Asus ROG G551J Laptop Disassembly SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Benchmark & Review

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“So here we have an easiest g5 v. 1j. And it s a gaming laptop laptop from the republic of gamers. As you can see here this was purchased 2015.

It s working fine. But it s getting a little slow and the hard drives full and so what we want to do is rip. It apart do a quick dismantle and change. The hard drive for a solid state drive or a at least another new spinning disk that s faster.

So what we re gonna do is rip. It apart right now okay so the first thing. We re going to need to do is pull the battery over so let s do that display that over and the see there lifts. Up or slides.

Out. I m guessing it lifts up yep lifts up so it goes typical battery. Nothing too interesting there. But obviously what make sure it s powered off.

Sometimes you have to pull the dvd out i don t know whether we have to do this case. We re just gonna find out so let s start cleaning this apart. So. We just take a standard philips screwdriver and pull up the screws.

It s always best to lay the screws out in the order that you told them out so. There s no mystery of when you try to put them back in if one s larger or smaller or whatever so i was try to lay them out in that same order. So this one s stuck a bit let s just fish. This one out go okay.

So i ve got the two screws out sometimes underneath the legs. There are screws and you sometimes have to just put your finger on and rip that off however as you can see here just trying to demonstrate that to you that i was able to slide it out if i wasn t able to slide it out i would use a card. I would put it in and i would slide around like that that s the best sort of pry tool to use if you don t have the proper tools. Let s let s just slide that out go oh and look the hard drives right there.

I don t have to disassemble the whole thing. But we re going to because it s fun so i can see in here. That there s a secondary slot for memory. There s the hard drive that s a sata hard drive that s your wireless card those to it those two wires are the antennas one of them will go into the bottom of the unit here another one will go up and into the screen.

Let s continue to disassemble this just for fun even though. We don t really have you i just need gonna pull this drive out well that s just a pull the back off completely. So we can see the rest of it. So there s a screw at the back here ok.

So here is the dvd and you can see there s a little hole here. So the way to pull that out is usually just to pop a paperclip in there. And i m gonna have to pull the hard drive out here curved drive screws out. And i think i need to eject this dvd so what i m going to do is i m gonna pull a dvd around i m gonna get a paper clip and i m going to put the paper clip in the little hole that you can see here.

And that will eject the drive. There it is then the question is does just slide out that s great so the dvd just pops up like that nothing too complex okay so i m gonna pull..

These two screws out that are on the side here i don t know that they re required. But they re only going to take a second so let s do that so these were under the dvd. There we go okay so i pull those two screws out and now i ve seen this price point. I m just gonna turn there s a pride when i m just gonna pull this out.

I m gonna put my credit card in here. And i m just gonna slide. It along and see if we get this to pop let s see here. Yeah you can see right here that that s now got a nice gap on it and this whole thing is gonna come off.

And i m just gonna keep working it around with this card. And you may hear some snaps of plastic sounds worse than it is don t worry about it just keep going you you won t break it. Well you re not likely to break it there we go so as you can see i have it apart now and i don t want to pull it all the way off because i don t want these wires to be a you know hammered here so let me just show you what you ve got you ve got your that s your cpu fan and that s a heat pipe to reduce the temperature all right so one of the advantages of taking this off because i can see that that cpu fan way down in the back here is bummed up with dust and fuzz and junk. So.

I m gonna take a can of compressed air sounds like your sound card that is your networking card for your wireless network memory game two slots and this is an sd card reader and this header is for solid state drive. It says ssd that s nice this would have been one awfully expensive drive. If it had an ssd back in the day. I think that s about it so all i ve done so far when i pulled us apart.

Is you see these two cables came off all these cables are the antennas as i said one of them goes to the top of them goes to the bottom. And don t worry about that if that happens to you you can just put it back on they literally are just designed they just clip in so. I m gonna do that right now. I m gonna put this back push it back down and while it was off camera.

