American Gods Episode 5 Breakdown!

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“N t you like an upgrade a brand new lemon scented to you american gods. Episode. Episode. 5.

Let s talk about it. So we ve got media. And she looks vicky stardust and marilyn monroe and it s real cool. It was real cool.

You know what else is cool subscribing to the channel. You should do that be cool guy do that let s talk about episode. 5 lemon scented. You listen to you so we.

Start with another coming to america story. But this time it s about a forgotten god. Named nunya mini. Which is my favorite word to say i mean any guys you want to annoy anyone just say that for like 5 million.

Annie. John yannone. Anyway so none in annie. Came across to america with this kind of nomadic tribe from siberia.

Is that right sure yeah sure was across a land bridge to north america. They followed their food source. Which was mammoth and when they got there they re promised food was not there at all it was very barren. So what they had to do was offer a blood sacrifice to the new god that was there so the leader of the pack.

I sulla realized that she has to be the blood sacrifice to the new god and so they do that and then a tribe appears and offers. The travelers food which they reject and so they kind of i think they take that as a slight against their god and then they just like kill all the adults. But they leave the children alive. Um.

You get to see an oniony just sitting there and slowly disintegrates and you watch a god be forgotten. Yeah. An oniony was forgotten because the children decided to eat the food. Which is kind of symbolic of taking a new god the buffalo didn t have flaming eyes.

So i don t think that that was the same buffalo that talked to the spirit of earth that talked to shadow. But there s a lot of a lot of discussion about that i personally don t think. It s the same guy don t think it s the same buffalo guy nonya nanny nanny you know you ve gotten yourself mixed some really weird shit shadow. I m so laura is actually rhotic like i know that emily browning is gorgeous.

But shadow walked into the room with his ex wife sitting there in a dress and you re like man. She looks that s because you don t have smell o vision you walked in wednesday puts it as cat piss and oven cleaner. Embalming fluid has not done uh not done very well for her a roma right appearance wise. She s fine.


But apparently there s a real bad scent in there flies like it yeah. There s always a fly on her face well shadow and laura are reunited and we find out that the coin is inside her. We were right yeah yeah. It s in her chest cavity.

So yeah. I think you re right it did slow in there so they did show that and then also when she kisses shadow. Her chest glows and then you see her heartbeat just once just once and she said. She felt alive.

So whatever that life. I thought live laughing matt that was beautiful that s nice so weird that she is now more alive being dead than she was alive and yet she had more drive more spirit she wants to help him maybe she wants to live again maybe that s her drive maybe. She misses the feeling of being alive. And you kind of see that when she inhales a cigarette and says that she can t taste anything then she s really just devoid of everything except for him.

Yeah. I don t know what you got til. It s gone right. Hey paradise and get into the next.

Part of the video. So in media is back. And she sucks technical boy into the vr limo. So she can do that that s cool.

She seems to have more power over technical boy than we thought yeah. Yeah. And way more power over awesome shoes. She appears as then you start us.

Yeah. I appreciate a man. Why you have an image problem. You need to think about your breath.

Ziggy stardust is a david bowie character that he made up for a 1972 album ziggy stardust is an androgynous alien. The whole monologue is just saturated with bowie quotes. Probably the most well known is from space oddity. The ground control to major tom song will actually include those in the description below.

If you d like to check out all the below wendy come on so we meet mr. World. In this episode. His intro is awesome.

Yeah. The glover did a fantastic job really did the producers if you watch the post show talk about the scene. Where he comes in and takes his hat off and looks up that s the that s a recreation of the moment that they met crispin so he was actually riding his bike. But they didn t include the budget.


I think that would have been hilarious. I suggested bike down the hallway. What they did instead was like michael jackson ooh. Baby jean and transient feet were lighting up the tiles.

And like all. The cameras turned off as he was approaching the room. So you just i think he was either media or him. But did that but hey uncle boy who knows when these three are together the hijinks that happen are zany yeah start with an apology.

I ve been or miss. I should have reached out to you ages ago. So then we have all the new gods that we ve seen so far at the station with wednesday and shadow and they want to form a merger. The sales pitch.

Mr. Wednesday which i find really interesting the whole room turns into a television screen. Which is awesome no not a truth a nerd. Yes.

A merger. If you haven t realized. What s going on yet with him being called wednesday and saying. It s my day and being called grim nor.

The all father all those references get it together right now and realize that that s who he is he s odin which i mean he talked to his raven talks to his raven yeah hogan moogan moogan and morgan digging dirt you guys. I m sorry he s not doing that i did that on purpose go ahead and hate me in the hack. Jurgen and morgan. He s odin.

So we see media as marilyn monroe and she seems quite happy she starts floating into the room. She s she was definitely powerful. I ve had a crush on this lady since since x files. When i was like a kid.

