Best 17-Inch Laptops – For People That Like Larger Screens

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“Today s episode of ten best ones. We re going to check out the top top 5 best 17 inch laptops. I made this list based on my personal opinion. I try to list them based on their price quality durability and more if you want to see the price and find out more information about these you can check out the links below.

In the description and a comment section. Alright. Let s get started with the video at number five. It s the electronics pa.

71. Hp. 6. The electronics pa 71 hp.

6. Is a laptop for graphic designers gamers or any pc enthusiasts seeking a high performance desktop replacing laptop. It s true. That electronics might not be as popular as other brands in the gaming market.

But they have earned huge praises and popularity among its consumers mainly because of their budget systems that have great hardware specifications despite their price. The best example is seen in this model design wise. The entire chassis looks simple. But thankfully.

It s created from aluminium rather than plastic and should provide better handling and durability to users the form and shape are modern and the dimensions are satisfying the device includes a premium full size customizable color backlit keyboard with a 10 key numeric keypad as for performance this laptop has great features it s powered by an intel core i7 quad core processor regarding memory. The 16 gigabyte ddr4 ram memory makes it suitable for personal and professional use as well as gaming and basic photo and video. Editing without a. Problem moving on this.

Unit comes with a 173. Inch. Full hd. Ips screen that outputs a lifelike and consistent colors from wide viewing angles.

Regardless of the mode. You intend to use it in moreover. It s 6 l66. What our primary battery offers a great average battery life.

But as usual everything depends on how you use it. The connectivity is quite complete with the inclusion of a thunderbolt. 3. Port usb c.

Port. Mini displayport and hdmi port the wi fi communication is also great here as it uses intel wireless ac eight to six five which offers better performance than any standard wi fi chipset. If you think performance is the most important then this could be your best shot here both the processor and the graphics card should give you the performance you need as you re able to play even high quality games generally users claim that they re rarely satisfied with everything that this device offers despite the low price so it s really recommended to conclude. Ignoring electronics.


Because you ve never heard of it before is a mistake so give it a try and it ll prove to you it can deliver a great gaming experience coming in at number four. It s the dell inspiron. 17. 7000 dill s inspiron.

17. 7000 is a solid performer and a compelling option for businessman looking to show off their content. While on the move. There s plenty to talk about with this device.

But we re just going to have a look at the most important features aesthetically speaking this unit is really attractive its brushed aluminium chassis contrasts well with the displays matte black bezel which positions are silver dell logo. At the bottom overall. There s also solid build. Quality the inspiron sport selection is decent featuring one hdmi.

14. Port one. Usb. C port a usb.

30 port with power share the usb 20. Port and an sd media card reader the communication features include intel dual band wireless ac wi fi and bluetooth allowing you to have an easier connection with other devices on the other hand. Keyboards have been a bone of contention on a number of dells high end offerings in recent years. Honestly in my opinion this keyboard doesn t present the strongest side of this laptop because the keys with shallow travel combined with a huge wrist rest which won t give you much comfort ability when talking about performance though the dell inspiron 17.

7000 packs an intel core i7 processor with 16 gigabytes ddr4 of ram. Memory an nvidia geforce mx. 150. Graphics coprocessor and when we add its 173.

Inch full hd touchscreen display. Which has 44 more pixels than previous models. You ll absolutely have the most fluid gameplay. It s important to mention that through the waves max audio pro.

This device brings crisp rich sound to your favorite music movies and videos. So you can enjoy listening moving on this model comes with a special ten key numeric keypad. Which makes the laptop more efficient to work with data additionally. The battery life is not impressive.

But since you ll have this unit plugs in a charger. This shouldn t bother you in general the users claim that this laptop offers a great performance. And it s highly recommended in conclusion. You should definitely consider the inspire on 17 7000.

As your next purchase because it has everything that a typical gamer could wish for and at number three today it s the hp omen. 17. Team when the competition is relentless greatness is achieved by those who rise to the occasion. The hp omen 17.


T. Takes performance seriously equipped with powerful hardware. This laptop will help you conquer any in game. Challenge design.

Wise. This laptop comes to you conservatively designed it lacks the hard angles and sharp lines of most other high powered laptops. The device is plastic throughout and it definitely feels that way the face imitates the look of carbon fiber. Which gives it a little more of the powerhouse gaming laptop feel it features a dragon red backlit keyboard with highlighted wasd keys customizable macros and a 26 key rollover anti ghosting ensures every keystroke is recorded accurately.

Now let s talk about performance for its price. The omen 17. T is an insane. Laptop it comes to the eighth generation coffee like 22.

