Best Budget Soundbar? Samsung HW-M360 Review And Demo!!

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“Guys today. I m going to be unboxing. This samsung soundbar. It is the h h owm 360.

We actually went to fry s today and pick it up for so pretty good deal normally they go in storage for like 199. And then best buy walmart they have a discount. It s like 149 so 89 pretty solid deal let s open it up and see how it goes the box just opened it here s the top. We re gonna pull the sub booster right out of the top like so it looks like this it s actually a wireless subwoofer.


So you re gonna plug in a power cord right there. And i suppose we ll see how it connects through the box like so so we could actually pull out the sound bar hwm 360. As you can see the foam piece is a lot wider than the actual sound bar itself. I m actually surprised how small it is in person.

But anyway just to give you some perspective. That s the wireless subwoofer that s the speaker. Well here we have the power outlet adapter. I mean we have the mounting right there we got the optical cable power cord for sub woofer user manual batteries remotes and something here i don t really know where it goes yet but i m gonna find a place full of things with this sound bar digital optical in is up here.


The usb. 5. Volts is here oxygen is here. Dc power.

Is here. That s on the sound bar. Bluetooth. Is also available at the sound bar.


In here s their remotes press. This power button get a little scream that lights up it says hello to you you get this digital. In and the sound bar should be connecting to the bluetooth subwoofers sub woofer. It has a little light here that stays steady when it s on and the devil keep jumping feet jumping me barrels on me keep me company hey the mo s most yo full of bingo listening to this for a good 15 20 minutes.

Now and i finally found the placement for it so sub woofer is best right behind the couch like right there sound bar right up front set it to sports. It sounds pretty good there. And when you re listening to like rap edm rock country pop etc. It sounds pretty darn good actually bassist kick in the voice you can hear it you really clearly trebles like pretty nice comparable to vizio.


Even though. The vizio. Sounds just a little bit more full but for this price point eight even above eighty nine bucks 129 bucks. Hundred thirty nine can t complain if you can get the vizio four lesson that s i d probably go for the visit.

But samsung pretty solid sound bar huge sound for such a small bar and that s pretty much it that s all i can ” ..

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