ARK Survival Evolved Gameplay – Behemoth Gates – Let s Play Ep20

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“Guys old in here welcome back to another episode of orc survival evolved guys. Thank thank you so much for all the love on the last video as always if do like the videos don t forget to give me some dap on that like button to show you support for the series and you can subscribe to the channel for more videos. So i ve been doing some building guys. That s why i m face the beach.

It s got to always be an epic introduction. You know you can t just like you can t just say hey you built some stuff. This is what it is now you got to kind of lead off and foreshadow a little bit. I don t know.

But anyway. I have been placed in a lot of stone walls mostly because i ve been collecting all of them and i finally got enough to where i can actually make my perimeter. And i didn t have a problem with the fences as i shared with you last time or that i guess i could say the fence foundations. Because they will face the wrong way so.

I had to redo a bunch of fence foundations and i finally made the perimeter around the base. So then did it yeah. There it is that was a lot less climactic than i had hoped for but at any rate. It s done so i m leaving these spaces open right now because i m not really sure the capacity in what i ll actually be doing for a way around.

I know when people pass on this beach. They re probably going to want to pass on the beach itself. Now this area is always blocked off by rocks and the ridge does start right there. So we really are going to have to have a way for people to pass over.

But i m thinking that two behemoth gates will probably be enough that s what i m thinking i want to do some dino stalls just for the specific types of dinosaurs to keep them organized like i m going to have some stalls for the cats. I m gonna have some stalls for the my utility animals like my like pebbles and hilda dana sheila and i want to have i don t know if i m going to keep phineas in a pan and i don t even know if bert s going to be in the complex itself. But i do want the ability to have them in and out. I m pretty sure bert will be in the complex.

But one of the things. That has been bothering me about my setup is the way that i ve been loading. Now it granted. It s it works so this area right here that i have my storage in like my little storage window it works to be able to access it but because i closed this off it kind of doesn t make sense anymore because i have to turn burt in a weird way to even put his arm in there.

So it s got me thinking a little bit about the design of the entire place one thing. I m thinking of is making like a walkthrough storage to where on one side. It s really really tall and the storage it goes around to where i can access it from the dinosaurs back no matter. What the height so maybe a row high and rouleaux and that would involve a lot more materials.

But aside from the stonewall perimeter. Most of the the building itself is going to be wood. Because that s going to be the easier thing to do not because it s once i have the dino walls everything else is going to be protected inside right. So.

Today. What i need to do is get together some behemoth gates. Now. I ve got a little bit of resources on me.

I ve been collecting a lot of this stone cementing paste let me see i think i have it right in here for the time being because i didn t know i was i was kind of logging in and logging off to get some stuff done let s see here it should be in the mortar and pestle. There we go so. I do have a hundred cementing paste. And i borrowed a blueprint for the behemoth gate and a blueprint for the behemoth gate.

Wait. So this is what s crazy this takes 35 summoning pace by itself and 20 polymer. Which takes two submitting paper. So just for one behemoth gate.

I m going to need let s see that s 40 that s 75 submitting paste which i thought i ve been gathering awhile..

And i only have a hundred so that s really really crazy you guys i mean really really crazy the amount that i m gonna need. But i m gonna take it all anyway and i m gonna go and at least make one set of the behemoth gates this right here. Takes. 15.

Cementing paste and the metal ingots. It takes us 60. So altogether. I m gonna need a hundred and ninety five metal ingots now.

I don t know how much i can actually take because a lot of the stuff you need to make let s see a lot of the stuff you need to make is the polymer so i m not gonna grab any of the metal here and bring it back. I think i m just going to make the polymer and for the polymer. Let s. See the recipe right here craftable he.

s actually. Yeah. Craftable x. polymer.

No. I m going to have to make it in the in the fabricator so let me grab speedy and i m gonna head to the compound and maybe by then it ll be light and i ll show you guys the construction of the various components that we re gonna need all right you guys. This is the contraption. We need to make the polymer it s called a fabricator.

I can actually build these but we do have blueprints form as well they do take a thing they take electricity. Which this one is hooked up to a generator which you can see right outside of here and this takes gasoline. So if you look inside here you could just put the gasoline. Which is made from oil you could just put the gasoline and you can power up the fabricators like that i ll eventually have one set up my base.

