All Clone Corps, Legions & Battalions – Star Wars Explained

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“Hi. This is todd from the scoundrels cantina and welcome to another video in this this video. I ll be going over all known clone wars. Legions and battalions keep mind that there are many more military groups and organizations in the grand army of the republic such as the visions squads regiments and companies.

Although this video isn t about them as always romans in the expanded universe and canon. Because we believe that there s no reason why most of it can t fit together so anyway. Let s do it starting off from the biggest of the three and that is a core. Which consists of 36864 clone.

Troopers and is perhaps one of the most useful high level formations used by the grand army. It was large enough to take most enemy worlds and was a key component in the army at number one we have the twenty first nova corps. Who were also known as the galactic marines they wore very specific white and purple armor resembling future snowtroopers of the empire. The 21st nova corps was led by jedi general ki.

Adi mundi. And clone commander pucara. They were most notably seen at the battle of megiddo where they executed their jedi general due to order 66 at number two is the seventh sky corps. Who were recognized by their famous orange markings.

They were led by high jedi general obi. Wan. Kenobi. And commander cody.

Who also led the 212th attack battalion. The seventh sky corps. Had four known sub units. Which was the two hundred and twelfth attack battalion second airborne company ghost company and the par joy squad.

They were most notably seen at the battles of course ptosis ryloth geonosis umbara. A new pal were they executed order 66. But failed to kill their jedi general at number 3. We have the 91st mobile.

Reconnaissance corps. Which is a court mostly consisting of recon troopers. They were recognized by the 91st reconnaissance dark bread logo covering their face to armor. They were led by commander ponds until his death who was then replaced by commander neil adi.

Gallia s fast ally and oberon cissus were the jedi generals of the 91st reconnaissance corps. One of their subunits was lightning squad. The 91st mobile reconnaissance corps were mostly seen at the battle of fri loss and sulukim eye. Where they executed stas ali.

Did you the issue in support of 66 at number 4. Is the 327 star corps. Which was an elite core of true who were distinctive white and yellow armor they were led by commander bly and jedi general ela sakura. They were most notably seen at the battle of felucia where they killed their jedi general in cold blood because of order 66 at number 5.

We have the 41st elite corps. Whose troopers were distinguished by either their green markings grey markings and camouflaged armor. Which was using two sheep. They were led by jedi general luminara unduli.

And commander gree. They were also briefly under the command of high jedi general yoda during the battle of kashyyyk. Which was where that were most notably seen one of their subunits was green company at number six is the ninth assault court. Which was also led by luminara unduli and nothing else is known about them.


Except that they were in revenge of the sith on coruscant as well as in kashyyyk with the 41st elite corps. They also had the exact same colors as the 41st elite corps at number seven we have the sky corps. Which were composed of specialized jet troopers who were advanced jet packs for aerial combat now we re moving on to all clone legions. Which consisted of nine thousand two hundred and sixteen clone.

Troopers and were always led by a senior clone commander. And jedi general. At number one we have the 500 first legion. They wore distinctive white armor with blue markings and were one of the best known legions in the galaxy.

They fought in countless battles and were seen throughout the clone wars. Clone. Captain rex. And jedi.

General. Anakin. Skywalker were their leaders. Until rex faked.

His own death. In order to defect. An apple took over as commander. The 500 first participated in countless battles during clone wars.

The most famous being the battle of abara. The second battle of geonosis. The defense of kamino and a battle for in govinda s planetary ring. The 500 first also participated in the attack of the jedi temple.

During order. 66 alongside the newly anointed sith darth vader. At number two is a seventh legion. Which was under the command of clone commander.

A dean during the clone wars. The seventh legion was a part of the three hundred and twenty seventh star corps. Led by clone commander bly and jedi general ayla sakura at number three we have the hundred and eighty seventh legion. Which was a legion that served under high jedi general mace windu.

They wore armor with purple markings on it signifying. The color of their jedi generals. Lightsaber. They were present at the battle of dan tween as well as battle of khorasan at number four is the hundred and eighty second legion.

Which was distinctive by its red colour patterns and white face one clone trooper armor. The second legion was the ploy to felucia in an attempt to retake the planet. Which later fell into the hands of the fievel first legion because of their failure. Now moving on to the battalions.

Which consisted of 660 men. Which were made up of four companies of 165 troopers at number one is the most famous one and that is a two hundred and twelfth attack battalion. Which was led by clone commander cody in high jedi general obi wan kenobi. They wore distinctive orange markings and both her face one and two armors by which they were recognized they were one of the subunits.

Which made up the seventh sky corps. Which were mentioned in the clone corps lists. And were seen basically everywhere where their bigger military group. Was at number 2.


We have the hundred and fourth battalion. Which was led by jedi general hakuna and clone commander wolffe. It was also known as the wolfpack battalion named after their commander. The hundred and fourth battalion.

Also had a subunit called the wolfpack squad. The wolfpack troopers were white armor with artistically designed grey wolves covering most of it following their commanders example the hundred and fourth were most notably seen at the battle for volusia where they took out a separatist outpost at the battle of kadavo where they frites a garuda slaves from the siberian empire and at alene. Where they were in a humanitarian mission at number three is the rancor battalion. Which was led by arc trooper.

Colt as well as his fellow our troopers blitz and havoc not much is known about this battalion. Except that it participated at the battle of kamino and oversaw the training of clone trooper cadets at number four we have the hawk bat battalion which was led by clone major 12 the hawk bat battalion saw action during the first battle of geonosis in 22 bby which started the clone wars at number 5 is the lancer battalion. Which was most notably seen at the battle of muna list four months after the start of the clone wars using their speeder bikes. These specialized speeder mounted clone troopers engaged their enemy in physical combat spearing.

The lancer droids with the reverb pine power lancers they were led by obi wan kenobi in miuna list. Where the jedi general also wore clone armor at number 6. We have the 442nd siege. Battalion.

As their name. Implies. The 40 second were skilled in besieging enemy. Fortifications.

They were equipped with a tr t. Walkers and ice beast beaters with green markings during the clone wars. They were sent to aid in the capture of cato neimoidia. A key trade federation stronghold at number seven is the six hundred and twelfth attack battalion.

Which was under jedi general bowler appall and clone commander ken very little is known about this battalion although it probably featured bread colored armor similar to their commanders at number eight we have the combat engineer battalion. Which mostly consists of heavy artillery troopers and engineers they were most notably seen manning turrets walkers and cannons across a plethora of battles and finally at number nine is the sarlacc battalion. Which was named after the sarlacc of tatooine. It was a part of the 41st lee corps as well as the ninth assault corps.

Anyway guys this is it on the video and we hope you all enjoyed it and learn something new about the vast galaxy of star wars. If you want to watch more videos like this one the link to the playlist of for others star wars. Stories and videos will be down below. And also if you want to support this channel hit that subscribe button for even more videos like this one and remember guys god is awesome may the force be with you always and we ll see you in another video you scum.

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