5 Coolest iPhone 6S Accessories!

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“So guys everything apple pro here. And this is something that s been on my my list for a while something i just wanted to do a little bit different i want to show you the five coolest iphone 6s accessories so things that will make your iphone 6s better and more functional at the same time cooler. I m in no way trying to sell you these things i m not being paid for this this was just chosen based on my account. But what i think is the coolest stuff for your iphone.

So uh let s just jump into it all right so the very first thing i want to show you is the eye pin laser. This is a very very tiny module that you plug into your headphone jack and it ll give you a working laser pointer. Now it s very weak wattage milliwatts. So obviously don t expect it to light any candles or birth city balloons.

It s just for presentation purposes or of course. Playing with your cats. So let s go ahead and now. I m gonna open this thing up i have tried it out in person and it is awesome so i want to show you this and how it works all right so it s jumping here cool little box to grab out of it is so tiny like wow.

It ll barely even shut out of the phone alright so put this thing in and you do need to download. The accompanying app for it for some reason. This is so weird actually oh actually that makes sense cuz. You re gonna be pointing it this way.

I m like why the heck does this make my phone go upside down. And the app switcher as well and never see them before. But it actually makes sense. So you do need to turn it downwards to activate it just like this and we re gonna select okay and there it is that is so cool i m gonna go ahead and dim.

The lights real quick alright so with this pretty much i think you have to hold it i hope i don t destroy my camera or anything. But there it is or a light showing this is so cool guys seriously. I think my cat is broken or he s either too hungry hey buddy buddy there s a a red dog that s magical to every other animal. Why don t you care about it come on oh yeah.

It s right here dang get it come on now this thing is about a hundred dollars. But i got it for forty eight bucks on ebay. There are resellers that resell it and it s the real deal man. It is i mean.

This is probably one of my favorites. Just the house small how tiny this module is. But you have a working laser out of your phone and the app was just updated for newer phones. I mean i can t confirm it works on a success awesome stuff guys so that s the first one so next up a very very simple concept a magnetic lightning adapter for the iphone.


So basically your regular lightning cable. But it splits up right there at the very top. So i mean. This is taken straight from the macbooks.

It s a feature that was available on it for a while something that s been disappearing lately. But we can bring it over to our iphones and you can get it in different colors. It s very cheap. I think i got it like eight bucks.

If you guys really want this stuff. I ll link it down below. But only if you want it i mean i m like i said. I m not trying to advertise anything am.

I trying to sell anything i just wanted to show you some cool little things all right so you can even use this with the laser inside of your phone. So i m gonna grab the other piece right here so my iphone is starting to turn into a cyborg all this stuff on it alright. So jump that in there and look at that so it looks just like the adapter from the macbooks and let s see how it works and i love the blend so i think. This is something apple should definitely include in the next iphone.

So check that out so it s not as magnetic as i thought. But it will clip on to it once you insert it properly let s plug it in and see how that led looks alright check that out that is really really cool so. It s a nice purple. Little led and just one on one side.

But i guess the color matches. The actual cable. That is so cool that attention to detail. I mean for eight bucks get a fully working usb cable and check that out so when it s not plugged in it has a different color.

When it s charging it changes to that pink color really cool stuff so uh. I really like this guys it s so simple but have your iphone sitting let s see if i can have this sitting and yank it out of the way so like yeah if you re walking by and your iphone is sitting there without your iphone jumping off the table you can plug it out really really cool so next up a very simple concept but very cool have you guys ever wanted more storage on your iphone you opted for the 16 gig and it s just not enough well santa s created a solution for you and that s with the i expand flash drive so not only is it a regular flashlight for your computer cool. But it plugs in to your iphone. So you can quickly transfer media files to and from it to your computer and back so you do need to download an app for it i believe it s the i expand one right here.

I m gonna open this one up real quick and here it is so very compact. I don t think you could put it on your keychain. Really cool if they were to release one. Without this part that would be even more cool just to have it as just for iphone.


But hey. This is a really cool solution fortunately. We can t use these guys together. So.

