Best GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card [WINNERS The Ultimate Buyer s Guide

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“People are building a pc and come to the question of graphics. They often rack rack their brains on what the best gpu for their budget is but deciding on gpu is just the first step in deciding on a graphics card so to make your lives easier we re making a series of videos where we ll be offering our two cents on what the best models are for certain gpus and we ll start off with the bae the nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti graphics card they re currently one of the most powerful consumer graphics card on the market soon to be surpassed by the new rt x series from nvidia. But whether you re getting one of these to tackle triple digit frame rates or enjoy 4k gaming. The way it s meant to be enjoyed it s important to pick the right model graphics card manufacturers are aplenty these days and you deserve only the best that s why we made this list of the best 6 gtx 10 80 ti graphics cards to see what the differences are so without any further ado let s begin starting off this list is a 1080 ti graphics card made by zotac as far as graphics cards manufacturers go this company is relatively young but in their 12 years of business they ve established themselves as a reliable and trusted manufacturer of nvidia graphics cards the gtx 10 atti mini is just what it sounds like a highly compressed variant of the powerful gpu in fact.

It s as compact as the 1080 t. I guess it can fit in most computer cases and thanks to the powerful duel fans it should have enough cooling. Even in the most crammed cases. The exterior is minimal in order to make the airflow even better.

And there isn t really much to look at aside from the 2 stripes with white led lighting in the zotac logo with a clock speed of 1500. Six megahertz. The ti mini is a bit slower than the other entries on this list. But it s definitely still 1080 ti caliber.

The only downside are the somewhat noisy cooling and the fact that having two fans and placing it in a smaller case does limit the overclocking potential next. We have the same company s complimentary version of the mini edition. The zotac 1080 t iamp edition. Unlike the mini variants.

This is a high profile full sized card that s ready for some serious performance. Although it does look strikingly similar to the mini version but without the led lights it still uses only two fans. But this is offset by the fact that there are the company s very own ice storm fans that use brute force to keep the card cool and not only are they successful. But the cooling is quiet as well it even has a decent overclocking potential for a dual fan card.

But with a base clock speed of 1569 megahertz. You may not even need to overclock it many consider evga to be the best graphics cards manufacturer out there and even if this is just a generalization it s based on good merit..

The evga models rarely disappoint. If ever and while there are over a dozen variants of the gtx 980ti for this list. We ve singled out the ftw 3 gaming model. The ftw series is distinctive among other evga models and that it has a higher base clock speed this model in particular follows.

A function over form design philosophy. Which is necessary if you re planning to deliver the higher clock speeds and increase. The overclocking potential the airflow needs to be no less than excellent for this and it is to this end. It uses three fans in conjunction with the web like pattern to increase the air flow the effects are great.

Although the imposing metallic appearance won t sit well with everybody still that s what allows for the 1569 megahertz base clock. Speed with the boost clock speed of 1683 megahertz. The only thing off about it could be the metallic design. But if what you re looking for is the card with the best overclocking potential.

Then this shouldn t really be an issue moving on we have an entry from gigabyte. It s a manufacturer that everyone should already be familiar with and while there are a series of products isn t as popular as say a sis s rog line it s not far from it either and the 1080 ti extreme edition graphics card is the model that won t leave anyone wanting it may look like a dual fan card at first glance. Which some people may find off putting. But fear not it s actually a triple fan card you see the first and the third fans are stacked on top of the middle one this means that you actually have 300 millimeter fans in a cart.

That s slightly shorter and wider than the competition. Visually. Speaking the card is impressive just look at it. The rgb fusion lighting may not be as versatile as a sis s or a sync.

But it can still display the full color spectrum and comes with five different effects. But the visual flair is just a little bit of extra appeal..

Spec wise. It has the best clock speed of 1607 megahertz. But that s not the only thing. That s setting this graphics card apart the other thing is the vr link the card comes with an extra front facing hdmi making it easy and convenient to just connect your vr headset directly to the card.

The only downside. We could see is that this model is very much on the expensive side plus. There is the size issue it takes up three slots on your motherboard. Still the overclocking potential is excellent up next.

We have the msi gtx 1080 ti gaming x trail as the name implies this is a triple fan graphics card. But it doesn t use just any fans this model uses the top quality torx 20. Fans with the double ball bearings that can provide optimal airflow without noise even after years of heavy use in terms of visual design. However the model doesn t follow the usual msi design instead it trades in the usual red exterior for a black and grey.

