50 AMAZING Facts to Blow Your Mind! #36

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“Have an important announcement. I am now the proud father nof a real knowledge. Whale. Whale.

Oh you can send your best nwishes to my twitter. Here are 50 amazing to blow your mind the modern ouija board ngot. It s name in 1890 by asking. The board.

What nit should be called it s spelled out ouija and nwhen asked what it meant the board said in 2010. An ikea located nin wembley england unleashed 100 cats into na store just to see what would. Happen the united states is the most narmed nation in the world with 888 guns. Per 100.

People. Renowned film actress nfrom. The 1930 s and 50 s hedy lamarr was also a mathematician she was also the inventor nof. The frequency hopping spread spectrum.

A technology nstill used today for bluetooth and wifi during the march on washington in 1963 martin luther king jr. Nactually ad libbed the i have a dream line nduring his famous speech which was not in the original script in 2012. A stray cat nbecame. A seeing eye guide for a blind dog named nterfel who uses it s paws to gently lead him around the.

House there is an indoor farm nin japan that can produce 10000. Heads of lettuce a nday while using 99 percent less water than an outdoor farm. Sandy island located between naustralia and new caledonia was chartered on maps for over a century until a crew of scientists nsailed to the location in 2012. And found that nit didn t actually exist if the world s population napproximately.

Seven point four billion people piled ninto. The grand canyon. They wouldn t come close to filling it up there are two mcdonald s in the nus that still serve mcpizza. One located in ohio and nthe other in west virginia.


Why they ever got rid of nthat is just beyond me that was the best. It is impossible for quick nsand to suck you under because you simple aren t ndense enough to sink in it however. It liquefies nthe more you disturb it as long as you don t panic nyou ll only sink about half your body length. Unfortunately.

Most people ndon t do that and they re like there is a korean eatery nin. Zhengzhou city. China known as zhengzhou island nwhere people are allowed to dine at no charge. If they nhappen to be among the five most beautiful patrons of the day a study from 1978 nfollowed up on 515 people who were prevented from attempting.

Nsuicide using the golden gate bridge between 1937 and 1971 90 percent. Were either alive nor died of natural causes with the study concluding. Nthat. Suicidal behaviors are crises oriented nrather than inexorable in 2008.

It took apple a year nto sell 10 million iphones in it s first week of sales nin 2015. The iphone. Six sold 13 million units by law. No us officer s never allowed to out rank george.

Washington and nhe was post humorously promoted to history s only nsix star general in 1976. The chinese government takes its officials and members of their families non prison tours to give them an introduction to nwhat awaits them if they should engage in corruption in 1972. The king of nmorocco hassan. The second grabbed the radio during nan assassination attempt and told.

The rebel pilots nwho were firing at him inside his boeing 727 to stop nfiring the tyrant is dead. Which made the assassins nbreak off from their attempt. When you kiss someone for the first time you get a spike in the nneurotransmitter. Dopamine.

Making you crave. More endorphins are also released nbringing on waves of euphoria. Sadie. Renee.


Johnson from oregon nstarted. A wildfire in 2013. In order to give her bored nfirefighter friends. Some work except that it spread nto 206 square kilometers.

And cost nearly eight million ndollars and two months to bring under control in 2015. A stray cat in nrussia known as masha kept a two month old nabandoned baby boy warm in freezing temperatures over night jerusalem is one of the noldest cities in the world. It has been destroyed ntwice besieged 23. Times captured and then re captured 44 times and attacked a total of 52 times in.

1915 a millionaire nnamed cecil chubb bought his wife stonehenge for napproximately 10000. Dollars. Except that she didn t like nit so in 1918. He gave it to britain and today.

It s valued nat around 51 million dollars in the traditional. Aboriginal ncanadian version of lacrosse teams consisted of 100 to n1000. Men and fields were 500 meters to three kilometers long games could last up to nthree days. Straight research conducted by nthe university of exeter concluded that every nindividual shark.

Has it s own distinct character and personality. Some sharks are shy while nothers are more social fish are friends not food. I wonder how many of them are named bruce just sayin google has found gpa s and ntest scores to be worthless as criteria. While hiring they have teams where 14 npercent of their employees haven t even gone to college billionaire elon musk.

