Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Ep 1-10 review

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“Of shield season 3. Episodes. 1. Through.

10 part 1 review. Happy new year at at the given time of this recording first video of the new year. And i starting it off with season. 3 of this mammoth series stay tuned for a few more announcements regarding this welcome everyone to seven minutes or less your one stop commentary shop to the shows you love and want to get into here.

I ll be talking about the first half of agents of shield with the hopes of starting off the marvel cinematic universe. In this fine style with the start of this season. And other seasons around it and the movies in between this technically starts phase. 3 of the events.

But not officially because civil war starts that off. But here we are at the beginning to all things phase. 3. I honestly question and puzzle over the fact that i m reviewing agents of shield in its third season.

While currently it s having its fifth. I m definitely late. But i always have a big big feeling on telling people who never watched any show what it s like on the face value..


But as the seasons get deeper. I have to consider how general do i get what spoilers are inevitable to mention before season. 3 and during season 3 and the answer to at least one of them is its fair game to talk about the first two seasons and probably enough of the first half of the third season depending on how long it is season 3 takes place six months after the event of the intense and well done season. 2 coulson had his hand lopped off with the taragan crystal in his hand.

When he was trying to save. Everyone simmons was sucked into the monolith that was being kept from hydra fitz is trying to find anything he can to get information on the monolith to get simmons back may. Is mia. We re missing in action refusing to return due to personal issues.

Daisy is fully accepting of her parentage changing her name from sky to daisy. Only to face the task of gathering. A force within shield called the secret warriors. But not finding any candidates mentally stable.

Enough cuz these people are freaking out that they have powers. Oh yeah. That s right people becoming inhumans. Now began a an epidemic for the last few months.

An insidious company has been swooping in at moments and human shows up and they try to take them out or force them into isolation. So now we have two companies duking it out so after all that how is the season when it starts out well. I can say with confidence it starts really good and it really doesn t lose steam from there let s talk about the things that i loved in these first 10 episodes mostly the characters i am having a hard time trying to figure..


Out who s my favorite daisy mack coulson. Good. Lord simmons. Or fitz god.

Their story is tragic as it is good and affected enough to root for and i am invested in this story. Because these characters feel real and daisy. Where do i even begin with her she gets better and better as a character with coulson. Though it s been a rather interesting ride as the story keeps him highly involved especially since we didn t know how he was alive in season 1.

What was up with him in the symbols. That he was drawing on the wall in season 2 and once all of them were answered. It was like that kind of relieves him from all the story arcs. How do you keep him involved after that well you keep him human first off and throughout season.

Two he had less stressors to distract him when everything was answered so when the real problem comes in with a more old fashioned version of shield comes in claiming to have the better vision coulson has to be on point and when he s on point. He s on good terms with his own self with the witty quips stressful turning points and adaptability here and now he is mostly deconstructed as a director. Too now as a man when the atcu is taking me in humans has a face to the company and that is rosalind price. This doesn t take a an approach to big evil corporate baddies at each other s throats that comes later.

But not here and not against roslin and coulson basically. If there s anything to do with a story that sounds good looks good and is becoming good get ready for it to result in a lot of personal relationships. Growing forming understanding becoming torn apart..


Rekindled or wait. Until 10 episodes. Later and realized that was an important thing. All along and that s the thing these 10 episodes really take precedence over coulson s personal life.

And what roslin s company is trying to do that and fitz trying to get simmons off that barren planet. The monolith took her to and they both start to merge making it one hell of a story and i highly enjoyed it to talk about anything i didn t like really would result in the spoilers. But i will say on the vague sense a character is killed off towards the end of the last few episodes and while necessary to keep things moving. I felt it was a bit too soon because the character was she asked about to reach an arc.

A moment and a great chance to become an understood character and then it was completely taken away. Also there are a lot of characters in the seasons balanced out. But it s not a perfect balance. But that s all i can think of and this is where i m going to end things tune in next week for my next part in the review of the lineup of the marvel cinematic universe.

Jessica jones. Why because it is next in the chronological order and that s how i like to review this stuff also new development within this series. I m doing this is technically a part of my universe reviews only broken up differently. However in every series review.

I will be following it up with a 7 minutes. Or less recap. So look out for agents of shield season..


1. Recap and season 2 recaps because these are big seasons. And they can t be contained. Sometimes in just 1 7.

Minutes or less recapping video. So keep your eye out for that. But i will pass this off to you what did you guys think of agents of shield season. 3.

Did you love it did you like it did you hate it for whatever reason. I d love to know comment. Below and let s talk thank you all so much for watching here on my channel. I review films sometimes reviews tv shows in seven minutes or less recommending and recapping and universe.

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