A Family for a Widow – Kingdom Come Deliverance Game – Tough Love Walkthrough – Good Choice

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“Know there s a girl crying on your doorstep. I executed her husband what you you killed him no no not like that it was done lawfully. She knew he it coming boy folk would like to drive her out of town. She has no one here for a while i thought i could take care of her.

But it wasn t to be why do you really have to ask i can t even go to the tavern for company and no one would sup there ale with me. And when i die they ll probably push me into a hall with a stick. So as not to touch my corpse is it really not bad. I m not complaining mind.

It s a well paid job. And if you don t mind being a pariah they might look sideways at you too just for talking to me. And that s what she s afraid of exactly doesn t that crying girl have any kin. None.

She knows of poor lass you could help her though if you wanted me oh eliska has no family. But her husband might still have some kin. Nobody will talk to me. But you could find out more why do you want to find her family.

Anyway don t you want it to stay here. I do she s a splendid woman. But i d never want to keep her here against her will the life. I lead isn t for everyone what would she have to put up with if she stayed with you a lot i can t deny.

Most of the townfolk wouldn t give her the time of day at least not in public. If we had children it would be even worse for them that doesn t sound like a very happy life it s not all bad. It s a well paid job and even respected in a way. And when someone needs a bone set all of a sudden they forget your reputation how can i find out if there s any family try asking alicia herself.

She knows a thing or two about them. But in the end you ll still have to go and find out something from the bailiff or from the records of the rat house all right i ll see what i can do my thanks..

If only for the thought. Herman sent me. What a way to end up. Don t despair.

It could be a lot worse. Only death could be worse can i can i ask about your family. What do you want to know don t you have any kin left someone who d take you in no they all died of the plague. And then i ended up with that man of mine.

I always knew he d get stronger one day. Didn t your husband have any kid maybe he mentioned some. But we never went to see them is that all you know yes. But if they re anything like my old man.

The bailiff and it s catch both will know about them that s all i need right justice good name do you know eliska. The wife of the man who was hanged recently the one that s with the executioner now that s her life can be cruel sometimes. I m right and you know she has kinfolk somewhere around how should i know now if you don t mind. I m very busy if eliska stays with the executioner that lend up being your problem.

Anyway christ oh. All right then tell the scribe where can i find him. He s suffering with some ailment. So no doubt he ll be lying in his chambers.

Above his study on the top floor of the rat house. Well what you want i d like to ask if hurts like hell. And i d like to ask young man young man there s always someone who wants to ask something what do you need i wondered if you could take a look in your books for me and books god above a mite. A shuffle around here with my knees.

The way they are the bailiff sent me. That s another matter then what do you need friend is it possible to find out from the records..

Where someone lives you think we keep records of every surf. The christ safe they breed like rabbits. But but i thought that in the rat house. Though in the books boy.

The books are for recording pacts of the takings punishments property rights and so forth in other words important things we don t keep records of serfs villisca would be healthier anishka. You don t mean. The one who married into the mashek family. Yes.

Yes. You know what why wouldn t i i used to play dice with old micek years ago. He had a son a nice polite lad. How is he oh you know he s he s quite tied up these days.

Well if you see him tell him to swing by and where are the missions living. Now a stone s throw from rat. A by the small fish pond. Thanks.

What is it now i ve got information about your daughter in law really alisha is firing only she needs never heard of her get lost. She s your nearest kin eliska s part of your family. And she really needs you i won t help anyone listen you old hag. If you interrupt me one more time i could make it worth your while really and what is it you want your son s widow needs help she has nowhere to go before do i care about some useless girl she could help you with the farm.

She definitely knows how to take care of things we re all right on our own. We don t need another mouth to feed with an attitude like that you must be popular around here. I wonder how quit your neighbours would be to help you if you needed it i wonder what they d do if your house should happen to catch fire what and if you happen by chance to be locked inside. What are you implying boy shall i go and get my pitchfork doctor hell were they then what is it get lost or i ll give you up for what do you want i could make it worth your while really and what is it you want your son s widow needs help she has nowhere to go for do i care about some useless girl.

This might help you decide you took the words out of my mouth sender here then. But don t let her think she ll be taking it easy..

She ll have her work cut out that sounds quite. And if i hear a peep out of her i ll take a stick to her back find salvation. This is you ve not crying now. I m not i ve wept enough for a lifetime.

It s a bit of a change since my last visit i haven t had much luck in my life. But i ve always worked things out in the end tears are no help to anything that s true so did you find out something about then i did i found your husband s father and mother and they re willing to take you in. But there they re not very nice people eliska. They probably work you to the bone.

But you will get fed life is never easy. But at least. I d have a family you re right. I ll have another talk with herman elisa is looking better.

She is but she s not happy god sent the poor girl great trials. Indeed did you know her whole family was wiped out by the plague. She was barely 12. I losing your family isn t easy.

Ah sorry. I wasn t thinking so did you find out anything about that kin of hers. I have i track them down. They say they take her in but i m not sure if she d do well there leave that to her i just hope.

She ll be better off than now. I ve heard the way you talk about her and would you like eliska to stay you know how she was always the sweetest girl when she came with her family to retire still single she was a sight to behold and it might surprise you. But she even had a word or two for me now and again it grieved me when she married that wastrel. It was a foolish idea.

But i always thought maybe she and i could well fate likes a good laugh. Now i ve strung up her old man..

I have her under my roof after all the years. I was thinking of her i don t want her to leave. But i don t want her to be unhappy here either have you made your mind up. I can t decide i don t know michig skin at all.

But at least. I d have a family hermann could give you a family too he s a decent upright fellow. I ve met none better and that s the honest truth. But he s an executioner and what s the problem.

But the other women won t chat with you down at the creek. Did that sort of gossip ever interest you anyway. He s a fine man isn t he he s willing to take care of you and he has the means to do it. And he wants you he s so sick we d love for you we can t even sleep.

But did he really say that he told me. He s been in love with you for years. He said. He always thought you were the sweetest girl in ritai.

That s true well used to meet. Now and again and exchanged a few words. I well he always treated me nicely by all that s holy. You re right.

I ll stay here. Herman yes. Could i can i stay here with you you mean for good. If you don t want me to you can by god you can you ve made me the happiest man in the world.

” ..

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