6 Anime Games We Can t Wait For In 2020

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“You re watching access. I m elle nosili wood and today. I m finally fulfilling fulfilling my secret aim taking over the channel with nanime that s right 2020 is bumper year for nanime games. Having already kicked things off with the release of dragon ball z.

Kakarot nbringing together pretty much every single saga in dbz history. The rpg title was a dream ncome true for fans and it s safe to say whet our appetite for everything anime so here are the six anime games. We can t nwait for in 2020. And of course.

The rule for this video yes rules make things fun n. Is that each game needs to have been an anime or manga. Before it was a game so no ncomments asking for tales of or final fantasy. Please alright first up one punch man a hero nnobody knows frankly i could not be more excited for this 3 vs.

3. Fighting game since nit s the very first title based on what has to be one of my favourite shows of all ntime and given the reaction its announcement received. I m clearly not the only one of course. There s an obvious question how ndo you make a fighting game based on the guy who can defeat enemies with a single punch well the answer is that the game won t nbe focused solely on saitama.

Don t feel too sad. Though. Instead you ll be able nto create yourself as an aspiring superhero training to earn your spot in the national nhero registry. Now whether that training includes 100.

Sit. Ups. 100 press ups and 100 nsquats. Plus.

The 10km run. Who knows. But you will be able to work your way up through nthe hero association ranks. And more importantly choose your own hero name.

Sorry. Caped. Baldy. Speaking of saitama.


He will be showing up nthough. There s no way we could have a one punch man game without anime s most nhilarious hero. Plus. It seems like the game has perfected the show s humour since to nstop him from being overpowered saitama will be characteristically late to every fight nyou can even see a live feed of him running over and the better you fight the faster nhe ll arrive so you need to try to stay alive long enough for him to save the day nwhile you re waiting.

Though you ll also need to keep an eye out for special events. Nlike supervillain interference or asteroid crashes. Which adds a new element to the time honoured ntactic of turtling. So if you think you ve got what it takes nto claim an s rank spot.

One punch man. A hero. Nobody knows is set to land on feb 28. Next.

Up is my hero one s justice. 2. The nsequel to 2018 s smash hit 3d arena fighter. Based on my hero academia packed with fan fave characters like deku nall might and shigaraki.

The game. Sees you assemble a 3 person super squad to fight your nway through gorgeously cinematic. Showdowns and yes. Don t worry mina s made it non to the roster.

This time during battles. You ll control one main character with ntwo sidekicks on hand to provide support as you fill up your attack meter to unleash some nseriously epic plus. Ultra moves. However it s the quirks that really bring nthe my hero academia universe to life with spectacular animations and effects that make nyou feel deliciously powerful.

It s clear that the designers love the show as they ve ntruly captured. What makes each character unique safe to say using your favourite hero to nsmash through the destructible stages is extremely satisfying of course. It isn t just set in the arena. N.

Story mode. Lets you play through iconic scenes from the show as a hero. And then nas. A villain in fact the ability to play as villains.


Adds. An extra layer to the game nthat. You don t get from the show since this time you get to see both sides of the nstory also admit. It who hasn t secretly wanted to wreak a little chaos.

A quick warning. Though if you aren t nup to date with the anime. Please make sure to catch up before you dive into the game. Nmy hero.

One s justice. 2. Is set to arrive after the end of season 4. But story wise nit starts in season 3 and ends in season 4.

So will most definitely contain spoilers nonce. You re all caught up. Though you re free to play the second the game hits shelves non march 13. Next on the gaming calendar is one piece npirate warriors.

4. Of course one piece is an anime og so it s no surprise we re non the fourth installment of the action adventure pirate warriors series as ever it s a nmusou title so you ll get to enjoy outrageously fun crowd combat taking on wave after wave nof enemies to progress plus. Pirate warriors. 4.

Features some big new changes that are set nto make combat even more satisfying like adding new attacks improved skillsets and n. Most excitingly the ability to execute attacks in the air. It s also going to be nthe biggest installment yet with more characters than ever before including new additions. Nlike charlotte katakuri and luffy s alternate gear fourth form snakeman in addition to celebrate the one piece s n20th anniversary.

You ll be taking luffy and the gang on a journey through their entire nstory right from the start. The team have confirmed. We ll be able to play through nboth pre and post timeskip stories so get ready to relive. Some of the most iconic scenes nfrom.

The show in fact it ll even include the current nwano story arc but. Don t worry about spoilers they. ve gone for a creative retelling nwhich means. It ll be an original story set in wano country with a new deadly threat nhowever.


They ve also announced that kaidoh and big mom will be playable characters. Which nif the reverie arc is anything to go by means we might just have a little storyline crossover. Neither way we ll have to wait until march 27th to find out when one piece pirate warriors n4 is released also arriving in 2020 is sword art online nali sigh zation lycoris. Which is a video game about an anime about a video game.

I nknow. We re getting meta while this isn t the first sword art online game. It is the nfirst time you ll be able to play through the anime storyline. It s set in the show s nalicization arc.

So you ll play as kirito on his journey to find alice. Joining forces nwith eugeo as you explore virtual reality in the underworld. However. While the plot will follow most of nthe alicization storyline.

It won t include war of underworld instead setting up an entirely nnew story just for the game. We re also getting new characters including one called nmedina alongside fan faves like cardinal and administrator. Plus. We ve had the appearance nof.

The integrity knights confirmed. Including deusolbert synthesis seven and eldrie synthesis nthirty. One of course. The combat is what i m really looking forward to the team nhave promised.

We ll be able to relive. Some. Of the show s most memorable scenes with n highly evolved action features. .

Which frankly sounds amazing thankfully. We haven t ngot long to wait with sword art online. Alicization lycoris hitting shelves on the 22nd may this nyear alright. I promise that the next title isn t njust a fever dream mobile suit gundam extreme vs maxiboost on is finally finally coming nto ps4.

I mean somehow the wait was actually longer than the name this version of the 2 v. 2. Mobile. Suit combat ngame has long been an arcade exclusive.


So there s a good chance. Most people outside njapan haven t even played it meaning. It s all the more exciting that you ll be able nto get your hands on it from the comfort of your very own home featuring over 183 playable mechs from 36 ngundam iterations. This is pretty much a must play for any gundam fan.

And since it s up to nfour player co op. What better way to uh encourage your friends to join the religion. Nthat is mech anime of course. There is a single player mode.

Too just in case you weren t nquite as persuasive as you thought plus. Let s face it it looks spectacular with nmore than 300. Deliciously detailed suits to feast your eyes on once you include npcs nand as if that s not enough we re getting every single stage from the arcade version n. In fact with the arcade team working on the ps4 version it s safe to say this will nbe an incredibly faithful recreation.

Unfortunately we don t have a set release date yet but nbandai namco has promised it is arriving this year. So i guess we ll just have to wait and finally the last title on our list is ndigimon survive. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the digimon anime. This tactical rpg features.

Nan entirely new story set in a mysterious world. We don t have many details yet. But nwe do know there ll be an entirely new team of characters. A group of teenagers who get nlost on a camping trip and end up in the digital universe to get home.

They ll need to battle ntheir way through the world and with over 100 digimon in the game. We re set to see nsome seriously great combat plus. We re also getting entirely new digimon including nlabromon. A beast type dog like monster and falcomon.

A bird type monster from the nhigh mountains sadly. This is another title without a set date yet. But it s definitely narriving sometime this year. So those are the 6 anime games.

We can t nwait for in 2020. Let us know in the comments. Which one you re most excited about i nwill also accept you know all of them and make sure you ve subscribed and hit the nnotification bell to stay up to date with ” ..


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