Beauty and the Beast Extended Trailer (CW 2012)

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“Years. I ve been asking myself why did my car break down that night hi hi mom. What if my mother simply hadn t answered her phone. I am.

So for dragging you out here you re just lucky. I was on call you always come running when they meet you who were those men look we already called highway patrol and who or what stopped them everyone told me it was a wild animal that this thing. I thought i d seen was just the result of my concussion. I believed them until now because now.

I m a new york cop detective. 25..

In my latest case might just lead me back to the secrets of my own past csu lifted prints off a button specialist. Vincent keller. Md. He was a doctor oh look.

He s military wow. What he s dead nypd. I know you re up here. I can hear you i need you to step out where i can see you you re vincent keller.

You look pretty good for a dead guy. Why were your prints at the webster crime scene..

I saw her collapse. She needed help why do you have that catherine. But no one can know in here. We are not done here.

What the hell are you doing you re right. There s nothing up there this is agent mccleary fbi hi. This detective catherine chandler nypd. I have a weird dna sample that could relate to my mother s murder case agent mccleary.

I appreciate you doing this i wonder if i made you a there s my fist shadows. The mummy gonna talk about it how about a drink can you drink..

I think we got beer great tell me about yourself what happened to you after i lost both my brothers in the towers. I enlisted in the service. I had the chance to make a difference all i know is that they changed our dna. They made us stronger faster.

I couldn t control us so they gave orders to eradicate us all you just been hiding out here. Yeah exactly you go out there and you save people guess. It reminds me of what used to be and doctor human you have to stop all contact with me what about me you need to move off you cannot just tell me to move on i don t get it do you i do last night that was the first time since my mom died that i haven t felt crazy you re crazy showing up here alone. I could kill you in less than a second now go all these years.

Everyone thought. I was crazy oh new look..

I just found six cases of you trying to save victims around the city you re not a monster you re like a superhero. But now i know somewhere. He s watching me not the reason your mom s dead. It wasn t your fault for years.

He s been protecting me. So i ll be damned. If i ever let anything hurt him beauty and the beast coming this fall to ” ..


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