Best Apple Watch App Complication! – These will change everything

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” s it going everyone for this video. Let s go ahead and take a look look at some awesome complications to use for our apple. Watch now. This is gonna a somewhat follow up video from a previous video.

If you missed the first one i ll be sure to link it in the description down below. But after a video a lot of you guys suggested some really cool complications that i had no idea existed well in today s video. Let s go ahead and review. Some of these and go over those new very useful ones so let s get started now for those wondering.

This is a series 444 millimeter. Size watch that we ll be using for demonstration. So if you re wondering what size display now you know and this is the infrared watch face. I love using this watch face over others because it supports the most complications.

All in one watch face and the overall design looks really nice and it s really easy to match with all types of different watch bands. But now what s all that said. Let s quickly talk about the watch battery complication that i have right here. You don t know how many comments.

I get regarding this complication battery phone is the name of this complication app. And what i like about this application. It s not only does it show the apple watch battery life. But it also shows your phone s battery life.


As well. The only thing you got to be aware about this application. Though it doesn t update automatically updates every five minutes. But this never really bothered me to be really a much of a con because sense of complications right there if i tap on it i can literally hit update.

Right there on update right this second now next to that one as you can see i used air quality meter. This is an eighth of complication by apple if you live in the city like close to los angeles or area that s very smoggy i like to always keeping my eyes on this especially after the fires. We had last year. Now the center complication right here is the weather app and this one is called carrots.

And it s a weather app. That takes advantage of the upper part of the watch face right here if you guys can see and also gives you funny captions if you took a look at the circle h. Also see weather exact weather conditions was images. What s the graph of the temperature for today and then of course like any other weather app.

If you tap on it it will also show us the future forecasts. So this next complication is called cardiogram. What i like about this complication. You know how the apple watch regularly checks for your heart rate.

Well was cardiogram. It will actually give you your bpm numbers right here. When your watch a does it though unlike the regular. The native heart rate complication you only get a little heart icon right here so if you do a lot of training like gym workouts.


You re gonna really enjoy this complication. Because you can actually see your heart rate right there. While you re training so you can stay focused on burning more calories and staying warm. So if you may imagine it helps you keep your heart rate up.

Now this next complication is just simply the activity rings by apple. I like seeing these rings right here. Because it just lets me know throughout the day. If i need to move more or if i ve been sitting on my butt for too long.

But one thing that these activity rings. Doesn t really display here is our step count for today. Yes you can t click on the application to go in and check out that information. But i rather having to sheldon numbers right here.

So i could quickly take a quick glance. And know right away. That s where pedometer plus. Plus comes into play this complication will show you your live numbers.

Right. There. The numbers of steps you have taken already if you click on it you can see the exact graph right here as well so we see our distance. We travel and the stair steps.


We ve done now on the bottom here is shazam now some may argue siri could do this yes you are correct. But the thing about that i don t really like asking siri out loud. What kind of song is playing with shazam. I could simply just tap on it and we ll do it all silently and lastly the bottom complication right here is called watch the time now and this complication as you can see combines both the time and the date all in one this complication allows me to free up space for one complication.

Because now they re all together. Because millennials don t know how to read analog. I m just kidding. This isn t rocket science.

But i do find more convenience of just taking a quick glance of the little corner and automatically know the date and the time so these complications at the time making this video ios. 13. Is still in beta as well as watch always six. But if you re still on ios 12 and watch ios.

5. These are fully supportive still. But if you are on both betas. The only complications that have been updated to support the beta.

Is the battery phone now supports beta 3. As you see is our battery light percentage. We have on our phone. And our apple watch time.


Watch down. Here also is working just fine on this beta. And also the carry complication is also working just fine on watch os. 6.

The only complication that tends to work at times. But not really is cardiogram previously mentioned the step tracker complication. But when the official os for watch was 6. Is finally released expect all these complications to work just fine this was just a small updated video.

But that s gonna be it for this video on the list of awesome complications. If you want to find out where to download. These i ll be sure to link them all in the video description down below. So have you found this video informative useful you know what to do greatly appreciate if you actually lose a video like get subscribe.

If you haven t already and feel free to comment down below. What are your complications that you believe should also be on this list anyway. So that s gonna be it for this video again. Thank you so much for watching take care and i ll catch you all in the next one peace.

” ..

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