But right now all we need is this one really to start so we re going to go ahead and turn it on and we re going to access. It makes a lot of noise. And we ll put this inside. There s already a little bit of polymer made and we ll go in the composites and make a bunch of this stuff.

And then with this we can actually use it to make the behemoth gate. So the behemoth gate. We re going to need 20 polymer and that should be enough right there and for the rest. We ll see where we add on submitting face and stuff.

Before we make any more let s go ahead and turn this off so now that we have the 20 polymer. We can head back and make the fittings for the behemoth gates alright here. We go guys. So it has to be made of the smithy.

We ve got all the materials involved and we can go ahead and craft them so first we ll need the gateway. So we ll make that gave me quite a bit of xp. I think and then we ll need this which is the gate itself and we ll need 60 metal ingots. But you have plenty of this stuff.

Which is with 96 in and there we go craft how much do these things weigh a piece only four that s not bad at all it s weird considering the materials. It makes weighed over 200 all right let s see if we could place these so we re going to need another one as well let s turn down the gamma again. We re going to need another one as well we re gonna need one on either side. But i don t know how they fit i neglected to put any walls on this side or any foundations.

There are some foundations on that side. But i can easily break those so let s see another thing is i don t know how it s going to place. I guess. We re gonna have to come from the outside.

So let s see here if we put the gateway right here and the gate..

Right here. And we highlight that it is going to be it does line up like right here. I think how do how exactly does that work man. It s a lot bigger than i thought it was gonna be i mean.

I knew is gonna be big. But i kind of had no idea all right so i guess we re gonna have to do it there which means. I m gonna have to take out some of those stone walls. Okay.

Let s actually do that first so let s take the mileage stonewall s could not do it i m gonna do it on this side first that way because this is the sata access more because it s only way to the actual compound and if i do it on this side. Let s see here. That s going to be man the light rays are killing me. Let me.

See. If i could turn this off light shafts. No. It s just that time of the day all right well it looks like it places on top of any of it and the water it looks like it does go into the water.

We ll try it right here. Oh man it worked okay that s beautiful actually that is awesome. I didn t want it to take too much of the land space. And yeah.

And it ll go through okay. So the behemoth gateway or the behemoth. The gate itself should go right there. And i m guessing it ll just place.

There. It is wow. Ah. That thing is so big.

It s um. It s so huge like i ll forget until you walk right up to it it makes the walls that i put up look kind of tiny. We re actually going to fill in a lot of these walls and double it and triple hi. I m depending on i don t know depending on how much materials.

We we need it ll take a little while it s not gonna happen overnight for sure but we ll be adding to it as y all can see on the back. Let me use. My gateway for the first time hell. Yeah.

I have some vince foundations here i could probably scrap too. But if we go ahead and look at the back here. I ve started adding a second level of walls in the back. And it looks pretty good i don t know exactly where i m going to put my other dino gates.

I think i m gonna have dino gate in the back because i want to say sheila can fit through it. The only thing that i ll need to fit through the behemoth gates or phineas and burtt. I believe i think sheila can get back and forth through the regular donna gates. So we ll actually have to add some of those but i m gonna continue working here a little bit you guys and we ll get some more materials.

I think i ll try to get another. But he mitigate on that side and we ll be back. So i ve got another 440 stone or so for the rest of the wall. And in that back area you see that corner that s only one high.

I think i m gonna use a behemoth gate for that too now that s not gonna happen right now..

I m not ready to use that much i m not ready to gather that much submitting paste. But that s the plan for it that s so i can get through the back. I ve decided that i want one on the back as well on the sides of the house and possibly on the other side. But definitely right here first because that s going to be one of the main areas that i ll leave out of to go through this and is mainly going to be for access and exit to the compound from the beach or pasture buys from the other guys and stuff so another thing.

I was contemplating is using walls wood walls as the top so instead of too high. I could go three high right here quite easily. I m thinking. And it is going to provide a pretty cool look.

I saw armitage use it a little while back when he was in transition and i liked it a lot. It s like just a little trim tip almost like almost like fence. You know so it does a really good look. And it s relatively cheap to get aside from the fiber in comparison to the stone walls wood is just it s so much easier to get and then it again thatch is easier than that but i m not i m not interested in building fat over here.