I did find that there was an additional screw that i had missed right there that was causing me grief. So let s pop these back on so these little antennas just clip onto that little head and you just apply a tiny motor. Pressure you finger you ll feel it go click and that s it there we go so just clicked in nicely let s push this all down. Happiness is so to be clear let s count.

The numbers fears because they did miss one as i said so there s one two three four five six seven eight nine then there were the two over here ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen. I think that s it so i m gonna put this all back together. But i m not gonna have you sit here waiting we ll speed through it so you don t have to waste your time. Watching this so now we have to download windows.

10. Which is pretty straightforward. Just do a search for windows 10 media. Creation tool.

And don t go to any place. But microsoft. Not microsoft you re not in the right place and ignore the upgrade this pc and click. This one download the tool and the tool will download as you can see when it s finished checking there you go you can just run.

And what this tool will do is it will create a install for you on a memory stick or if them for that matter on an external hard drive. It really doesn t make much difference and we ll run through this really quickly but i ve got a memory stick in my hand i m gonna pop it in my computer right now and make sure there s nothing there because this is gonna wipe it out so there s the disc. I just plugged in don t really care about it. Oh.

I read that with my lawyer getting a few things ready exciting i m gonna skip through this so you don t have to sit here and wait through some of these pauses now instead of upgrading this pc. You select create a media to create media and i can know it s looking at this computer that i m working on and that s not the one i care about now it happens to be everything here is correct..

But i just want to show you what the options are so windows 10. There can be different options here 32 bit or 64 bit or both if you want to create a generic usb stick of course. Nobody wants it i think with 64 bit and in my case. My language is english us now you saying.

But that doesn t say whether it s home or pro or whatever well with the exception of enterprise and education. All of the versions will be here so it s all one image. So you don t have to worry about it. So.

If you have home or pro. And that includes the european inversions and whatever else they ll all be here. So you just click next. And it s gonna say well where do you want to do that you want to create an iso.

Which is the old thing it used to use if you re making a dvd which nobody does anymore or you click usb flash drive and of course that s what i want to use and it doesn t actually have to be a flash drive by the way just be an external usb drive. It doesn t make any difference. So there we go plug that in as you can see it says. 8 gig.

I m going to click next and it s saying well how about this one yep that s what i want to use and next and progress and this is going to take about if you have a fast connection. It s going to take about 20 minutes. And it s gonna make a usb stick for you and then we re gonna take that stick out program plug it in the machine. So let s skip through the rest of this you don t get bored.

Waiting alright. So the media creation tool finished and i ve removed the usb stick. I can now plug that into any computer and boot off of it install the windows 10 clean a lot of people will ask what happens with licensing well if that machine is windows 10. On it previously they will automatically relicense.

There s nothing for you to do other than to to complete the install and let it connect to the internet and it will automatically activate if it hasn t already been licensed if that hardware has not already been licensed in the past. It will not be on file with microsoft. And it will ask for a license key and you will have a choice. There which is to run unlicensed.

Which will be quite annoying because it ll do things like log you out every 30 minutes and give you warning notices that you re not licensed or you could just buy a license either directly from microsoft or online. And just type. The code in and then from that point on that hardware that pc. That laptop that device will be licensed for its entire life.

So you can wipe it out a thousand times using this process that we ve just shown you and it will relicense every time just take in my usb stick with windows 10 on it. And i pop it into a usb slot preferably a usb. 3. But whatever slots you ve got is fine open.

It up and let s power it up ok. So that s normally f2 to get into the bios. But it really depends on your brand. I ll gigabytes is its escape or delete on dells.

It s f2 or f12 it really depends on the brands. You re gonna have to figure that out yourself..

But f2 is a great place to start it function too so you can see here. It s come up. And what i want to do is go change the boot order. I want to boot off of the usb stick that i just plugged in you can see that s right here uefi kingston datatraveler that s my usb dick.

I m just gonna press enter on that and it s going to boot off my trusty usb stick and it s going to load windows 10 and because this machine already had windows 10 on it it s going to automatically activate. I do not even need a license key so let s see what happens all right so now i m just gonna run through this okay so sure that s happy defaults install now all right after carefully reading that and consulting. My lawyer. I decided to accept the terms.

