We re not gonna catch him too fast just yet up over the concrete fifth gear nthrough. There. It s really fast to all this we have an nunusual line that we have to take through there i always find going in nearly tends to make the bike. A lot more easy to control bit of a spin and a bit nof.

A wiggle as we ve got over when it put into built owl. Now just before nramsey had a real good run. There and now for this. I was trying to align connor up nthat.

I was thinking i need to pass him into into parliament square..

So i m ntrying to get a good run through schoolhouse kiosk. There managed to get a nnice run on him and then girl stout break and going into parliament. If you nwatch very carefully you ll see the bike should are away. And i have to stand it nup just they even heard it kind of chatted.

A little bit i just lost the nfront as i went in just because i went in that little bit deeper than normal njust to try and make sure i pass connor. But i wasn t waiting through waiting nbehind into all this section. This is bay hill. Still really bumpy attend to paula nwheelie deliberately there get the weight onto the back part of the other nbike and it tends to chatter a lot less if you do that real fast right hander njust really nice into ramsey hairpin back to first gear nice and steady nnormally quite damp under here.

But tt. 2018 was phenomenal for weather. So it nwas really dry all this sex. I still get a bit of a spin as you can hear goes nonto.

The white line. There in the middle of the road nthis is waterworks. I go back to first gear again. Most riders tend to stay in nsecond.

But that s first gear with that short circuit kind of style don t shift ntwo gears click right click left really bumping again through that section nactually you can hear the bikes spinning still up to four not sure the name of nthis. But i m already back to second gear. Now gonna get the bike stock the back to nfirst gear again for goose. Now i tend to use first in a lot of places where all nthe riders don t lock pit boards normally on the left there i didn t nbother with one this year.

We re already back up to nfourth gear and singing its head off missing. The start on the mountain now so nreally a lot more open as you can see that the circuit tends to be a little nbit wider. And it s really smooth this is joey s ace corner. There you go hold nthe road on the exit.

You can use a bit of the white line. Just there on the run nup to guthrie s clicking up to fit all the way back to fourth for guthrie s njust their back one gear back on the throttle ice through there absolutely nnailed it that lapses your bat second gear. I get a bit of a spin out of here i nwas a little bit excited. I was trying to keep the hood keep the speed up nobviously.

I knew at this point dean was still in front of me in the race. I nreally needed a good run over this section of the american course fourth ngear. Absolutely fought chat through there on nto. The man while really important corner cuz.

This is uphill and thought of my own nmile cause. It s a mile long. So really really important to get that bridge nright and that s why i was trying to get out of that right under before it just nas fast as i could and i lost a little bit of time through the spin. We re ncatching.

The helicopter now. But i didn t lose too much time. I don t have to row nout of it too much through the first bridge absolutely flat them roll and nthen back on the power again back down to fourth gear. Miss the first apex.

Which nis just there hit that second one this the third one and into the fourth on air nwe are back up to fifth keep it pinned. I love listening to that vm engine nsinging it sounds absolutely awesome back agir. We re coming up to the veranda nnext until their left there and now we re into the veranda. I ll go back up nto fish.

There you go tend to sit in the middle for most of it npicking near the bike to spin it again that s in fifth gear. The bikes spinning nup to grains memorial just click six. And i was back to third gear four grams nusing the engine really to kind of slow me down more than the brakes just nkeeping. Its thing in the whole time looking for the marshal box on the left nthere.

That s really kind of entry point tipping point for ready for the bungalow nup over the tram whines. I have a pit board just on the left that i m here and nthat s telling me i was two seconds behind at ramsey hairpin in second place nand. I knew i was pretty fast over the mountain. So i figured by now ish nsomewhere and i should be about leading.

I was tended to be a bit faster than nbeing up over the mountain and i was trying my absolute utmost to make this nlap absolutely perfect so on so far..

It was pretty good we ll find out in a nminute on the next pit board. Whether i ve actually made it or not this is the n32nd again missed that first apex second one just there. The third one really gets ntight into there windy corners coming up next windy because it s windy bit of a spin on the white line. There nthe white line was just a little bit dusty didn t cost me too much time nluckily back up to 6p and the bite.

Really feels like it s revving really nfast now because we re going slightly downhill. We re into the thirty third nmilestone back to gears awesome corner late. I see it up over the while i m back nthrough it again and then back out again awesome corner looking up to fifth gear nback to and leaving it in third to keppel gate. Here and down to kate s ncourage and to get a bit of a wheelie.

There or didn t wheelie too much this nlap up to four really keep the speed going using all the road on the exit. Nthere. A bit of a jump just there back up to fifth gear down on the run down to ncraig. I ve seen lots of people either all waving and cheering.

It is the last nlap of tt so as another 12 once until we get to do this again nice drive out then nthere was my next pit. Board and that. Said p1 force is 08. So i point eight nseconds in front of dean as of the bungalow.

So the pit boards are always nkind of behind themselves. If you know i mean tour already further in front of nwhere. We actually are in the race brandish. Awesome corner fourth gear just nto listen to this and a couple of spins through.

There. I was just trying to lay nthe power on as early as possible for this long run down into hillberry nback agir for kit. Absolutely nailed. It again this allows kept that speed up on nthe run up to kronk nimona.

I don t have any more pit boards for the rest of the nrest of the lap. There s not much to go now volge just trying to hit all the nmarkers. I knew i was in front. I knew that i was fast all the way to the start nline had been all week fast over the mountains so we were just trying to make nsure.

I kept my head don t do anything don t know sincerely just hit all your nmarkers nice and clean riding through beds. They re just here ni can see the bat marcus coming out thinking oh my god what s gonna happen nhere i don t quite know where we re gonna catch them we re gonna catch him nright as we go into governors dip back to first gear. I was quite lucky in the nend really because as of this point. Now he stays over to the left and that just nallows me to bollocks.

We re on the outside again normally petit eats wet nunder there all the time very damp and green. But because the weather was so so ngood. There was loads of grip. I managed to get round the outside of him he ndidn t really cost me any time on my said just get over the line just there nand win the race by two seconds.

I think i started the lap five seconds behind nsomething about five or six seconds behind and who win by two seconds was nabsolutely phenomenal to win my foot. I still don t actually know i ve won here nby the way tom. I m asking the crowd. Though then i do a burnout wants to nrealise that i ve actually won it i did a burnout and yeah just absolutely nfantastic for myself.

And it s miss racing being blue team the b bs. Thousand nare an absolutely perfect all race pit crew did an awesome job in the pits and nyeah just a massive thanks to everybody up. I still now getting lots and lots of npeople tweet me about it facebook messaged. Me about it and you know people nwatching.

All the reviews on tv. And it s just it s awesome to have so many people nstill talking about it and you know hundred thirty five point four mile. An nhour lap. The only one ever around the element.

It is pretty pretty cool and npretty special to have you play today. If we telling me to give a finger out all nweek anyway. Hope you all enjoyed that poor ndoughnuts all burnouts. ” .


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