One with only minor red highlights couple this with the fact that the back plates have rgb stripes and the backlit msi logo and you re left with a graphics card that s bound to blend in better with the whole range of configurations spec wise. However there isn t much to say it s not as fast as some competing models. But it s not slow either with the base clock speed of 1544 megahertz all in all it s a respectable model that somewhere in the middle of the pack both functionally and visually. Which is still pretty impressive given that we re still talking about a gtx 980ti model.

Here and last but certainly not least we have the asus rog strix gtx 10 atti. If there is any graphics card manufacturer that needs no introduction its asus the rog strix gtx 980ti comes with three high quality dust resistant fans and large and efficient heat sinks making the air cooling in this graphics card one of the best ones out there in terms of visual design. And it s six with the standard rog line appeal. It has a highly detailed black exterior.

A metal backplate and extensive rgb lighting. But even so the design easily blends in with most configurations in the lighting..

We mentioned. Uses asus is very own aura sync technology with a full spectrum of colors and six different effects this is the most versatile type of graphics card rgb lighting there is however it s not the fastest model with the base clock speed of only 1518 megahertz. But as you can guess it s still one of the more expensive models for sure so as you can see even after deciding to go with the gtx 980ti gpu. There is still a whole range of models left for you to decide from that s why we made a few guidelines that you can follow that will lead you to your ideal pic.

The first thing to consider is what kind of cooling. You ll need generally speaking the first choice here is to decide between air and liquid cooling. But the thing to know about liquid cooling is that it s really expensive and only necessary for heavy overclocking. We ve left a link in the description for our video.

Where we talk about liquid coolers. If you want to know more about them. But for now let s contain our dilemma between dual and triple fan solutions to all fans may look like they re inferior. But both solutions come with their pros and cons triple fin solutions have the benefits of better overclocking potential and they re actually quieter of the two because the fans don t have to spin as quickly.

But something that s often overlooked is the that too often models are actually smaller and cheaper so if you re not big on overclocking. They can be a smarter choice of course. There s the hardware compatibility issue as well it s not just about picking the graphics cards you like the most first you have to make sure that it s a model which is compatible with your motherboard cpu and psu newer graphics card use the pci express 30. Slots so if your motherboard is outdated and doesn t have one of these it won t matter how expensive.

It is you just won t be able to connect it also keep size issues in mind as well not only are some of these models so big they re a tight fit for many towers. But some of them are so wide that they ll take up two or even three pci express slots strictly speaking the compatibility when it comes to the cpu basically boils down to bottlenecking you could use a gtx 980ti with a pentium processor. But you effectively won t have a gtx 980ti because the cpu wouldn t be able to keep up. But it s not as scary as it sounds and the latest intel core i5 and rison 5 cpus will end up bottlenecking your gpu just ever so slightly.

It s definitely a viable pairing and finally. There is the power supply..

All of the entries on our lists have a consumption of somewhere around 250 watts and a 600 watt psu will be more than enough to keep up. However keep in mind that the power draw can dramatically increase with overclocking and finally there s connectivity all of the gtx 980ti variants that we ve had in this video. Come with at least one display port one hdmi. Port and one dual link dvi deport.

However given the choice we suggest steering clear of the dvid port it s just outdated technology plain and simple other than that it s pretty much the same whether you decide to go with the displayport or an hdmi port displayport does technically support high refresh rates and high resolutions. But not even these graphics card can take advantage of it so we d give it a couple more years before this distinction becomes relevant in the meantime use whichever. One is more convenient also you may want to consider port distribution. If you plan on connecting a monitor via hdmi and still want to use vr you will need to get a graphics card with at least two hdmi ports.

However if you plan on running a triple monitor setup. Then having three display ports is obviously the better choice now with all of the above taking into consideration. We have to pick the asus rog. Strix variant as your choice with a very best gtx 1080p high graphics card there s simply no one gtx 980ti variant that will be optimal for everyone but we ve chosen the asus model because it has the best open air cooling.

The best rgb lighting and the fact that with two hdmi and two display ports. It should be able to fit into most configurations. But that s just our pick every single graphics card in this video is top notch and so long as you follow the guidelines and stay true to your own requirements. You can t go wrong.

And there you have it a list of the best gtx 980ti models out there the next few videos will be just like this one. But for different and video gpus will go into descending order all the way down to 1050 ti so if you re planning on buying an nvidia graphics card then you don t want to miss these one way to make sure you re among the first to know when these videos go live is to click on the bell icon and time don t forget to like and subscribe. If you ve enjoyed this video and as always we ll see you next time on gaming. ” .


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