$800 AT&T phone bill?!?!? They re Bout to Catch these Hands Mimi Vents

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“Guys so welcome back um. If you haven t watched my previous video. Where i i went at about 80 go do so now it ll be linked down below. They ll pop up on the screen.

So you want to watch that video before you watch this one cuz. I don t really want to go back and explain everything that happened and there this is literally a continuation and i thought that was gonna be done with this video and well done with 18t like talking about them. But just like i knew they charged my account their 500 something dollars. So my bill is 800 in something dollars.

And i m like wait hold up like i knew this was gonna happen because i m on autopay and i m pulling my bill up so i can show you guys. But i told you guys last time i want auto pay and my bill gets debited on the 10th. So i kept checking like every day since january. I m like i m checking to see when they re gonna produce the bill cuz.

I know last time i wasn t paying attention and they debit at my cart 254 cuz they changed my plan somehow and i m like hold up my bill is not that high like so that year they changed. My plan and i ended up paying all this and then i had to get the refunded and everything fixed or whatever so i made sure this time to check before it got debited on the 10th. So i go and check and look at my bill you guys can see it eight hundred and twenty five dollars. So i called them yesterday when i seen this of course.

I get someone to didn t speak english. But if you call at t. And you get like someone that doesn t speak english that s because you re getting like their bill line or whatever. And so they re outsourced to like people in india.

So. What i did i had called them first and i was talking to the lady like she was just so confused like i was literally about to snap on her like i m telling her the whole issue. Again..


And i m like y all. Charge. My car for a phone. That you guys have like y all.

Have the phone. She keeps saying. Well what did they promise you you know what were you supposed to pay your bill and it s like what do you mean. What was i supposed to pay my bill.

I m not supposed five hundred something dollar charge on my car. Because y all. Have that you ll have my phone. And so.

Like she s just pretty much so confused so i just being on her like i was already getting mad. Because she wasn t understanding me so i just i hung the phone up on her and i called back. But this time i decided to call when i called back so you know they do like to automate a system. So i called back and i did the next line.

So. I said you know my next plan or whatever so that line you get an actual english speaking person so someone from here. So you know i go explain it to him again. And i d like before i even talk to him i was like i m gonna apologize right now in case i get upset or loud with you it s not your fault.

I m just really upset so i did like say that but luckily i didn t have to get loud or anything. Because he actually helped me out well. We ll see so you know i told him everything all over again about the whole issue at the phone..


I told him that you know i shipped the phone out october 31st that they received it according to the track information. It was received on the seventh and then i told that i still had the receipt and everything like i never dude every seat away. And i m still gonna keep it he was like good thing. You have it i told the tracking information.

He was like yeah. I see that it was delivered on the southern s he was like they processed it on the 17th. So that s just like the guy said. The guy told me when i had called before he said it takes a week for them to process it it takes about a week for them to process it and the 17th is about 10 days.

So like your process. My phone. But yet y all keep emailing. Me we re not emailing you texted.

Me saying that if i don t return my phone you re gonna charge my account and i keep getting this text so y all process everything but yet. Y all. Did it process it on my account. So he was like i m gonna put something in the system like he said.

It s gonna take 24 hours. It s been over 24 hours nails. But there s only going to be 48 hours and a party like them probably like two more hours. It ll be 48 hours since i called and nothing happened he said within 24 hours and flow to get a text message you know with them fixing everything nothing happened so i m gonna wait because i did stop the auto pay so today s attempt so i did stop the auto pay.

So i won t be getting charged at least so when you stop you re auto pay it makes you like you have up until like the 24 for the month or depending on like when your bill is due so i have up until january 24th to pay my bill but i m not paying anything until this is fixed so i m gonna wait a couple days to see when this charges was to come off. I have like the reference number or whatever. They gave me for like the dispute and i get in the charge off my account..


So we will see like right now. I m so annoyed with at t. The fact that they had my phone and he sees that in the system. He said that it was processed on the 17th like y all.

Had my phone. He shows that it was process on the 17th. The only thing. I have is that it was delivered on the 7th november 7th is with the it was delivered and he shows in his system.

That it was processed on the 17th. So why are y all. Doing this to me. Like why are y all.

Everyone like everyone that i spoke to after like november like towards the end of november at their like thanksgiving everything in the early december. No one seems to see anything i give everybody my tracking information. No one seems to oh. We don t see anything it doesn t show anything how when i can even.

See. That it was delivered and y all. Keep saying that y all. Don t see anything.

Except for the one person. Saw that it was delivered. But she didn t show anything in the system..


But yeah he goes and he tells me exactly the day that it was processed. But no one else can seem to do it today like at t right now is so annoying. I m so ready to pay well 400 something dollars. That s left on his phone and like cut my service off because i m so done with them.

But yeah we ll see hopefully they fix well now hopefully they will fix it because i m not paying 100 like if y all gonna make me pay a hundred i m gonna me their phone bitch point blank period or if i pay 800 dollars. That s gonna be me paying this phone off and i m gonna be done with at t. I mean that s just that s it i m gonna be done with them. But yeah so that s pretty much it guys we ll see what happens if i have to make an update video or not or if i ll just update you know this video like in the description.

I might put like an update on what happened how long it took them to fix it because right now. It was supposed to be 24 hours and that was going on 48. So we will see right now my bill is still high and i m sick of calling and talking to people so i m gonna give it a few more days and then i ll probably have to call back. But yeah.

That s pretty much it guys i hope you all enjoyed this little rant. If you did don t forget to give me a thumbs up make sure you stay positive and always smile. That s like the most important thing. When you re having a bad day just try to think positively smile it ll make your day go a little better.

But yeah. That s it hope you guys enjoyed this day. And i will see all my next video thanks for watching everyone open. I through the waves cut through me.

” ..

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