ASH S ALOLAN TALE FULL OF FUNNY FACES! // Pokemon Sun & Moon Episode 1 Review

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“To patrol sound guys it s actually pretty good but not phenomena. But how can can i describe the very first episode of the new pokemon sun and moon anime. Let me sing. A song have you ever seen funny faces on the screen pokemon ranger.

I choose you what s up guys. It s your end about here. And i welcome you to the very first review of the pokemon sun and moon enemy and black ash let s dive right into the aloha region with episode 1 alala does starting island does starter pokemon. My first impression of this episode was met overall.

It was really enjoyable. I liked a tiny little story new atmosphere. The character and of course. The new pokemon.

The only thing i didn t got used to was the new art style. But i guess that s something we all will get used to while time is passing. But without any more station. Let s get roy into the rube.

Let s start with episode one where our main who seconds. Ash has entered a low low region and obviously he and pikachu. Having some great time riding on a sharpedo through the ocean. While discovering new pok mon like few cool muku.

Luckily after reaching the surface. While i m making one of many funny faces and after being scared by breakfast with another funny face for the very first time ash is meeting trial captain and water expert lana who seems to be really friendly..

But at the same time really quiet by the way from now on i will count every funny face made in this enemy. And by the time the enemy ends. We will see if we can reach 500 funny faces. But anyway clumsy as he always is he steps on eliten who was just chilling at the beach and of course.

There s no question that he deserves them fennekin treatment. Unlike lytton sexy s pokemon delia is able to relax until ash rushes to her and tells her about the amazing things he witnessed and shortly after that we are seeing a quick flashback of how ash s mother won a trip to a lola. An interesting note he left talk about a profit soak and i think the one missing pokeball is actually goodra since gujja has been left behind in the in the wetlands. Which would mean that he still has to ash greninja ball well at least.

I hope so we also see that ash has to take care of an egg as well. I m quite interested off what kind of pokemon event. Actually could be hopefully this will come up later. But for now.

It s shopping time and this scene just shows when you can t let this guy alone. Because he will run away without you noticing. It reason for that of course a new pokemon by the name of grubbin. Which according to the opening.

He will catch as well unfortunately not this time since grumman is able to escape and while chasing after it ash. Didn t really notice where tofu cocoa. The guardian deity has his eyes on our clumsy hero and decides to test or maybe. Tease ash by triggering.

Beware. A pokemon which looks friendly on the outside..

But on the inside. It s evil and after your bones reminds me of someone else. Luckily ash escapes back pedophilic nightmare and above. The sky.

He sees a fabulous charizard. And he decides yeah i want to go where he goes and suddenly. He sees a beautiful building. Which of course is the school and then he sees his beautiful and fabulous amada pokemon.

What what what what did you thought i was talking about idiot haha. But just like me ash also ignored elia completely and therefore he got run over by some tourist racers. Which are of course. The white marlow.

The quite lana and fat clement. I know i know his name is to focus. But i can t help it okay and after ash. Realized led to shy lilia is scared of pokemon shortly after that he recognized lana from earlier before and when marlowe gives him a tour through to school malo.

You re cool. And that s really nice of you but back off that guy s taken and soon malo introduces him to sampson oak and oh. I have the feeling that he will race the funny face counter to another level. I called it and yes.

I would do the same exact face and after a short skype call woof professor oak malo is leading our forever young boy to the classroom. But officially ash can t really enjoyed this beautiful landscape..

Because he soon sees the charizard rider from earlier. The passionate kiowa being bullied by team skull members who are after his charizard. I mean i really can t blame him it s chara enough said but no need to worry since our kanto hero is there to support kiara and before defeating all the members pokemon. He ava s tornado is giving them the finishing blow with the so called z move.

Which in my opinion. Just looks like a move straight out from inazuma. Eleven. Wife and boy all over the z.

Move ash vent. Suddenly ceased topic. Coco and after describing. How it looks like the surprise.

People around him are explaining that what he just saw was one of the guardian deities. Still not over everything he witnessed today ash can t help. But smile all of his face. But his inner happiness soon gets disturbed by taboo coco himself and after finally facing the deity face to face.

He decides to gifted speechless ash. As d ring with an electro crystal fully pumped after his fateful encounter ash. Thanks his mother for letting him stay in a lola and of course dahlia. Knew of met sooner or later vat would have happened and after seeing ash.

Getting late to school. The episode ends wow..

I actually got fluvus review and we got what so many funny face already oh my god but anyway let s dive right into my impressions for the first two episodes. I really don t want to give ratings because for now. It s a little bit too early to judge the animation. And i also have to get used to the art style.

But i want to say that overall. I was actually really surprised of how smooth the animation is anta bands are animated awesome. There s not really a story for now since the island tryouts haven t begun yet. But the characters already have some trademark personalities at the very beginning.

And i think that s cool well besides fat clement. But one big issue. I have with this series after watching the first two episodes is that they obviously want to make clear that this is a comedy and it shows. But it might be in almost comedy combined with the facial expressions of nearly everybody feels forced it really feels forced i hope they won t write the comedy train for 24 7.

Or at. I don t know if i can watch that anime from beginning to end but besides my overall had a very good impression of the saloon enemy. It was pretty good but it didn t have that phenomenal impact which acts y hat. But i have high expectations for this anime and hopefully.

The concept of story and character development will show more variety in the future so guys. I really hope you enjoyed this little review review of episode 2 welcome soon and see you guys in my comment section down. ” ..


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