Apex Legends Valentine s Day Event Update! Duos Mode + Free Reward + Double XP

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“Guys seth lee here back with another apex legends video. I hope you re all all having a fantastic day now today s video. We re gonna be covering the valentines day event that was just announced on twitter. I ll make sure to link that post down below if you guys want to go ahead and check out all the details but i m gonna cover all of that right now so starting off the event does go from february 11th to the 18th which obviously does start tomorrow.

When i am making this video. So they say invite that special somebody to join you for rendezvous. So this is called valentine s day rendezvous and they say hey all salad guy respawn here to tell you about the valentine s day rendezvous which runs february 11th to february 18th. They say what s in the valentine s day rendezvous.


So you can log in to collect your valentines 2020. Badge or i ll show that on screen right now. As well as duo s mode is going to return for a limited time obviously from the 11th to the 18th. So we do get a full week of duo s mode back.

Which is absolutely amazing as well as we get a double up xp boost. So you can squat up with a buddy and earn double xp up to 20 k per day. There are also some new and returning valentines items. There are two new pathfinder and nessie gun.


Charms. Which do look pretty cool as well as they are returning the last year s through the heart dmr longbow skin as well as the love of the game banner both at discount. Which is pretty nice both of these skins. I do remember i kind of regretted buying them because this was within the first few weeks of the release of apex.

They did have these two special skins for valentine s day last year. But they are returning so if you guys did miss out last year when the game did release you can get them now. But that s pretty much all for the valentine s day rendezvous. I am definitely excited to check out duo s mode tomorrow.


But i also wanted to do in mind you guys. We did post. The squad cast podcast episode number 9. Where we talk about season.

4. The l star everything revenant. Including the new event. We talk about a bunch of stuff so definitely make sure go check that out i ll link it down below.


As well as if you guys did enjoy this video make sure to hit that like button. And if you guys are new to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button turn on notification bell. But it s been your boy south lee and i m out ” ..


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