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“It s 300. But it is so cool and there is absolutely nothing else like like it on the market because i did try to search for alternatives and i love this so we re gonna do another boxing. Today of the quirky writer and i m going to show you what it sounds like i m at lisa and i help writers to sell more books now today. We re going to do an unboxing of one of my favorite writer tools.

So i had my top 10 list and this was number one now. This is the quirky writer. Now the perky writer will get shipped to you in a box like so and when you open it it s kind of like a box in a box. There s actually no extra sort of tissue paper wrapping or anything fancy.

It s just a box inside a box. Now. The actual quirky writer box is pretty nice. Now this looks a little different than what i had before i think because.


This is the quirky writer s. And before i had the one that was a bluetooth and it was an issue because it kept losing connection with the bluetooth sometimes it would work sometimes it wouldn t there s nothing more frustrating than having a keyboard that misses some letters and maybe double types. Other letters. So you have over here it just says quirky toys.

Which i believe is their company and on the back. You get a picture of the quirky. The quirky keyboard that you re getting inside. So once you open it in side.

Here. You re going to see. It has some padding at the top to keep the keyboard safe so more padding right around the inside. And then your actual keyboard right here so inside.


We simply get a postcard that tells us that we can go to a certain website to get instructions on how to use it and a 12 month warranty on the back inside. You also get now this is new because if you had a quirky keyboard before it didn t have this they now come with a usb which is exciting because it was not there before so if your bluetooth went out you were just kind of out of luck and i tried the bluetooth like right up next to the computer. It didn t make a difference sometimes. The bluetooth signal would just get lost a little plastic wrap and over here.

It has another plastic cover on it and this comes with a little plastic wrap and the cool thing is when you hit this it actually does a carriage return for you this is pretty heavy. So versus a normal keyboard like i have the standard apple keyboard that came with my aunt imac. I would say this is not even one pound this for sure is over a pound. I would almost say it s like five pounds maybe.

But huge come like that people had before and i believe it s the same as now is when you scroll when you turn this it doesn t actually scroll or do any mouse functions. It s just there it does make a sound. And if you can hear it so it does move. But it doesn t actually move anything on the screen for you so.


The usb cord over here hooks. In it has a is called a micro connector and it hooks in over here on the back right inside of there. And if you saw that and this end goes over in just you a standard usb and it goes into your computer. Now.

What i really like is the cord over here is it feels kind of like a nylon. It s more of a cloth coil. So it s not a plasticy sort of a cord and it just feels nicer and i think it s gonna look a little nicer because because this is in the back you are for sure going to see it it is not a wireless keyboard. But trust me you will much better off because before when they had the cord that are they had the bluetooth.

It never worked this is a huge improvement because you know for sure. It s going to be connected to your computer. I like it it has a very responsive key so you get that satisfaction that you would from a typewriter. But it s not as hard to push as a typewriter and i m not sure how old you are i m 43.


So i actually started out writing on a real typewriter and i can confirm that this is nowhere near it s hard to type. But you do get that sort of i think it s called hepatic feedback on for your fingers. If that is something that you like now. It does have all of the function keys.

It has to lead. It has home so these are kind of an odd places from what you may be used to on a regular keyboard this spacebar is a little smaller and this does function as the apple key when you hook it up to a mac up function you vault you have arrows. I actually am not sure i think these i have no idea what these are medically so this is pretty much my favorite keyboard for fun and if you are thinking about getting one i would say it s totally worth it it s for sure worth it to ask for a present you know from maybe. If you have a birthday coming up or a holiday or just.

Because you have some in your life. That just wants to make you happy everyone is having a great day go ahead and leave me a comment below and let me know if you have ever tried out the quirky writer or if it s something that you think you would be interested in and if you like that sound or if it s just too annoying. And you would rather stick with a regular keyboard all right i will ” ..


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