Best Assassin Rogue Build: Dragon Age Inquisition – Community Build!

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” s up guys. It is star floor chair today. I m bringing you a brand brand new video and this is the assassin community build that you guys have made it is truly insane now. I m going to put a table up here showing you how many votes each spell got.

Which was the most popular and therefore. What was our build so starting off with knockout bond. Then toxic cloud moving down to death blow stealth and hidden blades and then finally finishing off with evade mark of death. And a shadow strike.

Now there were three other spells for evade marks death and shadow strike. But i just basically put it in a randomizer and they were the three that got picked therefore they are in the final build and guys this build is in saying. I can t wait to show it off as you can see this is how i laid out my build this build has some insane openers and also some insane burst. And with this build you can constantly open up go into stealth open up go into stealth and so on and so on so let s just get straight into the build and that to be honest.

I didn t actually intend to take any specific passives. I just went straight for the abilities. And it turned out just to work perfectly so well done guys you somehow made probably the best rogue assassin build. I actually think there is i don t know how to top this build.

I m actually thinking of making my new assassin rogue build which was going to be this weekend into this one because it s absolutely insane. But let s just start off. We re taking twin fangs to get dance of death to get sneak attack basically just to get death blow. But we re taking the surprise attack upgrade.

Because this was the one that was mainly favored by you guys and it turns out this is insane nothing in at the archery tree. Some of you are asked for passives and stuff..

But i only counted the actives because that s why i asked for and some of you guys i just said go all out on a tree. I did specify for three spells. Which some of you gave me more but yeah i ve picked them how i picked them. And i will pick them that way all the time so it s always there poison weapons just to get fighting dirty explosive toxin to then just get down to toxic cloud.

With the elusive. Upgrade wood lost in the mist. So we get some defense and also drop it on enemy s going in to the stealth tree to pick up stealth obviously. Which was a big favorite for you guys with the lost in the shadows upgrade.

That s what we re taking evasion then to evade with the hidden step. Because everyone said we wanted the role so i m guessing. That s what you guys wanted and in shadow strike with the long shadow. Because that s again what you guys asked for now.

I forgot to say. But this is a level 25. Slash 24 build if you are human just so you guys know taking most things in the assassin tree taking hidden blaze with the no witness upgrade for some insane a way that you actually really need throat cutter knockout bomber. As many of you wanted with comatose so enemies take more flank damage.

I was never here with knife in the shadows. Just to mainly get to mark of death with the manually triggered mark or boom. So we can get some insane burst and that is the build guys. It s actually insane.

I can t wait to show you the combat here in a second. But yeah guys just well done i actually i was i was expecting either a bad build a funny build or something that just wasn t quite join up this build seems to be insane..

Now let s quickly explain what this build is and what you do in this build and how to kind of use it effectively because honestly guys you d need to use this build. It is insane first of all also toxic lab with the illusive. We re doing that to be able to gain it illusive because we don t want to get one shot and if you guys saw we re on a level 12 character now the carrot. The laws.

We re going to be facing in the combat are little sixteen and we re on nightmare with trials. So this is basically when i get hit. I just get one shot. So we need these elusive stacks and it s obviously.

Grateful. When you re high level. Obviously running around in the stealth. A lot when you want to kill a target.

If it s someone like an archer relatively squishy you just go in with death blow open up on them and usually you get the kill and then you get a reset on stealth. So then you can instantly go back into stealth. If it s not such a squidgy target. I would say make sure you knock out bomb that target.

So you get extra flanking damage and obviously always attack from behind or you use this to be able to knock how large packs or either ranged units that can be really. Frustrating. A bade. We re mainly using as a way to jump out of the combat.

If there s multiple mobs and then get back into stealth. Obviously..

The hidden blaze mark of death and a shadow strike or your burst skill moves. So. We only use them on a high targets and four bursts or when we re running away. And you just need something to maybe slow down your enemies or kill.

One of them. And get your stealth reset. Now one thing just before we get into the combat. It seems to be that dead load.

Even with the surprise attack upgrade seems to just really fresh if you kill a target. Which is insane because usually it s what you get for the thrill of victory and it doesn t say anything about refreshing the cooldown with surprise attack. But it works and so this is such an insane opener. I can t wait to show you so let s just go get into this insane combat guys so as some of you will want to know the gear as you can see i ve gotten a ridiculous amount of crit damage.

Two hundred and sixty seven percent basically with this build all of my gear is just maxed out with dexterity and crit damage increase and as well i am a level 12. I know i ve got t4 maxed out gear. But this is for a end level build. I might make the lower mid versions for this build because it is so insane and just to show you guys.

This is the hidden blades aoe spell. And as you can see it absolutely destroys level 16 targets now being a low level against high levels of nightmare of trials means we could up odds or do less damage than we would if we would say level 20. So just keep that in mind. We re probably not going to do n gamer figures.

But this is basically just a kind of montage of me going through to keep absolutely shredding through targets sometimes facing some difficulties because we don t always do things perfect. And i haven t included the entire fudge because some of its a bit like it..

But as you can see we are shredding through people deathblow being able to one shot pretty much anything and also remember it could do a oso on this target. Here. You can see he s got a shield and so we want to be behind him. And we can just straight through him kill the other target as well no obviously we re just spamming stealth.

Every single time. We can coming up to a giant and then later on a huge boss fight so both of them really hard. There are some other giants and things like this i miss play here by trying to kill a elite target. But kind of realize that and then just evade a jump away this shows off really how insane this build is because if you think about it without an elusive stack.

I would pretty much get one shot sometimes i get lucky and don t instantly guys so i hope you all enjoyed this combat watch. Some insane numbers watching me one shot some people and yet. I hope you guys cannot learn from it and i ll see you at the end of this video. Yeah you you you so there we have it guys.

I hope you have enjoyed all of this in saying comma. If you guys want to see the low and mid version of this build put a comment below because i cannot wait for this and i cannot wait to start any other community builds with you guys. It s awesome. What we ve been able to achieve.

And what you guys have made so yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Hope you re having a good week. Leave a like comment below hit that subscribe button.

And i will see you next time ” ..

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