Didn t nlike the school that his kids were attending so he nconceptualized and built his own named ad astra. Which means to the stars. Michael cicconetti is a judge in ohio. He uses what he calls creative justice sentencing guilty defendants nwith unusual punishments like one woman who fled a cab fare and was sentenced to walk n30 miles in 48 hours.

The sr 71 blackbird was the nworld s fastest air breeding man made aircraft and out nran nearly 4000. Missiles fired at it during it s service when syphilis first surfaced nmost countries named it after one another. The english called. It the french disease.


The french called it the spanish disease and the japanese called nit. The chinese pox in the late 1800 s narchaeologists found a ring inside a ninth century viking grave nin sweden inscribed with the phrase this linked trade between swedish vikings and the islamic world all the nway back to 1000. Years ago murder rates were so high nduring the 1970 s and 1980 s in miami florida that the ndade county medical examiner s office actually had to rent na refrigerated trailer from burger king to handle nthe overflow of corpses makes me think about what s in my burger. I m probably gonna stay noff burgers for awhile now after the fukushima nnuclear disaster in 2011.

More than 200 japanese npensioners all over 60 volunteered to tackle the nuclear crises research conducted by nphyscologists at bernell university determined that those nwho use facebook to brag about diets and exercise nand accomplishments are typically narcissists. I m just gonna update my status this video s goin super nwell okay i m awesome if and when a woman becomes npresident for the first time in america. Her husband. Will nbe called the first gentleman felix kiprono.

A lawyer in nkenya has attempted to offer the president barack obama. Nand first lady michelle obama 50 cows 70 sheep and 30 ngoats for their daughter. Malia s hand in marriage. Couldn t imagine.

Why they passed that up there exists a special nshaped knife for cleaning out nutella jars entirely. Sir. Richard branson once lost na bet with air asia s ceo tony fernandes on the winner of the 2010 grand prix in abu dhabi. He had to work as a female nflight attendant on tony s airline.

I love when billionaires bet the best stuff comes out of it when your eyes move your nbrain purposely blocks your vision. Which is why nyou can t see the motion of your own eyes in a mirror. This is called saccadic nmasking and without it your life would be like nwatching a constant movie. That s filled with a nshaky hand held camera.

When steven spielberg first napplied to usc s cinematic art. School. He was rejected three times by the admission s officer when steven was awarded nhis honorary doctorate from that school he agreed to accept it only if it was personally signed by that same admission s officer. And it was a man named chito nrescued.

A dying crocodile who named it pocho. But it nrecovered and refused to leave the man s side and they nare inseparable to this day in 1910. When asked how nmuch vacation time. A worker should take annually npresident taft recommended three months.


My how times have changed in ancient egypt. Little npeople were seen as people with celestial gifts and nthey were treated like gods. And given the highest social positions. There is a town in texas called earth.

And it s the only place on nearth officially named earth on december 16. 2002. During nyao ming s first game in the. Nba the miami nheat promoted the game by passing out 8000.

Fortune ncookes. But he wasn t offended because he had never seen na fortune cookie in china and assumed that it was nan american invention in 2015. A passenger on nbritish airways took a poop that smelled so bad that npilots actually decided to turn the plane around yo bro more salad less taco bell. The reflex that causes npeople to sneeze when looking at the sun is called the nphotic sneeze reflex.

It s also known as autosomal ndominant compelling helio opthalmic outburst syndrome. Which abbreviates to adchoo scientists with their sense of humors a pine tree planted in n2004 in los angeles park in memory of former nbeatle george harrison died after being infested by beetles hashtag irony studies have shown that nwhen a woman frequently texts. Her partner in a relationship. They are both happier with each other.

However when a man sends nthe majority of texts both partners feel less nhappy and a woman often considers ending the relationship. A german officer once asked picasso guernica. A painting nabout the affect of german bombardment on the nspanish town of guernica to which picasso simply nresponded oooh picasso bringin the sass there is an asian elephant nnamed koshik that can imitate human speech by sticking nit s trunk in it s mouth. He can actually say n and now you re smarter nfrom.

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