Where the the water meets. The wall. Where there s a drop off i might do a little enclosure for sharks. But i m not positive.

Oh and it looks like there s a t rex on the beach. Okay hold on hold on trouble. Here. Did they already kill him no they didn t i gotta go get finn come on phineas let s go no time to get stuck on other animals buddy we got to defend the fort oh man bert s trying to get out ha sheila killed.

It ben you re a little late okay well that s a testament to what kind of protection. The walls are gonna provide so let s go ahead and get off of there doctor just flew right back that s really cool let s go see if there was any damage to any of this stuff. Because that s one thing that i was really really worried about um. How about this i m just gonna pull everybody over here come on guys back away from the wall.

So i can inspect the damage. Please. Poof okay. Let s go see so the rex was right over here or just pass on the heat.

Burt. The rex was right over here. And it looks like no damage to any of the walls. That s pretty impressive let me check him for any goodies.

Just a couple of arrows and stuff. The rest of it can he had a metal pick on him might as well take it and the rest of it can actually go i don t need the t. Rex arms or anything okay might as well just skin. Him.

Now. And i still really want to check the walls and stuff so it looks like 10000. On everything i don t think dinos can i thought i heard somewhere the dinos can t destroy stone walls and i guess that that rains pretty true over here which is good the so the wall didn t totally protect the dinos. Because the they weren t too high yet and the t.

Rex was able to kind of attack over the wall. So hopefully. We won t have to worry about that again once we get the next layer. But that just goes to show that the protection is coming along it s a it s better than it was before so i m pretty happy about that i m gonna continue with some of the wood fence and gathering that 440 stone or whatever so i can i can finish up this wall guys.

And i ll be back well you guys i got it done well at least this side so there s still that side over there that is um. That my t. Rex is sticking through right now stripe. But it s it s built up until about i think midway s through where the cabin is let s see here yeah.

It stops around right there so still quite a bit of wood left to do..

But there s double stone walls surrounding the entirety now the only thing that i don t have is anything in the water. I m going to make the walls extend out here sooner or later. I m probably going to put a few fence foundations and build board up the wall. Right there.

Because where the water comes out it does come out quite a bit and i wouldn t want any dino is just to kind of circumvent. The system and i have but in place. Just because the water is too shallow. But i don t think they ll go into the deep so probably a few more walls there.

Although i don t think i ll need a stone to do that i ll probably just do wood walls just because it would be a little little easier at least as able to be a little bit cheaper and this side the same thing. I ll probably come out with some wood walls underwater. We ll probably actually use fetch because it won t show at all and i don t think anything s going to come through with ash wall. Although thatch at the bottom might be kind of risky due to the fact that if anything does try to break it it s going to be really really really hard to do that oh boy is that a t.

Rex. That s an albino rex. What level is that guy is he high level level 33. No and he s coming this way.

Finneus. Let s go get him gotta protect gotta protect the tribe level. 33. No problem at all let s loot him just in case.

A white one it would be nice to get an albino when what is that notes on rock. Where recipe. I already have all this stuff. Oh well anyway.

We might as well just uh might as well just get finished to eat him finneus to finish him i don t know if that s a real word anyway guys. That is going to be it for this episode. I hope. Y all.

Enjoyed the building next time we come back. I d like to do some stuff around taming. I want to start taming. Some some rare creatures probably get another mate for um.

For phineas. Because phineas is a little uh fitness is a little lonely. I really want to make boosting and i also would love another color of spino so i m not too sure. It s gonna have to be kind of high level for me to settle for it so it might it might take a little while to find one and off camera.

I don t know if i m gonna be able to get any building done because i m about to go to the play on khan. Convention and i m gonna be out there for the next five or six days or so. So the content may be a little sporadic. If i don t reply to any reasonable concerns.

It s just because i can t reach my comment section. So well guys. That is gonna be it for the video today. I hope y all.

Really enjoyed it if you did please give me some dap on that like button. It really helps me out and subscribe to the channel for more videos. Thanks so much for watching as always this is audience signing off and we ll see you next time ” ..


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