So some cool things that she does for the marilyn monroe seen it she does the happy birthday. Mr. President which you know marilyn monroe actually did and then they go into the conspiracy theory of how marilyn monroe died. And they just say like a cia guy.

A cia man stab me in the eye with a needle. Because i was going to reveal too many secrets that was scathing and really cool last thing. I saw from the floor of my friend was bob along with the cia jabbing. A needle into my eyeball kennedy danced.

So laura and mad sweeney are the two biggest jerks in the show and they re seeing together are fantastic. They make really good foils for each other just like watching them fight back and forth. So he s trying to get his coin back. And she s like no this is mine.


My husband gave it to me this is mine. Now you can t have it ever. And he can t take it back from her like she has to give it to him freely and she knows that now so she wields that over him and not only that but she s so strong all she did was flick him and he went flying against the wall and she flicked him again and like hurt his arm really bad. He wouldn t be able to take the coin back anyway.

Exactly. She s way too strong that s pretty cool come on i think you re ever going to get your coin back never ever ever not ever alright. Let s talk about some powers that we ve seen in this episode. So we have mr wednesday and he s got his ravens.

So we see the raven watching over shadow and then it flies and goes to the hallway were mr. Wednesday. Is he s talking to them so oxygen yeah. What you can talk to birds.

I like it it s such a classic thing whenever you re like wondering is he actually talking to that thing would they just make somebody go what what what would you say repeat that bird we get to see media. She has a lot of powers and it s indistinct who s doing what in that room because there s so many gods in that room. But she can definitely float on her own. She can appear.

However and and as whatever she wants whether that s on a television screen or as marilyn monroe floating down the hallway and she could blow a kiss and knock someone s teeth out. She s just not technical both keith out with a kiss that wasn t in the book. Mr. World is kind of omniscient he just knows everything about every single person and he twice it was ten.

He says the book of life like he s like everything you do is recorded so is that his book or is it just like he knows everything in the book of life. I think he represents like globalization at least us whatever training us. There s also that weird visual. Where his head starts going weird and he shows shadow.

What he looks like when he s spending. Some alone time with himself for one person to understand that another person was making the exact face that they make that means that you know mirrors were involved shadows a weird dude. Anyway okay. How did you do see that little spider.

He could find you my nancy s back and he can take care of some handcuffs for you just unlock those even if he s a tiny little spider tiny little spider unlocking handcuffs. The cutest little lock breaker management technical boy. In this episode. Before he was annoying and and scary and kind of powerful and in this one.

It seemed like he was just the other two goth little bitch like females like they were like his parents or something. And he was just so maybe he is like the infrastructure background or bed like maybe. He s their it guy you know like media. The youngest one so it seems like they re hazing him just like they re hazing him hardcore because he s the youngest little baby.

One fuck all you have the internet that reforms the internet. So young. But the content on the internet is media. So he s just the computer.


He s not big stuff on the computer. Great they all seem to be connected and some waiting on the other and some random easter egg side notes did you see that guy s google search at the morgue it s some horses she just needs to see some cute many horses likes to see tiny horses he s surrounded by death in a basement all day sometimes i just don t kill any cute horses. The other thing that i noticed is we mentioned this a couple so it s back during the the vaccine. There there s a weird filmic style that they go into where things slow mode.

So you get an in depth look in this case into shadow buying cigarettes out of a machine. And my theory back then is still my theory. Now it s showing a ritualization of something to somebody that smokes cigarettes you re going to go to that cigarette machine. And you re going to buy cigarettes.

And it s just going to be a thing that you do a tradition or a ritual that you do before you smoke cigarette. I found it really interesting. I think that that s what they re doing if not they re just wasting production funds for some unknown reason. So we got some questions from twitter.

One of them was great from ron bertels. He asked exactly what we were asking what the hell s going on with the tree who that tree who that tree where the tree who is that tree so we had an answer for you we think it s a new interpretation of mr. Wood. Mr.

Wood in the books is one of the black hats that works for mr. World. And they kind of just like follow shadow around they work for this agency. That doesn t have a name.

But this is probably a new interpretation of him based on this tweet from bryan fuller. With some concept art. So what do we have happening in next week s episode. So you guys can watch the promo yourselves.

But there s a new god being revealed. He s going to be recruited by mr. Wednesday his name is vulcan and he s the roman god of fire and weaponry. What does that mean in america it means guns baby guns.

I m super excited about next episode guys hit us up on twitter if you have any questions it really helps us out buddy hutton and chastity underscore v. Respectively. Asked both of us questions. Either of his questions hit them up at gamespot universe.

As well. I hope that you guys enjoyed this chastity final thoughts final thoughts. What are you dead people smell like when they re hanging out in your hotel room. ” .


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