5 Mods For Your Next Fallout 4 Game on Xbox One (Part 1)

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“With mana gates aye granger and today we re gonna talk about fallout. 4. And and 5 mods that you can use for your next playthrough for fallout. 4.

Now which you will probably or have heard of before and 3 are maybe the lesser known mods that we ll look at and kind of give you an idea of the things you want to look out for when you re starting a new game. Some quality of life things as well when i actually turn this into a three part series. So if you guys have any suggestions put those in the comments down below and i will look into those for future parts. But for this one we re just gonna look at 5 mods.

They don t switch up your game. When you start anyone so this is a familiar sight with any new startup of a fallout. 4. Game you basically choose your character you spend hours upon hours trying to figure out how your characters you know look or you just randomize it and that s how you do it so usually you d go through the motions of you know answering the door.

And then talking to the man from vault tec this one cuts. All that out if you want to you can still actually do the vanilla playthrough even with this mod activated. I don t know why you would. But you can also start it from a particular spot that way you re not actually having to go through the whole vault tec opening the door thing and just that initial intro.

Which is kind of long so when you exit the bathroom. This is the prompt that you ll get and you ll have three choices..

The top one is going to be your create your own adventure you can spawn somewhere and get some equipment or you can just say hey. This is a memory. I don t want to relive this and then you hop right into where kellogg kills your husband or wife and takes your baby that s where you wake up you wake up in the vault. Now let s take a look at the top option.

Which i think is probably the most fun and this is like so you can create your own adventure. Here you can say eh. I just want to pick my stats and be on my merry way or you can actually switch it up a little bit start me up is basically giving you the chance to have some traits of your own kind of old school fallout or just go right into special pick those and that be it and then you can be dropped somewhere with some equipment. If you like or you can just be wandering around aimlessly whichever you want to do whether you want to make it hard for yourself or make.

It just kind of a neat cool start then this is the mod you should probably check out you can actually pick your experience level as well. So you can start a level 5 10. 15. I think it goes up from there so just be aware of that wherever you get dropped because you might find yourself somewhere in an eye level area.

And it might not work out so well for you so when fallout. 4. First came out there was a lot of mixed feelings on how you were talking to npcs you would see an option you d click on it and then you would say something kind of different than what it was there actually was some sequences. Where you might come off as rude.

When you were actually trying to just persuade somebody. But not be rude so this kind of changes all that will actually be in the interface when you talk to somebody and then i ll pop up and it ll give you the four options and show you exactly what you re gonna say with some of the stuff that may not matter..

When you re saying said thing. Because you talk to a ton of people i mean that is fallout. 4. You talk to people you get quests and go and do the quests and then you talk to more people.

So i think. This is a good mod that i think most of you probably already know about if you know anything about fallout. 4. Mods or it s come up before.

But i thought i d put it in this video as a familiar option. But also one to say hey just so you know this is something you can download and try out for yourself now there is a patch it s about 6 megabytes. If you have a problem with lookup failed when you re on like load screens. Or if you re looking through your menus.

It might say lookup failed. There is a mob that you can put under this one to fix that hopefully so i will put that link in the description down below as well and you may have not heard of this mod. But it does exactly what it says it makes the map markers. Small mini especially when you ve seen the entire map and have all these icons.

You don t want to be moving your cursor trying to pick the right one that you want a fast travel to there s not a ton to say about this mod other than that it does what it says. I would probably suggest using something like improved maps and visible roads as well that way..

I just can actually see the roads on the pip boy as well as those smaller map markers. Which makes looking at the map on your pip boy that much better nevermind that horrible shooting there but this time talk about another mod and this is the commonwealth warfare mod and it actually adds realistic gun sounds most of the ballistic weapons not all of them they tend made your pistols house sounds kind of bad and some of the ballistic weapons do you kind of sound the same. But you still kind of hear that echo pretty much you try out definite not a big mod. So it s something you can just kind of try out and if you don t really notice too much of a difference or don t really care you can just remove it i think this is something that i m gonna keep in my world order for a while because it s nice and then you compare it with another mod reverb and ambience over a home which actually talked about in a previous video.

Which i will link down below this mod is easily one of my favorites. But it s so hard to show because i ll probably get copyrighted for playing any of the songs. If you re familiar with how youtube s copyright works. So i m just gonna show you what is included in the mod and can tell you about it so old gold radio.

Is 5060 songs. Even some old favorites with some of the other fallout games and their radio stations. Which is really cool so if you re looking for something a little bit different we re kind of disappointed in the main games radio stations. This is really good alternative.

I think it s really an addition and just helps immerse you in the world. A little bit more so there you have it 5 mods well. Technically 7 concerning the two that i. Mentioned but but five monthsthat you should probably look at when you re starting a new game for fallout.

4. And these are by no means any definitive list or anything these are just 5..

Mods. And i think would be kind of nice if you started off with in the game. Rather than adding. Them later on some of which like to start me up you obviously will want to do that when you start a new game rather than add it after the fact cuz.

It s not really a niobium. These are just some things and you see my old god i was kind of freaking out but since this is my first video after the new year. Thank you so much for watching this past year have you been around or if he was discovering the channel welcome happy new year and i hope you all make it a great one one of my resolutions is to kind of double down on youtube and come make sure that all my videos are nice jam packed with a lot of good information. But also kind of fun to watch or come back to after a while.

Let me know with comments feedback. All that stuff super great leave. A like if you guys enjoy. A video and feel free to let me know if there s something you didn t like in the comments down below of each video with that said.

I will catch you all in the next video. Thank you so much for watching bye. ” ..


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