Alcatel Fierce 4 Full Review For Metro Pcs T-mobile

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“Everyone in youtube. This is a valid stick and we back with another video today. Today. I m going to be reviewing the alcatel fears for for metropcs and t.

I ve been doing reviews on the channel for over 50 phones already and as everybody knows i m not fond prejudice. If that phone is good. I m going to say it s good if it s bad. I m going to say it s bad because this will affect the buyer or the user when they trying to take the decision so getting me sure hundred percent you get everything you want from the review.

So without any further ado not going to find out first let me start talking about the design. I want to talk about things i liked and things i don t like from the front. You have capacitive buttons. I like impassive finds because makes the screen.

It s bigger so this more utilization for the screen you have led notification light. It has only one color and you have the front facing camera will be 5 megapixel this time. The speaker will be over here and the pans over there on this location. Power and volume up and volume down.

And also the back of the phone has care from here this plastic bag is removable. The battery is not removable. But this kind of looks like a brush middle here over here gives the phone. Very nice looking so overall.

I like the design. But the phone it will be a little bit slippery from if you handle it because i believe that things over here. It doesn t have ticks or anything like that. But that will be no problem.

If you get a case. Now things they don t like in the phone first the screen by itself maybe. It s not a big deal for a lot of you guys. But very reflective and very magnetic for the fingertip.

It s insane. I have used a lot of phones. I ve never seen phone like this this is overall in the alcatel phones displays it just pick the fingerprint. So crazy another another thing over here the power and the volume down and up.

They re very close from each other so every time trying to power the device by accident. I click on the volume down line item up. Which is inconvenience. I wish that our ketil put the volume up on down on the other side.

And keep this one for the power. So that way people don t get confused about that the phone. It s kind a little bit bulky to be honest with you and this is big problem and if we pop the back as you guys can see you guys going to be noticed that these buttons over here attach to it to it so you can use your phone without the back. And this you got to be careful because those from my experience get bad so bad.

The battery on the phone is not removable..

So this is another disadvantage on the design of the phone other than that in my opinion. The design just very acceptable and this is things i don t like with the design. Let s play on the phone as you guys can see we have 720p hd 55. And maximum resolution you can go at 720p on youtube.

So i m trying to preview some of the high quality content on youtube. So you guys can see and judge by yourself the angle view it s good the color is vivid nice. I never have any complaint with the architects play overall in general for that price of the phone. I m not complaining too much so we have resolution 720p.

Which is hd as we said. And you have the ppi density will be 267 now we re going to test the speaker on the phone. The speaker will be located over here down to the bottom of the phone. So this is not the best place for the speaker up the prefer speakers to be on the front or from the bottom next to the charging cord.

But it is what it is this is what the design of the phone made it to be in the back. So you re going to lose a lot of sound. If you put your phone on the table like that and listen for something but overall the speaker quality below the average. The speaker it low.

I m so surprised that the alcatel usually do a lot better than this but this time. I wasn t satisfied with the speaker. But it s okay guys. It s more speaker.

The price of the phone so we re not going to expect something fancy in my opinion the internal hardware. It s the most important thing in any phone. You buy alcatel fears for has one of the worst internal hardware for the processor. The using snapdragon qualcomm 210 and two gigabyte of ram 16.

Gigabyte. Internal storage. The processor is the worst thing over here. 16 gigabytes is very decent 2 gigabyte of ram.

It s good so this is the score well in 2016. By ending of the year and we still have this low performance on each bench 295. 9. Mandatory and you have marshmallow guys.

What that means when you have lamborghini card and you have hewn day or. Honda 15. Engine. That is not going to work.

The phone. It s not going to act right because the operating system require better performance than this performance. I wish our ketil uses at least now dragon 410 617. There s a lot of good processor.

Nowadays they can use..

But they have chosen to go. And the cheapest way let me show you why with the game performance before we play the. Game this is multi compact. X and the.

Phone snapdragon. 11. Gigahertz. Gpu.

Adreno. 304. And this graphic. Card came with the snapdragon 210.

And this is the lowest in 2016. And let me play the game and show you the amount of lag in ease and frame drops. When you play the game literally the game took me about 5 minutes just to launch the game. Which is extremely extremely slow so this not actually the best performance for to play a game.

I believe if you have that phone you re not going to be expecting to play a game with high friend they re playing a game like temple run. Which is the game doesn t require a lot of a graphic rate. There will be no problem browsing applications or playing game like surface. A subway or temple.

