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“What s up guys my name is thomas park welcome back to another video today. Today. We re gonna be checking out avg secure vpn. It s kind of like vg s antivirus kind of vpn component.

We kind of looked at some other options like just kind of similarly like advanced and stuff like that we do want to take a look at every vpn doe. So i m gonna be taking a look at this one. See if it s worth using house 2x up with more kind of specific niche. Vpn services is it gonna compare is it gonna be much worse.

How is it gonna be as a service overall today well that s what we re gonna be finding out. So. Let s go ahead and get into the review. Hey guys just a reminder to check out vpn to your list comm.

It s a collection of all my ratings on the channel. And you re gonna find lots of helpful information here on how to choose a vpn anyways back to the video. So first up guys. We do have a vg s website.

Right here and one cool thing about it is that it does have a pretty generous free trial. You could use it for seven days without needing to give them a credit card or anything. I kind of wish more vpn providers would do this. But i could kind of see why they don t a lot of vpn providers can be easily abused with these trial systems and then why i don t recommend it i could kind of see why a lot of vpns.

Don t really do this anymore. You know with avg secure vpn. Maybe they re trying to break into the market. A little bit so they have to be more generous with a free trial.

Nevertheless. It is very useful for someone like me who s just looking to test it out or for someone like you who also wants to test it out however things aren t as good in terms of the pricing model it s kind of a weird pricing model you re gonna have to go down here it s gonna be 89 a year it splits it up by seven dollars and fifty cents per month using five devices at a time for simultaneous device use but ninety dollars a year is pretty expensive..

Most of the vpns that i recommend are anywhere between thirty to sixty dollars a year including streaming options with that so ninety dollars a year is pretty expensive. It s a little less expensive than something like expressvpn. Which is some of the most expensive vpn providers out there we ve even seen some vpn providers out there kind of lower their prices from these expensive price points over the years so this one s kind of sticking to this high price point. You know is it going to be worth it well we re gonna have to find out in this review.

But i also kind of wish that there was more pricing options really only you know the yearly package. Here. Which is kind of weird. You would think there d be more monthly and semi annual commitment plans to sign up for let s say you wanted to do maybe.

10. Bucks a month instead of 90 at once that s just kind of annoying and it s the iguana rope. You want for an entire year anyways guys let s go ahead and move onto the next category. That being the application alright guys.

So this is what a vg s application looks like for vpn. Now. It is gonna be pretty simple. It is easy to use which is a good thing about it it s not gonna have you know all the comparable.

Features like you know a lot of epeans. Have this is pretty much gonna be yet it just has auto connect features exclude some trusted networks. A kill switch um. So it has basic things and it does have like a decent amount of service to pick from and a decent organization of these servers as well as options here specifically for streaming p2p and stuff like that which is cool you don t always see you know this with some of these vpns.

So i would say that for like a side project. Almost for this company. A side vpn. A complementing their main kind of component antivirus branching into a new area.

This isn t the worst effort by any stretch of the imagination. I do like the server organization..

I do like the amount of servers as well as the options for the servers. However i can t help but feeling that there could be more customization in the settings. We don t really have much options to change protocols. We don t really have that much options to change ports.

We don t have that much options to add custom ip s proxy support stuff like that if you want to see more advanced kind of customizable vpns go ahead and check out tier. One and most of the tier 2 vpns on you know vpn tearless comm. Some of the most customizable being stuff like tor guard and air vpn overall. Though not a bad application.

And it gets the job done just not super customizable now in terms of the speed test the avg secure vpn actually did surprisingly well i m just connecting to the optimal server location. Which isn t always that good with every vpn. Some vpns you connect to the optimal location like with wind crab always puts me in canada and i m not certain why. But this one we are really good speeds among the best in terms of speed test.

Which is really impressive. We re gonna have to see if the actual download rates come hair. But let s go ahead and check that out so guys while we did see a really good speed test for avg secure vpn. I m really good in fact the actual use case of speeds isn t as impressive for torrenting.

