AppleTV based HiFi setup review B&W 685 Peachtree Audio Decco Cullen Cable Audiophile

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“You dude. This is the duck sandwich. I just wanted to run through my apple apple tv based high five that i have another video on where i actually have playing and you can hear it with different genres of music. So we ll start at the wall.

I ve got a column cable perfect plug. It s at a 65 replacement for your wall receptacle that filters the power coming through the wall and definitely cleans up the signal line. I don t have space for a full power conditioner. I normally use a tributaries t.

100. And they are kind of bulky and so this was a really cool option to use other 65. And you can go to collin cu. Lle and cable dot com.

And get that i just have kind of a generic monster cable..

Extension cord. Nothing really mmm hm to write home about this is a pulk psw 110. Subwoofer. I think they re like 225.

I mean it was on right now i got this for like 80 bucks on craigslist. It works really well it has some weight to the speakers. Because they do have a little bit less space than what i m used to in my florist. Anders sanus stands.

I think these were like 50 they are a 30 or 32 inch height. Something like that and then these are the previous edition. They just revamped these with a second. I think it s called the s2.

This is the bowers and wilkins 685..

They re normally six seven hundred ollars. I got these on ebay for 300. Because the tweeter someone put their finger cut up against it. And i fixed.

It with some tape and a q. Tip and kind of pulled it back out. And it sounds fine and only if you re up this close can you relief and tell that it s been damaged at all. But i can t tell the difference to the sound.

The speaker came all they have are from bluejeans cables. They re real popular and they re a really good value these are their 10 gauge with spades on the speaker. And and the locking bananas on the amplifier end moving over to the source. I ve got a.

I think..

It s the most current version of the apple tv with an upgraded power cable. This is also from tollan cable. This is his highest end that crossover series it s a two prong leno ground. I think it s around 100.

It s really nice extremely well built just a standard monoprice each do you mind going to my tv. And then i forget what brand. It is it s not really marked very well for the optical and then the optical comes over to the peachtree deco. 65.

And then uses the internal back in here. I ve got a line out with just an inexpensive monoprice set of rca cables that goes down to the subwoofer. I m sure everyone s probably familiar with the peachtree 65. This is the cherry cherry wood model so i m not going to go into too much detail about that it s great amp.

And actually office kind of smaller room..

These are the locking bananas on the other end of the bluejeans cable and then this is a another cullum power cable. This is the entry level red copper series. So this is also about 100 and it s massive. I mean.

This is a 10 gauge cable right here and you can imagine how big. This is it s really really well made i couldn t recommend column cable calm enough. He s a really nice guy too so that s my system. If you have any questions put them below and thanks for ” .


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