Run or animation. Games. That doesn t require a lot of gpu that shouldn t be a problem for you. But i want to just pay your attention.

If you want to play high in game. Like asshole eight more to compact x. Or gta. That forum is not going.

To. Act very well the phone came out of the box with. 601. Which is marshmallow and this is not the best operating system optimized with the phone because what are the reasons.

I have mentioned earlier in this video. So sometimes you work fine sometimes that lags sometimes. It s not accurate when you do at a touch that pays on the cheap material for the screen. So it s not very responsive and let me show you why i say that when you the phone.

Does suggestions. So you should be able to double click on the screen and double click to wake up the display come on the display is not responsive. I mean why do you do have features like knock on the screen. And if just doesn t work or takes forever to work.

Which is weird..

I believe they may need to do some software enhancement on the operating system in general. But let me show you something i like when you try to go to the app drawer over here. You guys going to be able to see the recent apps. That you have used which is help you for a shortcut to get your things so fast.

Without even need to go or scroll down all the way to find your application also just going to see if their phone does support some of the sensors. Important nowadays for people want to play pockemon go or they want to watch some 360 content. I mean the phone doesn t support gyroscope. Which is you re not going to be able to use it to watch some 360 videos or if you would like to play parking won t go.

What s going to see what the phone can offer you for features and customization. So you have shortcuts for everything if you go to the app drawer those in my opinion. The best organization for the app drawer easy to get things on the shortcut and you also can get more shortcut by the lock. The screen once you lock the screen.

You have camera calculate and flashlight this in my opinion. Very neat as well no nfc unfortunately in this device and also the phone has the stuck keyboard so when you text message or anything like that you guys going to be expecting to get a lot of emojis and the good things about the image is going to pop over here as shortcut as well or if you want to have a lock on all the images for the marshmallow. They re going to be over there. And i know guys a lot of you like this now is that software.

Very optimized with the operating system this time. I m going to say no a lot of crashes you guys trying too. Many times just to download the geek bench every time. The screen kicked me out or crash or disappeared.

Same as when i m trying to download some games or open games or open the play store. It s a lot of crashes over there. I wish our ketil if they watch this video do some software update to optimize the operating system with the hardware. Now the camera time so we have five megapixel.

This is good improved from the excel and white angle. And you have eight megapixel camera for the back. And this is the camera application you can capture you can take videos video. Unfortunately.

Only 720p hd. So we don t have even full hd in this phone. And you have some of the mods over here you have face beauty. Which is this is good addition to the software in general and all also let me show you have flash and you can switch between the front and the back camera let me take you to the gallery and show you the sample.

I have taken so this is the selfie without the beauty mode. And i have taken one with the beauty mode. Actually does work fine. Only one complaint that you can add a just the the beauty mode.

So there is no level to play with it s optimized by architects. Oh. You have no control on the beauty mode or face. This is outside outside honestly.

It s very good..

But the background overexposed and that s the only complaint. This is the back camera outside also is doing great job. I don t have too much of complain to take any photo outside you don t have macro mode. But we need trying to take a macro picture you can just try to use the focus on where you want to take the the picture and the camera will do good job.

So that s very impressive. This is in the room light. The problem is it s every picture they take it it will reflect what colors because the the ground over here is kind of yellowish. So everything the picture is going to look yellow.

So this is not very optimized as well to get the yellowish picture over here. Because the background. I was trying to use hdr this time it helps a light to change the white balance. So that way the object that you are trying to is not going to be affected by the background so use the hdr mode.

If you are in the room or inside that will helps big time this and the low light. Very much in every phone. I have taken pictures you can see something. But this time you can t see nothing and this with the flash also i have used the hdr as well so it helps a little bit so this is the best camera.

No i believe we can do better at least for the video recording still doing 720p. Which is bad in my opinion. They should at least improve this to 1080p and the the front facing camera. Honestly it s not wide angle.

I don t know why they say it s wide angle. I don t think so it s white angle. But let s going to see the pictures of it oh now is this one worth to buy or upgrade. If you have the alcatel xl.

If you have one of the budget phones the cheap ones. I believe so go ahead and upgrade the phone has 16 gigabytes. Storage you have 55 inch display has some good software improvements as well. But if you have the excel.

I don t recommend you to do this go ahead. And buy another one maybe. The lg k. 10.

Or the zte zmax pro. Because the only difference. 30. That was very much it and that was my full review for the alcatel.

Feels for thank you so much for watching thumbs up and subscribe more for more content on very artistic. I ll ” ..

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