5 Minutes of Skyrim Nintendo Switch Gameplay – PAX 2017

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“There it s brian and zack from ign and we are playing skyrim on nintendo nintendo switch. What s going on zack well right now. I m employing skyrim s traversal methods down. These mountains here.

Just really slip slidin down these rocks we looked away for a few minutes. And you got real loss at the top of this old cliff up here. What s what s happening. Oh well.

I raided a bandit camp and now i found kunduz kiss. Oh. Yeah. That s a giant and i don t really want to tangle with this dude.

I think that s exactly why you gotta fight him that s almost certain to end in death and a great video. But i mean if that s the case who also watch a video of a guy sneaking around a giant. I want to watch a video of a guy dying from it okay just get in there what are you guys we re gonna do okay how about this so changing your chair putting on shoes. We re gonna go with the imperial bow uh huh and now that we re doing a good sneak well detected that didn t work here we go hopefully this will do double damage if i get him right in his old giant dome.


Here see i got the motion control aiming on which is nice excellent. How s it feel feels good got it well that did very little damage. Yeah. Now we got to go see those bananas and cheese take his cheese take his cheese and run go sam.

It s cheese steel with the giant cheese. They have a lot of cheese here we go whoops. This is not good you can see still behind me definitely. Yeah.

He s not used to all my cheese. Yeah. He sees you now oh. He s doing a really terrifying walk toward you okay all right so.

What s next. Well. Why don t you fight something more. Like like a rabbit.


Let me find like a nice elk here. We go let s try to go this way. So you played a lot of skyrim right. I did yeah.

What s the story of this boat. I mean it looks to me just to be a boat can t take it i don t think so because in the water. I mean i can t steal his boat. But i can make sure that he can use it get out of here.

Oh wait what a great use of magic uh huh. So you re just you play just as a troll. So yeah and in this version of skyrim. I m just a terrible bully you took this this woman s simple river life and you made it worse take all these fish let s take her fish yeah i m stealing all of her fish okay well you re gonna act that way deal with this now you re on fire.

I don t like you as a friend dude. You yeah. Not you re not a good person. She s she s trying to get out of here in the river well maybe she can take her boat.


Oh wait no she can t you made me do this no. No she didn t know my stamina is low all right oh that legitimately made me feel bad. But it just begged for her life. That s terrible you should feel bad is it okay if i kill these guys are you gonna judge me about that i actually have no problem with you killing skeletons wow.

Yeah. Didn t see that coming did you watch. It now boom. Who s this some kind of necromancer let s light him on fire.

What is that stuck in your face. I don t know what is it got a big icicle stuck in my head oh man okay. Wait a minute. What do you mean are you telling me to wait a minute well i m telling the game to wait a minute.

Okay. He s a necromancer dude. He wants you dead fire. No potion of the warrior.


Give her a potion that removes all this stuff from your body. Okay actually that worked yeah didn t see that one oh yes. He s very dead. He s very he s very dead stop it stop doing that all right you sick man.

Please stop hitting him and stealing his clothes. That s so unsettling. Yeah. Anyway.

Thanks for watching this video. Where we found out that my friend is horrible. I m brian in that zach and this is skyrim on switch you ll get to play it soon and get to be a better person in zakia s today. Because he s just a real sick guy and a mean man and he burned the fox and stole the woman s fish.

And some that giants cheese and made christopher lambert naked. Thanks for watching do you have anything to say for ” ..

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