We re only seeing around 2 to 4 megabytes. A second which is pretty dang slow. I would say a lot of vpns are kind of in this range definitely vpns that are in this range. I would call slow to mediocre.

We see most vpns falling within this range. Now there are a couple of vpns that are much faster so for this one we re getting around 2 to 4 megabytes. A second some vpns like tour card and expressvpn namely can get anywhere between like 25 megabytes. A second 240 megabytes a second for me so they are much faster.

I don t know if it s that the more servers. They don t have as many people on the servers or they have more spending more money like giving users better speeds more bandwidth not sure what it is but that s just how it is and this just looks like to be another kind of mediocre speeds vpn especially for torrenting now we did get some good speed tests..

But actually i ve been using this vpn for a couple days or so testing out some browsing and stuff like that and i ve noticed a little bit of browsing speed being a little bit slow connecting the websites us comes sometimes take long just navigating the internet overall can kind of feel a little bit laggy. Which is definitely kind of disappointing. You don t really want that to be the case when using a vpn provider. Because it s gonna make you kind of not want to use it right so that s just my thoughts on speeds kind of disappointing.

Surprisingly avg also works with netflix. Which is actually very surprising a lot of these kind of side products from these security companies don t always work with streaming services. Not sure if it s a fluke if they actively kind of unblock netflix and g restrictions or it s just you know good luck. Who s to say.

But it is working for me right now. However while it did work with netflix. It s not working with hulu. Which is definitely disappointing not only that but prime video isn t working either.

Which sucks now i even went so far as to try the streaming servers. But even they don t seem to be that successful with streaming so definitely a letdown there look guys in terms of the reputation in terms of the privacy policy and stuff like that honestly. It s not that good the you know they say we don t collect any data on our our vpn. But if you look at it of course they re gonna collect the operating system and they ll explain you know they re using it for troubleshooting and stuff like that they ll kind of like the version in fro.

As well as application advanced like connection logs when you install it and stuff. Like that so they do collect logs you know is it gonna be anything that can identify you well apparently not according to them since they don t collect your originating ip address. However there are vpns with less logs. There are vpns with better privacy policies.

Now mostly with these big kind of companies like avg avast and stuff. Like that they do kind of have the you know decent support. Usually you know most of the time. Though you re gonna have to call them or something like that doesn t look like avg specifically has live chat.

Which is definitely been annoying. So it s always kind of things have been the most convenient way for me to talk to people and a lot of people just like talking to live chat..

They don t like having to call someone to ask some questions so i kind of sucks over all this kind of yeah. Another consideration for privacy is that avg also hones hidemyass vpn. Which is not that respective of a vpn. It s been some issues there in privacy in the past like a log and stuff not only that but vg itself was also acquired by avast software.

So whether you like avast or not could also influence your decision you know how you feel about these companies. So guys overall avg. Just doesn t really hit the mark with this one. The pricing is too expensive the application that middlee is okay for this kind of side project feeling kind of product from avg speeds aren t very good even though speed tests were really very good.

But torrent speeds and just day to day browsing on the internet through browsers was very slow and reputation here. You know it s not the best they do collect the decent metal logs they kind of have like a weed history of different acquisitions and stuff like that which kind of kind of muddles the puddle a little bit if that s an expression and then the customer support here two point five out of five. They don t have any live chat from what i could see they do have phone support and maybe decent support. But it s just not gonna be as accessible as some other options out there from some other vpn providers finally streaming they only work with netflix which is definitely a bummer you re gonna lose a lot of points there but actually kind of surprise you to see that they they do work with.

Netflix which is better than nothing. Overall though guys 19. Five out of five is going to be the final verdict. Here.

Tier. 4. Vpn not really wreck and it just got too low of marks across the board here not a terrible terrible vpn to be honest you know there are worse out there it s not the worst. One of all but definitely not really one that you probably want to be using compared to some other options out there especially in tier.

One go ahead and check out vpn telecom and see which one those are and i ll see you again very ” ..

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