Asus Republic Of Gamers G74SX Laptop Unboxing

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“32 bit lenovo g550 that i purchased two years ago tax time was taking too too long to record videos and wouldn t support have programs like adobe premiere. This plays a lot let s go ahead and open. This bad boy up got this at best buy for about twelve nineteen. It s eight gigabytes of ddr3 ram.

That must be the battery wow obviously it is i am by the way using my 1200 watt cowboy studio lights there s the specs on the battery. Honestly i m going to turn this up because i don t know how it oh there we go nothing in that all this thing is heavy. I didn t want to do it this way. But i m too impatient.

We will uncover this bad boy in here in a second this has some heavy stuff in it too. The box is now empty. That is a power break haha here s the star of the show tada otherwise say that gay..


I m gonna go ahead and uncover this back panel holy cow. Let me get a good zoom in on that looks like you got your two hard drives. Which it s one terabyte. So it looks like it s 500 gigabytes each here s the wireless card.

There s your ram. Which looks like there s there s a total of four slots in there you pop these out what you re not going to do. There s you can tell. There s an additional slot for other memory sticks.

So i m assuming you can put like 64. Gigabytes or something like eight gigs at gigs eight gigs. Eight gigs..


Which is like 32 right now. It only has eight of the 1333. It s pretty neat you just screw it in and unscrew it go in put the battery in it there. We go wow you weren t even seeing that so i ll do it again basically you put this corner in first pop it down.

And that s it s locked in there until you push this forward on the back you have these massive heat vents over here. You got your blu ray or not blu. Ray. This isn t the one that comes up blu ray.

It s just dvd gives it to unlock two usb. Ports i think they re 30. I don t know maybe it s just to point out there s the headphones and the microphone nothing right here and on this side you have your hdmi power ethernet usb..


30 that is a usb. 30 port that is freaking sweet all to by a usb 30. Hard drive now and another usb slot and an sd card slot. This thing is massive pull this off the keys are backlit go ahead and press power.

While i go ahead and give it some juice from the wall. This is probably hopefully an hd webcam at the top. I need to get this a little higher. There s a little light on the power cable and just plug it yourself.

I m going to go ahead. And cut the video right here. And do a review of this laptop someday..


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