I want a custom install ah so the disk. I put in actually did have some stuff on it all right so i m gonna go into here. And i m going to delete everything so this is obviously a drive. I played with before and we re going to let this run and i won t make you wait so very first thing you do when you re gonna run a benchmark is patch second thing you do is turn off your wireless and your antivirus.

So let s go through that we ll go to check for updates. Always a good idea to update. The bios and firmware as well okay so we have nova bench installed. We have patched we have rebooted and now what i need to do is turn off the wireless.

So i ll go down here to do and the dingoo and you want to turn off the antivirus before doing any testing. So there s going to your settings. And say protection. Which we just did and before you yes.

There is no antivirus. We know and before you do anything you want to go into your device manager. So just right click on the start button and select device manager and just make sure that there are no bangs bangs are those yellow triangles with a exclamation mark in them that tell you that there s a problem. The driver or whatever everything looks fine here in particular.

Though you do want to probably drill it into your video card. And that s under display drivers and make sure that your video card is installed correctly. So in this case. You ll see there are two the hd.

4600. The video card that s built into the intel chip. And there s an add on card here. Which is the nvidia geforce gtx 960m.

So it s pretty big card let s run nova bench and just before we do that let s check. A couple of things there go to task manager while waiting for that to come up and go into performance. And let s just take a look at the chip here just going to right click and select. Logical processors and you can see here this has this an i7 47.

20 hq running at 26. Gigahertz. It has for real cores and for hyper threads for total of 8 cores. You can see it explains that down here there s your memory.

Which is 8 gig of ram this tells you what your disk is doing the gpu this is quite interesting this tells you where your graphics card is 440 well what it s slowing it down. What s what s running..

What s not so this is actually relatively new let s get over that now because you don t want anything running. When you re doing your benchmark you want to close everything okay so let s click start test now this is going to take about two minutes. And i m not going to have you sit and watch. Now that s your nova bench.

Score. That s fifteen thirty that is an impressive number the disk speed. However is horrible with that for a spinning disc that s okay now running a single test never a good idea always run three there we go so we have you know so let s call us let s call this 1500 as the speed now i want to click on the cpu here. And give me a little bit more detail floating ops integer.

So on and so forth and the disk is yeah. The disk is really the bottleneck here you can see that and that s because it s not a solid state disk. But this is one impressive score. Fifteen hundred for a four or five year old laptop.

That is not goofing around okay now we re going to benchmark this with a solid state disk. We re going to wipe it out reload the entire thing and go from there we re just going to take that solid state disk. Which is right here. And that s a kingston 240 ssd now 200 version.

Two and we re just gonna put it in and just jam. It in so you put that in upside down. I think that s it and just jam it in we re just gonna put it in loose. Because we re probably gonna put the spinning disk back in so there we go let s flip it over now and we will install windows 10 on it okay so we ve got our windows 10 on the stick we re just gonna plug that in and power it up and in this case.

We re gonna press f2 to just keep pressing f2 over and over again to get into the bios there we go and now we use the right arrow button to go over to the last option. There we go and down to the set there we go kingston there we go positive press. Enter and it will boot off that stick okay so we have turned off the antivirus. We have turned off the wi fi.

So there s nothing running into the background you can see cpu. There is not doing anything we re gonna start over then so we re just gonna her good friend eric s gonna click start and just type in nova and once again we re not going to say every time you just will you can just watch this. You can see this is 1540 1570 1540. That s fine now you see the disk score at the bottom.

It says 83 look at those. Numbers so with the with a brand new spinning. Discs at 7200. Rpm.

We had a write speed of 90. Meg per second. And a read speed of 160. So where for let s just do this conveniently we re five times the right speed and let s call it four times.

The read speed and this is on a ssd. Yeah. This is yeah you need to go to an ssd that s the short version of it alright. If you have any questions please get.

” ..

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