Adventure Time: Season 4

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“Was that the princess of the fire kingdom dude. I think i have a crush. Crush. What do you know about her jake who s trying to help you get your princess bubblegum.

Sad times by hooking you two up she s evil man you shut your dirty mouth dirty huh. No really manor. Dad said. She was evil nah man.

I peeped beyond her burning gaze and gnashed hot lunch with her soul. She ain t evil. She s passionate help me track her down come on man..


I really like her help me out jake jake help me out help me out jake jake help me jake jake help me yeah you sure you re not in any other princesses what about wildberry princess. She s small and plump you can sleep on her like a pillow could be nice is that bird smoking. Hey don t you judge me it was that fire chick down there that done this to me look at her. She s innocent like the steam off a puppy s nose searching for ham in the snow guy drops.

One piece of ham in the snow and he never hears the end of it snap out of it she s burning cute little flowers yeah. She is like a cute little flower are you okay. I i was just worried about you hmm look. I m sorry about before i i don t know what happened.

But i just i had to see you again and i don t know really i don t know anything about you. But i just i really like you you know you re you re so beautiful. Oh glob am..


I hurting you yes. That s all you ve done are you trying to hurt. Me is that why you re following me i m not following well i guess technically i am following you bro hey no wait. I guess now i m technically chasing you towstee bud.

Where are you i want to chat. It up with you oh we lost her hey i like your fireballs huh huh. Why do you told me i m not trying to i just lied you i think i i think i d like like you listen. When i look at you my brain goes.

All stupid. And i just want to hug. You and sit on the couch and and play pima with you i can t explain why..


But i ve never felt this way. And i think we should be together. I no you should not toy with the emotions of a fire elemental wait wait. I really didn t you told me you lied to me and you made my flame grow brighter.

But then you put me out which hurt you are trying to imitate me that must be your purpose. But fires purpose is to burn. So i m going to turn this land into my fire kingdom. No she s headed for the goblin kingdom.

We need to defeat this fiery. She beast. I can t fight her man..


I m still into her. Yeah. What s more important your love for that screwball dame or being a hero. It s saving.

The lives of innocent. Goblin folk. Being a hero all right come on let s go throw fireproof suits. ” .


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