I m going to take that out and plug this guy in are there any lights on this not that i see i am connected really cool very. Fast set up let s go ahead and set it up the way this works is it only works for photos and videos. So if you guys take a lot of photos. A lot of videos this makes sense for you it doesn t actually you know host.

Any files for applications for anything else just photos and videos. So this will tell me how much space. I have left on my phone. And we can go ahead and copy photos to this little flash drive.

And they comes in sizes of 32. And 128 macs and 64 in between also i believe so copy files and here. We go. So.

Let s select a few see how long it takes so all right copy to i expand drive wow. You can actually keep folders in there too and seems to take a while though there s only seven files. I mean they are video files 4k. But it seems like it is taking quite some time and it has begun so.

Yeah it is quite slow so this thing actually advertises usb 30. Speeds but that s on the computers and the iphone one is only 20. Also you can t delete them straight from in here do not delete the cool thing is you can go ahead and view. All the files from here directly.

And it will back them up. If you so choose so it is a really cool solution for adding more storage to your device. Not that expensive too. But certainly not cheap.

Alright and next up is this simple three in one fisheye lens kit. So. It has a macro lens. A super wide angle lens and a fisheye so not just one.


But easily interchangeable. Let s take a look all right. So let s try this guy first the super wide angle lens. And i believe it just screws in here alright.

So i just a quick video clip show you guys the wide angle. I m actually pretty damn impressed this thing for being like what 10 15 bucks. It is so awesome to get a new angle from your phone. This almost looks like dslr quality with a really nice lens wow.

And it actually like warps the light a little bit so you get a really nice effect from colors up close. It is so cool guys wow right now. This is you know before and after you know it looks like a cropped image. It actually looks quite nice.

And this is the fish eye lens. So if we get up real close to something you ll see it is warped so wow holy crap. The macro lens gets in so close i mean. This is like too close these are literally just strands of grass and you can see the detail.

It is crazy. It s a little hard because you really don t know how how much it takes like how close you need to get. But you can see some very interesting detail like it feels like a microscope. Honestly and the macro lens menu really really got to getting close for this one.

But the detail it can spot. I m very impressed by it so very great i have a lot of good things to say about it three and one lens kit and lastly how to get wireless charging on your iphone on the cheap. So this a little tiny packet will add wireless charging to your device. So.

What it doesn t come with though is a wireless charger. So anything that s qi enabled. You know pretty much any standard wireless charger. Will work on so if you want to do this to your device.

This is all you need to open this guy up and it s pretty much just a sticker so a sticker that plugs in to your iphone and here at mushara this works. So pretty much a little charging adapter cable. Thing goes in here. And this wireless charging pad has a vinyl sticker that ll go on to the back of your device.


Or you can nestle it in between a case or something. So let s see how it works all right so. Here. It is plugged into my computer.

Let s see if really this is as simple as it seems so flimsy. But then again you want to stick it to your device. I m not doing that right now so putting this on the charger. I m not seeing it charger.

Oh. There it is wow that is so cool so. Without my device being plugged into anything just being set on here. And it works.

I m gonna put this into a case and see if it works through that all right so with the case on just set it down and it starts wirelessly charging within seconds. That is so cool. I mean you pick it up not charging. Anymore.

How do we not have this in iphones. Anymore every other phone seems to have a well samsung s anyways. But it is such a neat feature to have so you have to place it pretty much in the middle for it to start working. But the cool thing about it is that many cars come equipped with a pad that wirelessly charges your phone and this makes us so your iphone is compatible that is so neat guys.

I mean i m just like blown away by seeing this on an iphone alright guys so hope you enjoyed this video just something really cool i wanted to share with you for awhile. My 5 coolest accessories for the iphone. If you guys have any other awesome ones that you d want me to check out leave them down below. In the description.

I d be happy to make a part 2 for this videos. I find it really cool to explore these kind of cool gadgets you can add on to your phones. But thanks. So.

Much for watching guys have a great day hope you enjoyed ” ..

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