Gigahertz intel core i7 processor 16 gigabytes of ddr4 sdram memory and an nvidia geforce gtx 1070 with 8 gigabytes and gddr5 dedicated graphics card so we can safely conclude that this laptop is a real beast for almost every kind of job you intend it for including gaming. As for the display. The spacious seventeen point three inches provides full hd or ultra hd. Resolution.

Ips wide viewing angles. And an optional 144 hertz. Refresh rate offering you a great view during your long working or playing sessions. Furthermore.

This laptop presents a solid battery life eight cells with an 86 port hour battery. And two 30 watt ac power adapter. But as we already know everything depends on your. Usage regarding.

Connectivity it includes three usb 30. Ports. One hdmi port one display port one microphone jack an ethernet port sd card reader and it also has bluetooth 40. As for the camera it houses a front facing hp wide vision hd.

Webcam finally games look and run incredibly well even 4k works. Well. Which is a testament to the power of the gtx. 10 series card.

So i recommend this machine to gamers for a great gaming experience overall the hp omen 17. T. Deserves your attention because it looks wonderful. And it s capable enough to accommodate the taste of the most demanding customers in the market at number two it s the electronics.

Nh 70. Hk1. If you re looking for a premium gaming laptop. That packs enough raw power to play modern triple a games.


Without stuttering on high settings. The answer is the electronics n87 th k1. It offers real estate for an assortment of ports. And some room to grow into something figure through upgrades.

And the full hd screen sweetens. The pot aesthetically speaking. This model comes in an excellent black sturdy construction. The lid is black with the electronics logo etched in black and so is the rest of the laptop a good contrast to the many led lights that are doing the keyboard.

The keyboard and touchpad are sturdy well constructed and performed reliably it uses a full rgb backlit keyboard with a 10 key numeric keypad and the wasd gaming keys are well set the main highlight here must be the capability to change the colors and glow effects on the fully illuminated. Keyboard the electronics pro offers plenty of. Connection options including two. Usb.

30 ports one usb. 20 port one usb c 31. Port one hdmi port two mini display ports and ethernet port a headphone jack a microphone jack and an sd card reader extras include a fingerprint reader tpm 20. And a kensington lock wireless connectivity.

Comes via intel dual bound a ca 265 and bluetooth 42. It also has a two megapixel full. Hd. Webcam and an array mic for online gaming sessions as for the features.

The specs of this laptop are quite good as well starting with its seventh. Generation. 28. Gigahertz intel core i7 quad core processor with 16 gigabytes ddr4 mm 400.

Megahertz ram memory and the 4 gigabytes gddr5 vram nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti graphics card it ll ensure blazing fast speeds for your ultimate user experience as for the display the spacious 173 inch laptop provides full hd resolution. An ips panel with wide viewing angles. And a resolution of 1920 to 1080 pixels. So you ll always be satisfied with what you see furthermore battery life is never a strong point for gaming laptops.

All you can expect from the 6l. 62. Watt hour. Is the average three to four hours of battery life.

Which isn t a surprise. So don t stay away from the charger. Too long especially when playing games over all the electronics pro is a great choice at a great price and top of the list. Today.

At number one it s the msi gs70. One for stealth this laptop impresses with a level of performance on par with bulkier casually styled gaming notebooks design. Wise. This particular laptop has a beautiful design using an aluminium and plastic combination while the materials make the device look like a tank.


It feels as if it s made of glass. When you hold it in your hands above the screen. There s the usual camera. Plus.

Mic combo on the surface area. We can see a ventilation drill as well as some tiny holes. Which has some front facing speakers beneath them is the keyboard. Which is more gaming oriented the keyboard is backlit by the eye pleasing user programmable steelseries branded rgb leds the connectivity offers plenty of options like three usb.

30 ports two 35 millimeter. Headphone jacks. A mini displayport and eight my. Fault a thunderbolt.

Connector an sd card slot and a. Usb a 20. Port also the vents are in the same locations as for the performance the msi gs70 301 for stealth is powered by an i7 hexa. Core.

39. Gigahertz processor. A ddr4 ram. Memory of 16 gigabytes.

Which can be expanded to 32 gigabytes and a storage of 512 gigabytes. Which ensures you enough space to download every program and game you want it also packs an nvidia geforce gtx 1078 gig gddr5 graphics card so you absolutely have the most fluid gameplay moving on this device is 173. Inches. With 120 hertz tn panel and has an ultra hd.

4k resolution with a pixel density of 127 pixels per inch. The contrast ratio is 10 20 to 1. And the response time is 8 milliseconds. The fastest on the market at the moment.

This will guarantee you a high quality view. Moreover. The battery life is well improved compared with the previous models as expected it can handle up to 4 hours with one charge in general those who ve purchased this laptop claimed that the gaming performance is exceptional. They also claim that you won t feel tired even when you sit in front of your laptop for long hours to conclude.

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