Are Virtual Machines Safe?

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“Virtual machines really safe well perhaps you visited this channel. Because you may be concerned concerned you perhaps want to install viruses like any other awesome person would do well to exposed anonymous today. We are going to break this video into three parts. How does the end work is a virtual machine safe against malware on your computer.

How to download a virtual machine so thanks for watching and don t forget to like and subscribe. So the real question is what are virtual machines. Virtual machines are a typical machine that are used by technicians worldwide virtual is a platform in which you may run a computer you may download this on your desktop or a laptop. If you proceed to do that you will be able to open another system into your primary system.

It seems kind of complicated. But i will explain more let s say that you want to test something on your pc. But you are scared to run it on your primary well with this machine you may run any kind to file on it it is like basically adding another pc into your pc. That is pretty rad like the hardcore server.


Say never of course. If you re like me. And you would want to add the craziest viruses out there for example. The meanest virus and may more well damn.

I guess that makes you an indian s government technician to answer your concern directly yes they may be safe for the most part they are safe. But you guys are probably asking exposed how come you said they may be safe well primarily the software runs on your device. Now even though. It is on your device.

It still detects it as another computer. That is why they are safe. But yep. There is a but in this sentence.


A doesn t have been known viruses or any virtual proof. Which means that those types of viruses may go through on to your primary system. But if you re going to test viruses. Here.

Is what you need to do make. Sure. You turned off your wi fi connection. Before running the virus.

If you don t. Do. This. Step.


The virus. May infect your wi fi and in fact. Other devices. And if you are somehow.

Sharing files. With your main computer. Then you have to turn it off if you don t the virus may spread to your computer with those corrupt files make sure you keep your computer healthy follow these steps last. But not least the download if you already have the virtualbox installed then you may exit out.

But in order to install this awesome program. You will need to click the link in the description you will need to click on download 55 file then you will download the extension in order to make it work after that run it and complete the settings. It will open up the page and you re almost done no per. Say that you have windows 7.


You will need to install another version from microsoft. It is kind of complicated you will need to visit the microsoft site and install windows 7. You will need to install the iso file. But i will leave a link to a video with more information about it thank you very awesome people for taking your time for watching this dumb person behind this screen hopefully you enjoyed this more animation and awesome content coming soon.

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